20 Creative Over the Toilet Storage Ideas

Seeking inspiration for over-the-toilet storage solutions? You’ve come to the perfect spot!

Here, you’ll find a curated selection of the finest ideas, showcasing the latest trends in over-the-toilet storage. From vintage cabinets positioned above the toilet to stylish cut-out wooden shelves, this list has it all.

Are you excited to explore further? Let’s jump right in and discover these amazing options!

Install a Pure Cedarwood Toilet Shelf

If you have an affinity for the rustic charm of cedarwood, then this farmhouse-style bathroom shelf will capture your heart. With three spacious tiers of storage space, you have the freedom to arrange whatever essentials you need. From accommodating shampoo bottles to toilet rolls and beyond, each shelf is designed to be tall and wide enough for various items.

To add an extra touch of personality, feel free to incorporate decorative elements like a vibrant plant or a vintage clock. These whimsical additions will infuse a delightful flair into your bathroom decor.

Change Things Up with a Circular Storage

If you’re seeking a distinctive touch for your bathroom, this shelf stands out with its circular design. While most shelves are rectangular, this one offers a refreshing curved shape, perfect for incorporating circular elements into your space.

What’s more, this shelf includes a convenient towel rack positioned at the bottom of the circle, adding practicality to its stylish appeal. It’s a handy and versatile product that serves multiple purposes in your bathroom.

Get Mesh-y!

If you’re on the hunt for an industrial and post-modern storage solution, take a look at this remarkable option! Mesh-based products, such as this shelf set, add a stylish touch to contemporary spaces. The sleek and modern design of this shelf set perfectly complements the overall aesthetic, and the added bonus of a convenient towel rack enhances its functionality.

Drill In a Wooden Shelf That’s Complete with a Towel Bar

Towels play a crucial role in any bathroom, and it’s important to provide them with their own dedicated storage area.

This specific shelf system offers three separate cubbies for storing various items, along with an uppermost shelf that provides additional space. The lowermost section of the shelf is designed with a wide towel bar, allowing you to neatly hang and store your towels for easy access.

Try Over-The-Toilet Storage with Drawers

For those who prefer concealed storage solutions over open shelves, this over-the-head storage piece is a perfect choice to consider.

This storage unit showcases a pair of elegant white cabinets, accompanied by a generously sized rectangular drawer. With its brilliant and spacious design, you can effortlessly accommodate all your bathroom products within this storage option. It offers a sleek and organized way to keep your essentials hidden and neatly stored away.

Opt for Ladder-Style Storage

Introducing a distinctive ladder-shaped design, this over-the-head bathroom storage rack is both functional and visually appealing. With its 4-tier structure, it provides ample storage space for your bathroom essentials.

While it’s worth noting that the upper shelves are relatively narrower compared to similar products, the overall unique and minimalist design of this rack sets it apart. Its stylish presence adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom while efficiently organizing your belongings.

Try Some Cut-Out Solid Wood Over-The-Toilet Storage

If you prefer a storage piece that exudes a grounded presence, this product is an outstanding choice. With its clever cut-out design, you can effortlessly access items stored on these shelves from any angle. The sturdy wooden frame of this storage option adds a bold and distinctive touch, creating a remarkable visual impact that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Install a Double-Door Wall Mounted Cabinet (with Over Toilet Towel Rack!)

When you prefer to keep the area around your toilet tank free from shelves, wall-mounted cabinets become a perfect storage solution. This specific model offers the added convenience of a towel rack positioned underneath a pair of spacious cabinet doors.

If you’re not inclined to place your towels over the toilet seat, there’s no need to worry. The next option might be better suited to meet your specific requirements…

Drill In a Practical Covered Cabinet (with Small Shelf!)

For those seeking a storage solution that perfectly complements mid-century-style bathrooms, this single-cabinet wall-mounted option is a fantastic choice. With its practical design, clean lines, and lovely white finish, it effortlessly enhances the overall aesthetic.

Diverging from the previous option, this cabinet includes a small open shelf at the bottom instead of a towel rack. This additional shelf provides a convenient space for storing frequently used items, ensuring easy access whenever needed. It’s a functional and stylish addition to your bathroom decor.

Consider Single-Shelf Floor-Mounted Storage

For those seeking a straightforward storage solution, this single-shelved option is a perfect fit for your bathroom. With its wide surface, you’ll have ample space to comfortably place most of your bathroom essentials. Additionally, the convenient sidebars allow you to hang your towels within easy reach, adding functionality to its simplicity. It’s a practical and efficient addition to keep your bathroom essentials organized and accessible.

Pick Out a Tiny Vintage Cabinet

Introducing an alternative for those who prefer a more compact storage solution over a large, overwhelming over-the-head system. This stained-glass storage rack offers a charming addition to any vintage bathroom with its exquisite golden accents and antique-inspired design. It seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics, providing a perfect fit for storing your essentials in style.

Place a Vanity Stand Atop Your Toilet Tank

If wall-mounted storage options are not what you’re seeking, a compact vanity stand can be an excellent alternative. These stands not only serve as a decorative addition to your toilet’s tank top but also provide an additional layer of shelving. With this setup, you can conveniently store your bathroom essentials both underneath the vanity and on top of it. It’s a practical and stylish solution that maximizes storage space while enhancing the overall aesthetics of your bathroom.

Opt for an Organizer with Slide-Out Baskets

When seeking a lightweight storage option, slide-out baskets are a fantastic choice. This over-the-head bathroom stand offers three shelves and a pair of twin baskets, providing ample space to accommodate all your bathroom essentials. With its multi-tier design, you can easily organize and store various items in a convenient and accessible manner. It’s a versatile storage solution that combines functionality with a sleek and practical construct.

Select a Wall-Fitted Storage Unit with Dual Toilet Roll Holders

This unique over-the-head storage option goes above and beyond with not just one, but two toilet roll holders! In addition, it offers a set of cubbies on both sides, providing ample space for organizing various bathroom essentials. What sets it apart is the compact overhead space, perfect for adding a touch of charm with pretty decorations like succulents or other decorative items. It’s a functional and stylish storage solution that adds both convenience and aesthetic appeal to your bathroom.

Look for Options with Built-In Tissue Roll Storage

Say goodbye to reaching overhead for toilet tissue with this convenient product that features a built-in storage option for your rolls. Its clever design ensures easy access and eliminates the hassle of searching for tissue. With its 4-tier structure, it provides generous storage space for organizing various bathroom essentials. Additionally, the side hangers offer a practical solution for hanging towels and other items, keeping them within reach and neatly organized. It’s a versatile and efficient storage solution that enhances the functionality of your bathroom.

Place Baskets Over Your Toilet Tank

When it comes to storage solutions for small bathrooms with limited overhead space, baskets are a perfect choice. Opting for baskets made from non-slip materials such as natural reeds or certain plastics ensures both functionality and safety.

The baskets showcased in the picture are specifically designed to fit comfortably over even the tiniest of toilet tanks. They offer ample space to store essential items like toilet rolls, face towels, and packaged soap, keeping them easily accessible. Additionally, their fresh white color adds a touch of elegance and style to your bathroom decor, making them not just practical but visually appealing as well.

Go for Vintage Iron Storage

Step up your storage game with this vintage iron rack that boasts three spacious shelves. Its floor-mounted design ensures optimal stability, while the additional wall-mount option provides extra security. You can rest assured that this shelf will stay in place, eliminating any concerns about accidentally knocking it over. With its durable construction and ample storage space, this rack is a reliable and stylish solution for keeping your items organized and easily accessible.

Curved Corners, Anyone?

Elevate your bathroom storage with this distinctive over-the-head rack that showcases eye-catching curved edges. Its unique design brings a touch of style and sophistication to your space, making it an ideal complement for modern and mid-century modern bathrooms. With its sleek and contemporary appearance, this storage rack not only offers practical functionality but also enhances the overall aesthetic of your bathroom decor. It’s a chic and versatile solution for organizing your essentials in a fashionable way.

Install a Cabinet with Lightly Frosted Glass Doors

For those who appreciate the elegance of lightly frosted glass windows, this storage product is a true gem. Not only does it showcase the beauty of frosted glass, but it also provides a layer of privacy to your stored items. The design includes a single shelf accompanied by tall cabinets, offering generous storage space. This makes it an ideal choice for busy family bathrooms that require ample storage for various personal belongings. With its combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal, this storage option is sure to enhance the organization and style of your bathroom.

Multi-Shelf Storage with Single Cabinet

If you’re in search of abundant storage space for your bathroom, this set of cabinets over the toilet is an excellent choice. With its multiple shelves and closed cabinet, it provides ample room for organizing and storing various bathroom essentials. From towels to toiletries, this storage rack ensures everything is neatly arranged and easily accessible. The inclusion of a closed cabinet offers an additional option for discreetly storing personal hygiene products, ensuring privacy and maintaining a clean and organized bathroom space.

Final Thoughts

I hope this compilation has provided you with valuable guidance in choosing the ideal over-the-toilet storage solution for your bathroom.

When considering a product, carefully assess its color scheme and style to ensure it harmonizes with the overall interior of your bathroom. For instance, if you’re aiming for a mid-century modern bathroom aesthetic, prioritize storage options that showcase clean lines and offer generous space.

Above all, prioritize a product that fulfills your storage requirements. It is crucial to invest in a cabinet or shelf that can accommodate all your bathroom essentials efficiently. Keeping this in mind while shopping will ensure that you make a practical and well-informed choice for your storage needs.

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