Difference Between Leather Match And All Leather Furniture

Leather, a time-honored choice for covering an array of furniture pieces such as bar stools, sofas, dining chairs, recliners, and other informal furniture, has always been favored. Nonetheless, with the advent of numerous leather-look-alikes now flooding the market, it has become increasingly challenging for consumers to distinguish between authentic leather and leather match furniture.

Let’s Talk About Leather Match Decor Items

Leather match furniture incorporates synthetic materials designed to mimic the look of genuine leather. Typical examples of these man-made materials include faux leather, vinyl, microfiber, and suede.

Shades of Leather Match Decor Items

Leather match items boast a wide color spectrum, ranging from fiery reds, zesty limes, to vivacious pinks. This versatility stems from the fact that synthetic materials can be custom-dyed and painted as per needs. Hence, unusually bright and distinctive colored furniture is more likely to be crafted from leather match materials, as opposed to genuine leather.

Pricing Difference in Leather Match and All-Leather Decor Items

The price disparity between leather match and all-leather furniture is substantial. Synthetic materials typically sell for an average of $11 to $12 per square yard, whereas authentic leather does not retail for anything less than $90 per square yard.

Comfort Comparison Between Leather Match and All-Leather Furniture

In terms of comfort, all-leather furniture trumps its leather match counterpart as all its components – seat, back rest, arm rest, cushions, etc. – are made from pure leather. In contrast, most parts of leather match furniture are composed of synthetic materials such as vinyl or faux leather. In some instances, authentic leather may be used in leather match furniture, but only in specific areas like cushions and back rests.

The Durability Divide Between All-Leather and Leather Match Furniture

Despite their similar appearance, the durability of all-leather and leather match furniture is starkly different. It goes without saying that all-leather furniture exhibits superior longevity compared to leather match pieces. In fact, all-leather furniture is known to improve with age, while leather match furniture tends to deteriorate in both quality and aesthetics over time.

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