7 Closet Lighting Ideas

For a variety of reasons, closet lighting is critical. In order to ensure that you don’t have to remove everything from the hook and dump it on your bed in order to choose what to wear, you may want your closet to have adequate lighting.

If you want to store your things against yourself rather than walking all the way to your vanity, you might want to install closet lights as well as a mirror. Those who dress in walk-in closets or don’t have a separate dressing area in tiny apartments may find closet lighting solutions advantageous.

So how do you choose which closet lighting is best for you? To give your wardrobe a well-deserved makeover, try these closet light options.

LED Ribbons

The closet LED ribbon battery lights come in a wide range of hues, lengths, intensities, and installation configurations. You may either hang these ribbons along the hues of your closet or sew them in place inside beams, on railings, or something.

You may acquire them for both little and big closets since they are offered in various lengths. RGB versions, as well as warm, yellow, and fluorescent hues, are available for these stick-on lights. As you choose, this permits you to inject both vigor and delicacy into your wardrobe!

LED Under-Cabinet Bar Light

Several closets are positioned in locations with little natural light, which truly highlight your wardrobe. When compared to just basic room lights or LED strips, you’ll need a bit more powerful lighting in this scenario.

For gloomy, dim closets, these under-cabinet light bars are a fantastic option. In addition, your wardrobe’s neutral tones are given a touch of elegance and richness. The greatest feature is that these bar lightings, which you may use to coordinate your closet, are versatile and can be placed in other places of your room.

Hang a Chandelier

Chandeliers don’t have to be huge or dazzling to be effective. In addition to a adequate quantity of style and elegance, your plain closets are adorned with rows and rows of smaller chandeliers that provide moderate illumination. Because they’re so adaptable and attractive, you can hang them in every kind of cupboard and walk-in closet.

Just remember to install the chandelier in a spot where it may shine enough light to all portions of the wardrobe without knocking into your stuff.

Puck Lighting

These are another technique of boosting your wardrobe without going overboard, and they’re also known as spot lights. RGB, warm, yellow, white, and neon are just a few of the available puck light colors.

Just think of those beautiful presentation counters in your favorite mall shops if you’re not sure whether or not you’ve seen a puck light. They’re individual light sources, such as those that are sometimes put on the bottom of cabinets or on the ceiling, that are usually put in each cabinet.

You may revamp your closet with the help of these if you install them properly and have a design in mind. When you attempt to sell your home, you may even increase the overall worth of it!

Motion Sensor Lights

Do you need wiring-free closet lighting ideas? The best option available right now is a set of motion-activated lights. Motion sensor lights are a simple yet powerful option in any lighting that suits your closet if you can’t find a location to install plugs or power outlets for your closet.

Pucks, strips, bars, and bulbs in a variety of colors and watts are also available for these lights. As a result, these smart lights would pair nicely with your wardrobe if you’re planning a Smart Home!

Hanging Edison Bulbs

Why not go for an Edison bulb instead if a compact chandelier seems like too much effort? These are great for giving a soft, decorative illumination to rooms, porches, and hallways. They would also suit your wardrobe nicely.

You may select from a variety of closet light bulbs in sizes and shapes to suit your needs. They have a decent lifespan, so you won’t have to replace them too often.

Flush Mount Lighting

Don’t have a high-maintenance or elaborate lifestyle? Switching to a plain fluorescent flush mount light will eliminate all of that hassle. These are ideal for smaller, simpler wireless closet lighting concepts and are sometimes referred to as moon lights.

These lights are available in a variety of wattage options for both large and small closets, as well as warm, white, and yellow color choices.

Final Thoughts

Closet lighting boosts the value of your home, making your collection seem more appealing, and allows you to create a makeshift vanity just inside your closet. Yet, unless you choose the proper closet lighting, all of this is impossible.

Any kind of closet you’re renovating in any style, setting, and budget can benefit from these top seven closet lighting solutions.

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