17 Unique Boho Wall Decor Ideas

The bohemian style has been rapidly gaining popularity worldwide, thanks to its vibrant blend of colors, shapes, and textures. This eclectic style exudes a sense of lightness and tranquility with its warm, earthy tones, offering a respite from the fast-paced and hectic modern lifestyle. It’s truly tempting, isn’t it?

Embracing the boho aesthetic in your home, however, can be a bit challenging. Often, walls are neglected and left bare, but no true bohemian abode is complete without captivating boho wall art. Finding the right piece is essential to maintain the balance and immersive atmosphere of the space.

But fear not! We’re here to assist you. Whether you’re contemplating if your tapestry will harmonize with your decor or simply seeking fresh and inspiring ideas, we’ve gathered 17 bohemian wall decor ideas that could be the perfect finishing touch you’ve been seeking.

The Right Tapestry Can Change the Dynamics of the Room

A tapestry is more than just a mere cloth adorning your wall—it holds the power to elevate your room’s aesthetic and add a captivating sense of depth. Opting for tapestries featuring archways and expansive landscapes can transform the perception of your space, making it appear larger and more inviting.

But choosing the right tapestry requires thoughtful consideration. Depending on the height of your ceiling, selecting between landscape or portrait designs can create the illusion of added height in your living area. Additionally, it’s important to take into account the surrounding colors, as they can either enhance or provide striking contrast to your new artwork.

Rugs on Walls Bring Identity to Your Home

While hanging a rug on the wall may seem unconventional to some, it is a practice that has gained popularity and is embraced by many. This tradition, rooted in the Middle East, is now making its way across the United States. After all, why confine a beautiful piece of art to the floor when it can be showcased on the wall for everyone to appreciate?

A carefully chosen rug has the power to fill your vertical space, infusing your room with warmth and vibrant colors. Not only that, but its noise-absorbing qualities can create a more serene and tranquil atmosphere. You have the freedom to select large and eye-catching rugs for a boho chic wall decor or opt for smaller, more compact variations that exude coziness and charm.

Sometimes Embroidered Is Better Than Painted

Opting for small embroidered tapestries instead of traditional paintings is a unique way to bring texture and depth into your living space. With a wide array of motifs and patterns available, you can cater to your bohemian aesthetic and personal preferences. Whether you choose a single large tapestry or a collection of smaller ones, the result will be captivating.

Many individuals are drawn to floral patterns, which serve as a means to stay connected with their love for nature. Additionally, embroidered tapestries with cultural and ethnic influences are popular choices. Whichever pattern you decide to hang on your wall, it will undoubtedly infuse your home with a vintage touch and evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Photograph – A Sophisticated Addition

While some may believe that photographs or framed canvases are not suitable for the bohemian style, they can actually serve as striking focal points for your walls. The defined and clean lines of a wooden or metallic frame can add a touch of sophistication to your space.

Whether you decide on a collection of smaller photographs or a single large piece, images of animals or nature will harmonize beautifully with your bohemian decor. Feel free to embrace bold choices, but aim for more muted and natural tones such as soft blues, creamy whites, or earthy beiges to maintain a balanced and organic atmosphere.

Make A Statement With Macramé Knots

Macrame, a technique that involves intricate knotting to create textured designs, is commonly associated with plant hangers. However, it can also be a fantastic addition to your boho wall decor. Whether suspended from a metallic rod or a wooden stick, just remember to avoid hanging them near open flames for safety.

The art of macrame will infuse your bohemian home with its characteristic charm. These knotted creations bring a warm and stylish touch to your living space. You have the freedom to choose vibrant colors to make a bold statement with your macrame piece, or opt for more subdued tones that harmonize with your other wall decorations.

Dreamcatchers – True Bohemian Choice

Dreamcatchers have become an essential element in bohemian homes. While traditionally hung above beds in bedrooms, they can find a place anywhere on your walls. Embracing dreamcatchers in your decor will add a touch of familiarity and nostalgia to your home.

Today, dreamcatchers come in a wide array of options. You can stay true to the original concept with a handcrafted dreamcatcher featuring multiple hoops and intricate yarn designs. Alternatively, you can explore modern interpretations with metallic elements and minimalistic aesthetics, bringing a contemporary twist to this beloved symbol.

Create Texture And Charm on Your Wall With Baskets

Don’t underestimate the power of hanging a cluster of baskets on your wall. This humble addition can bring a rustic and traditional touch to your bohemian decor. With their earthy colors and woven textures, these baskets also infuse a natural element into your space.

The three-dimensional shape of the baskets adds depth and dimension to your blank walls. You can hang a couple of baskets or create a striking display with multiple ones. To maintain a cohesive look, opt for baskets of similar size. Let your creativity guide you as you arrange and customize your unique basket wall.

Eye-Catching Plates and Bowls Revitalize Walls

Embrace the resurgence of wall decor with plates and bowls, as this vintage-inspired trend finds its place in bohemian aesthetics. Displaying a collection of plates in various sizes and colors adds a touch of harmony and serenity to your home.

Whether made of delicate china or durable metal, these plates showcase intricate designs and reliefs. By hanging them on your walls, you introduce architectural elements that create a sense of depth, along with vibrant pops of color. For a truly captivating display, consider combining plates and bowls with the woven baskets mentioned earlier, allowing you to make a bold and personalized statement.

Wall Planters Liven Up Your Household

Incorporating plants into your home decor is a common practice across various styles, including bohemian. Wall planters serve as an excellent addition to your boho-inspired living space, infusing it with a sense of freshness and vitality.

Opting for plants like cacti and succulents is a wise choice, as they are low-maintenance and forgiving. Their resilient nature makes them ideal for wall planters. Additionally, popular choices such as ferns and pothos can also thrive in this setup. The green hues they bring will blend seamlessly with your surrounding boho wall decor, creating a harmonious and natural atmosphere.

Skulls Are a Bold And Chic Choice

While it may not be a conventional choice, adorning your wall with a skull can be a striking expression of the bohemian lifestyle for those who appreciate its aesthetic appeal. Cow and deer skulls are often selected to bring character and intrigue to plain white walls, commanding attention from viewers.

Placing a skull prominently in your home creates an immediate focal point that captures the attention of anyone entering the room. It may elicit mixed reactions from guests, but it undeniably leaves a lasting impression. You can enhance the visual impact by adding golden or black accents to the horns or antlers, or even painting the skull itself with vibrant colors, allowing for personalization and artistic expression.

Carved Wood Invites Uniqueness And Spirituality

Embellishing your walls with intricately carved wood is always a wise decision. It adds a sense of depth and substance to your room, elevating its visual appeal. Wood carvings often incorporate motifs inspired by India and the Far East, though a wide range of other styles can be found as well.

Opting for larger pieces of carved wood is a brilliant choice as they effortlessly fill the wall space and serve as a captivating centerpiece for your bohemian wall decor. The substantial presence of these carvings eliminates the need for additional wall hangings, allowing them to make a bold statement on their own.

Shelves Are a Useful Decoration

Shelves are a versatile and practical addition to any room. Not only do they offer functionality, but they also provide a platform to showcase your bohemian treasures and cherished heirlooms. Whether you have an empty corner or a blank space above your sofa, hanging shelves will fill the void with artistic charm.

While various types of shelves can suit your bohemian style, ladder shelves have been garnering increased attention. A wooden ladder shelf, in particular, imparts a rustic and cozy ambiance to your space. Its simple yet appealing design acts as a harmonizing element, bringing balance to your eclectic mix of vibrant and captivating decorations.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are an essential element of bohemian wall decor, adding a touch of enchantment to any space. They come in a range of sizes, but there’s no limit to how grand you can go. Ornate frames crafted from metal or wood can elevate the visual appeal of the mirror and the room as a whole.

Strategic placement is key when it comes to mirrors. Positioning them opposite windows allows for optimal utilization of natural light, infusing the space with brightness and a sense of expansiveness. Hanging a mirror on the wall creates an illusion of increased space, making your room feel larger and more radiant.

Illuminate Your Home With Sconces And Candle Holders

When natural light isn’t enough to illuminate your living space, wall-mounted sconces come to the rescue, infusing your room with both light and a touch of bohemian charm.

Sconces offer versatile lighting options, whether you need focused illumination for work or reading, or ambient lighting to create a cozy atmosphere. Rustic and vintage-style sconces are particularly fitting for bohemian wall decor, adding an enchanting and nostalgic vibe. Some sconces feature clean and straight lines, while others embrace curves and circles in their design. Whichever style you choose, sconces bring a captivating interplay of light and shadow, enriching your living space with a dynamic ambiance.

Make Your Walls Come to Life With Wallpaper

Incorporating your walls as part of your decor is a creative approach to elevate your living space, and one way to achieve this is by using wallpaper. It offers a more affordable alternative to adorning your walls with pictures and tapestries. The beauty of removable wallpaper lies in the peel-and-stick variety, allowing you the freedom to change your decor as frequently as you desire.

When it comes to wallpaper patterns, the options are abundant. You can opt for classic choices like murals and textured wallpapers, or embrace more daring selections such as multicolored and mosaic designs. Personally, we are drawn to high-contrast floral wallpaper, which brings a touch

Decor Tiles Make the Ordinary Exceptional

If you’re planning a bathroom or kitchen makeover, decor tiles should definitely be on your radar. They provide a fantastic opportunity to infuse your space with boho-inspired wall art, ranging from vibrant and captivating colors to more subtle and timeless tones. With a wide array of options available, you can choose from 3-D tiles made of wood or stone to add depth, or explore metallic tiles with innovative reliefs.

Tiles have been a popular choice for decor for centuries, and for good reason. They not only offer durability and easy maintenance but also provide immense flexibility in design. Decor tiles have a remarkable ability to break the monotony of a space and become focal points on your walls, adding visual interest and enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Wood Wall Paneling Bring Comfort And Warmth To Your Home

Wood paneling, despite its vintage connotations, can seamlessly blend into modern and bohemian homes, adding a unique touch to your living space. By incorporating bright colors and elegant geometric lines, wood paneling creates visual intrigue and captivates attention. Its inherent structural qualities and rustic charm help redefine the ambiance and set the mood in your home.

One of the advantages of wood paneling is its versatility and ease of customization. Whether you opt for long and narrow panels, large square ones, or a mosaic-like arrangement of smaller panels in various sizes, you have the freedom to explore and experiment with different designs. This allows you to create a truly personalized and captivating aesthetic that complements your bohemian style.


Transforming your home into a bohemian sanctuary is an exciting and creative journey. Embracing the essence of boho style means embracing a fusion of cultures, eras, and styles, giving you the freedom to unleash your imagination.

We trust that our collection of ideas has sparked inspiration and provided valuable guidance in infusing your living space with vitality and individuality. With wall decor, you have the perfect opportunity to make a personal statement and express your unique style. Dare to be unconventional and break the rules, for that is the essence of true bohemian spirit. Enjoy the process and happy decorating!

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