10 Homey Home Office Spaces

It appears that nearly everyone I know is currently engaged in remote work. At this very moment, I myself am working from the comfort of my home. Unfortunately, residing in a one-bedroom apartment means I lack the luxury of a dedicated home office, but it is certainly a goal I aspire to achieve in the future!

Working from home can be quite draining. There’s a certain relief that comes from leaving your workspace at the end of the day. So when your workday concludes and you merely transition from the couch to the kitchen table, it never truly feels like the day has come to a close.

Creating an ideal home office space is truly a worthwhile endeavor. The ability to separate your work life from your home life allows for a smoother day and a more relaxing evening.

In celebration of both working from home and the act of disconnecting from work at the end of the day, we have curated a delightful collection of ten exquisite home office designs. Hopefully, you’ll find abundant inspiration for your own home office renovations!

1. The Serene Coastal Office

Layout: Let’s begin with this charming home office, which sets a perfect tone for the collection. This room is incredibly spacious, boasting ample floor space and large windows that invite abundant natural light. An adjacent outdoor area offers a tranquil retreat, complete with a patio set and an awe-inspiring ocean view.

Flooring: While carpeting may sometimes appear outdated, the pristine linen-colored carpet in this space works splendidly. Its calming hue and inviting texture make you want to lie down and roll around. It’s also ideal for brief work breaks that involve stretching!

Furniture: The focal point of this room, in my opinion, is the sumptuous sectional sofa. Its generous width and plush cushions make it irresistible, and it could even double as a spare room! A standard office desk in rich dark hardwood, featuring ample drawer space, is a practical yet stylish choice. To add flair, a stylish rolling office chair complements the overall aesthetic.

Decor: Currently, this office is minimally adorned, likely because it awaits an occupant. However, the ambient lighting sets a pleasant mood. Adding some tall potted plants and framed photos to the desk would complete the space beautifully. This lovely office design was brought to you by Zillow Digs™.

Transitional Home Office Space Color Analysis

2. The Urban Skyline Corner Office

Layout: This moderately sized home office is just right, accommodating all your needs. While it may have felt cramped otherwise, the floor-to-ceiling sliding door leading to an outdoor balcony allows ample natural light and provides a refreshing breath of fresh air when desired.

Flooring: The bright, shining white tiles create a modern look and form a striking contrast against the black-painted walls. They also reflect daylight effectively, further enhancing the room’s brightness.

Furniture: Opting for a clear glass desk is a smart choice, as it creates an illusion of a larger space, avoiding the visual obstruction of chunky furniture. While the grand Chesterman-style leather chair may not perfectly match the room, it exudes a sense of opulence. On the other side of the desk, the two vibrant orange plush chairs add a playful touch and a pop of color. The unadorned credenza in the background is functional, although the presence of a filing cabinet seems peculiar.

Decor: Something tells me this office serves more than just work purposes! A flatscreen TV across from the desk offers a refreshing break during the day. Personal belongings are a wonderful way to infuse comfort and make a room truly your own. This sleek office space was designed by Trulia.

Transitional Home Office Space Color Analysis

3. The Sophisticated Home Office

Layout: Here we have a secluded home office that provides a private sanctuary away from the rest

of the house. This generously sized room even includes a walk-in closet and a path leading to a serene outdoor area, indicating a well-equipped abode.

Flooring: The classic dark hardwood flooring perfectly complements the cream-colored walls and white trim. The addition of a cream-colored hide rug ties the room together, creating a harmonious contrast between the floor, walls, and furniture.

Furniture: Simplicity and elegance define the furniture selection in this space. A sleek glass desk with shining black legs creates a pleasing texture contrast amidst the room’s softer elements. The brown leather butterfly chairs and a cozy armchair on the opposite side of the room provide comfort and balance.

Decor: This room boasts minimalist decorations, allowing the main features of the space to shine. A calming ocean painting enhances the tranquil atmosphere, while a wooden clock adds a touch of rustic charm. This serene office was designed by Trulia.

Transitional Home Office Space Color Analysis

4. The Casual and Cozy Home Office

Layout: This simple yet spacious room offers a minimalistic ambiance. It’s wonderful to have an area for co-working, and this room’s size easily accommodates a double desk that spans its entire length. A skylight and a vertical window introduce an essential infusion of natural light, along with a breath of fresh air.

Flooring: The wood floors, stained in a delightful shade, perfectly complement the desk and floating shelves. A contrasting area rug adds a nice touch to the overall aesthetic.

Furniture: The furniture choices in this room are delightful. A sleek, long, and narrow desk exudes chic minimalism, while the two white leather chairs deviate from the typical office chair, offering a luxurious and plush seating option. Three floating shelves serve as perfect spots for personal items, and a vintage director’s-style chair creates a cozy reading nook.

Decor: The room’s decorations reflect the personality of its inhabitant. It’s evident that the occupant enjoys fun and film while avoiding excessive visual clutter. The decor of your home is an excellent means of self-expression without uttering a word. This enchanting home office space was designed by Trulia.

Transitional Home Office Space Color Analysis

5. The Cozy Home Office Library

Layout: This office space truly has it all—a sense of completeness envelops the room with its expansive window, library shelves, and even a cozy fireplace. This dreamy home office space is sure to inspire anyone who steps inside.

Flooring: The beautifully stained hardwood floors provide a stunning backdrop against the white-painted walls, accentuated by a Persian rug in front of the fireplace. The rug’s bold contrast adds a special touch.

Furniture: Simple yet elegant furniture choices adorn this space. A sturdy black office desk with shining metal legs creates a pleasing contrast against the room’s softer elements. The brown leather chairs, reminiscent of a Chesterfield style, emanate both authority and comfort. Meanwhile, a white sofa paired with a brass coffee table blends seamlessly with the overall design.

Decor: The room’s coziness emanates from the personal items adorning the shelves and the space above the fireplace. Minimal additional decor is required when you possess such beautiful elements. This stunning space was designed by Trulia.

Transitional Home Office Space Color Analysis

6. The Office with a Scenic View

Layout: Prepare to be captivated by this truly magnificent room. Its soaring ceilings accommodate floor-to-ceiling library shelves and an expansive window. The room’s spaciousness is accentuated by its hexagonal shape, a refreshing departure from the conventional square room. It’s safe to say that work won’t feel like work in this home office space.

Flooring: The flooring in this room is nothing short of sensational. The hexagonal shape of the room is mirrored in the pattern of the hardwood floors, which resemble a sandy beach. The combination of shape and stain creates a heavenly ambiance.

Furniture: Plush leather furniture perfectly complements the grandeur of this home office space. The leather chair with studs exudes both authority and comfort, while the other chairs, set lower to the ground, invite relaxation and dispel intimidation. A glass table with open legs ensures the room maintains an open and inviting atmosphere.

Decor: Given the room’s phenomenal beauty, minimal additional decor is necessary. The focus remains on the breathtaking view framed by the windows. However, the addition of a cheerful orchid on the desk adds a lovely touch. This exceptional office space was designed by Trulia.

Transitional Home Office Space Color Analysis

7. The Mediterranean Meeting Room

Layout: This open and airy office space defies conventional notions of a typical office. The gorgeous arched windows framed by rich hardwood evoke anything but boredom, while the hexagonal room provides a breath of fresh air compared to standard square rooms.

Flooring: The floor in this room is truly sensational. The hexagonal shape of the room extends to the flooring pattern, resembling a stunning sandy beach. The choice of wood stain adds to the room’s allure.

Furniture: Plush leather chairs with steel frames perfectly complement the glass and metal office desk. On the other side, a white fabric chair offers a comfortable spot to spend the workday.

Decor: The room’s beauty lies in its simplicity. Framed artwork adorns the walls, while the fireplace’s stonework and the remarkable view beyond the windows serve as natural decorative elements. This special office space was designed by Trulia.

Transitional Home Office Space Color Analysis

8. The Sunny Sanctuary Office Space

Layout: This open and airy office space is one where I wouldn’t mind working every day. It doubles as a perfect art studio, offering a sense of expansiveness due to its large size, huge windows, and white-painted outer elements. The room’s white periphery and darker central elements create an illusion of even greater space.

Flooring: The clever choice of white painted floors, harmonizing with the overall white aesthetic, creates a heavenly atmosphere in this room.

Furniture: The minimalistic and charming furniture suits this spacious room perfectly. Small wooden pieces with ample storage space preserve the room’s open feel, avoiding the intrusion of bulky furniture.

Decor: The room’s decorations are a delight. The wooden elements against the white backdrop, the curated personal effects on the floating shelves, and the scattered plants throughout the room infuse a homey and refreshing touch. This simple and stunning office space was designed by Trulia.

Transitional Home Office Space Color Analysis

9. The Artist’s Office

Layout: This stunning home office space would make every Monday to Friday morning a delightful experience. With its lovely size, accommodating a fireplace, three comfortable chairs, and expansive windows, the room feels spacious. The vaulted ceilings and an inviting outdoor space on the other side of the door further contribute to its airy ambiance.

Flooring: Standard hardwood floors provide a beautiful foundation, enhanced by the presence of a cowhide rug at the room’s center.

Furniture: Plush leather chairs with steel frames perfectly complement the glass and metal office desk, while a white fabric chair serves as an ideal spot for productive workdays.

Decor: The room is tastefully decorated, with framed artwork adorning the walls. The beautiful stonework around the fireplace and the captivating view outside the windows provide additional visual appeal. This special office space was designed by Trulia.

Transitional Home Office Space Color Analysis

10. The Tranquil Corner Home Office

Layout: This moderately sized office strikes the perfect balance. It accommodates a fireplace, three comfortable chairs, and expansive windows, providing a sense of tranquility. The vaulted

ceilings and an inviting outdoor space on the other side of the door contribute to its calming atmosphere.

Flooring: Standard hardwood floors provide a classic and timeless touch, while the cowhide rug adds warmth and visual interest.

Furniture: The furniture in this office space is exquisite. A glass desk with metal legs maintains the room’s open feel, and the white leather chairs evoke both comfort and style. A cozy armchair in front of the fireplace invites relaxation during breaks.

Decor: The room’s decor is minimal, yet impactful. The artwork on the walls and the captivating view outside the windows steal the show. This serene office space was designed by Trulia.

Transitional Home Office Space Color Analysis

I hope this collection of home office designs inspires you in creating your ideal workspace. Remember, a well-designed and inviting home office can significantly enhance productivity and overall work satisfaction. Good luck with your home office renovations!

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