30 Adorable DIY Bird Bath Ideas That Are Easy and Fun to Build

Did you know that bird baths have multiple uses?

The first use might seem a little obvious considering it is called a bird bath. But I actually use my bird baths as an open feeder for my bees as well. I love that it is being functional for maintaining bees while its true purpose is hidden in plain sight.

Because I’m bringing you a variety of DIY bird baths. They will add some character to your property without putting a dent in your wallet.

Here are the DIY bird bath ideas:

1. Candle Plate Bird Bath

This bird bath is modern and sleek, looking like it cost a fortune. It is, however, merely a few dowels and an ordinary candle plate, as unbelievable as it may sound.

Figuring out new uses for everyday items is a lot of fun. This is a terrific illustration of how to accomplish something like this. At your local thrift store, you may find candle plates, or you may order them online from Ikea.

2. The Barnyard Terra Cotta Bird Bath

A terra cotta DIY bird bath can be built in a variety of styles. In this post, I’ll be sharing a few of them. This lesson provides a range of design concepts and heights that you may use.

The barnyard design, on the other hand, is something I wanted to show you. It’s both lovely and innovative. It would be a wonderful addition to any home, and it would attract your visitors while also attracting birds.

3. The Pebble Terra Cotta

Another terra cotta pot creation sits in this bird bath, with the terra cotta plate beneath it to collect water.

So, in this case, the terra cotta on top of which the plate is placed is upside down. In addition, they applied pebbles around the bottom of the pots to create a lovely decorative pattern.

4. The Bright Terra Cotta Bird Bath

This bird bath is guaranteed to stand out. It has a variety of colors and designs that are painted on it.

I do, however, appreciate it. I believe it adds a magical aspect, which I adore. So, if you want something different, try out this bird bath.

5. The Polka Dot Terra Cot Bird Bath

Polka dots are my favorite thing. In a really straight manner, I believe they can make anything basic seem endearing.

In addition, I appreciate how simple it is to draw circles. So even if you’re not crafty, you have the capacity to create something lovely all by yourself.

6. The Hand Print Bird Bath

I’m a mother who homeschools her children. So I’m naturally a big fan of any projects I can do and include my kids in.

As a result, this bird bath drew my attention. I like how you can create a really enjoyable memory while also making something useful for your home.

7. The Tomato Cage Bird Bath

Are you on a strict spending limit? Maybe you just don’t like to do things yourself? So, don’t worry about it. This magnificent bird bath may still be created.

8. Salvaged Chair Bird Bath

Do you hate to toss an old chair because you can’t use it anymore? One of those is also mine. During the spring, I utilize it as a planter.

However, this chair type has another great use. Turn it into a one-of-a-kind bird bath by placing a plant saucer in the center.

9. The Cement Doily

Do you have a bird bath that is no longer in use? So, don’t throw it if you have a chance. Instead, use this unusual doily concept to breathe new life into it.

So all they did was lay the doily over the bird bath after dipping it in cement. It provided the birdbath with a one-of-a-kind drapery.

10. The Chip Platter Bird Bath

When individuals take inexpensive things and transform them into exquisite works, I am enthralled. This is one of those examples.

They simply attached a metal rod to the bottom of an inexpensive chip platter, then connected some pvc pipe to the bottom.

11. The Angel Bird Bath

My heart ached for this lady when I saw this bird bath concept. In honor of her granddaughter who recently passed away, she made this masterpiece.

As a result, she discovered the angel figurine on sale. She then transformed a few things from her cupboard (a pie plate, for example) into a stunning bird bath.

12. The Easy Bird Bath

My mother-in-law is reminded of this bird bath. Honestly, until I was speaking with her one day, I had never considered making a bird bath.

I then informed her that I required one, but I didn’t want to purchase it. She walked out and collected the few things she owned. “Here’s your bird bath!” he said as he delivered them to me.

13. The Solid Wood Bird Bath

It seems that building this bird bath would take a long time, and you’d definitely need some outstanding woodworking abilities.

This would be an amazing bird bath to create if you were skilled in that area. It has a really nice design, in my opinion.

14. The Alice in Wonderland Bird Bath Planter

You are probably going to think I’m nuts, but I’ve never been a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland until recently. We have been studying it in school with my kids.

Now, I’m realizing just how creative that story really is. So why would this planter/bird bath be any different? If you want color and design, then you must give this bird bath a glance.

15. The Hanging Bird Bath

This hanging bird bath seems to be a very simple project. You suspend a chain from a tree or a post and hang an old lamp shade.

After that, you can fill it with water and watch your bird pals have a ball. This project should be feasible and cost-effective.

16. The Glass Lid Hanging Bird Bath

You may be astonished to see how many glass lids are for sale at a neighborhood thrift store if you ever go there. I’m hoping that isn’t the case at every thrift store I go to.

So, if you see one of these lonely lids for sale with no matching dish, buy it the next time you see it. After that, you can use it to make this hanging bird bath.

17. The Tree Stump Bird Bath

Do you wish to pay someone to come grind an old tree stump that you do not want? Yet, a tree stump in your yard isn’t something you like.

So, take inspiration from the bird bath concept. They place the tree stump on top of a planter saucer. Next, they make it a bird bath by putting stones inside of it. Your stump now serves a useful function.

18. The Super Simple Terra Cotta Bird Bath

One of my favorite projects is this do-it-yourself bird bath tutorial. They provide images for each stage because they do.

Additionally, because the project is so simple, it is enjoyable to do and understand. It may also be designed in a variety of ways. The paint and jewels are absolutely stunning. Most yards would appreciate it.

19. The Lamp Bird Bath

I really like this bird bath made out of a lamp. It’s one-of-a-kind, and it’s really lovely. In addition, most of these items can be found for a fraction of the cost at a thrift shop.

In addition, they used a bunt pan rather than the traditional round dish, which is also noteworthy. I’m not sure how well it works, but it’s definitely fashionable.

20. The Heated Bird Bath

So I had to bring this one up to you guys. This isn’t a weekend project; it’s a professional one. In reality, I believe you must buy the heated element itself.

However, for the bottom, you might choose a different DIY option. So your bird pals may be able to bathe in hot water year-round.

21. The Handprint Bird Bath

For my own home this coming spring, I’m hoping to build this bird bath. The paint runs down the side of the terra cotta, which I adore. It has a sleek appearance.

The little handprints with the year, however, are what I adore most. Have I mentioned that one of my kids is going to college next year? (I have three, but only one is getting ready!) Since they are both beautiful and functional for your home, I adore these sentimental objects.

22. The Flower Pot Bird Bath

This is a stunning bird bath made out of recycled materials. You paint your flowers whichever color you choose after you’ve put them in beautiful pots.

After that, you set up a DIY bird bath with a planter saucer at the top of the flower pot. That is a wonderful addition.

23. The Checkered Flower Pot

This flower pot has a great design. In my opinion, the terra cotta pots are lovely. In addition, they make the project easier for me (once again, in my opinion.)

The lovely paint, combined with the patterned design, adds something extra special to any yard that would be a wonderful addition.

24. The Mosaic Bird Bath

I’m not the best at mosaic, to be honest. On our honeymoon, my husband and I attempted to create a mosaic picture frame. It’s still in the drawer, and we only bring it out when we’re having a good laugh.

If you’re more creative than I am, this could be a fun project for you. I believe it would make a one-of-a-kind bird bath.

25. Teapot Bird Bath

At most thrift shops, discovering teapots and teacups is a simple exercise. Starting with a few, you may want to look for this do-it-yourself bird bath.

Upcycling, on the other hand, is one of my favorite hobbies. I adore how a set of old dishes can be given a second life with a new mission.

26. The Oil Pan Bird Bath

This bird bath is larger than the others we’ve seen. A pump, PVC pipe, an oil pan, and a plastic tub are all required.

In essence, this birdbath will keep replenishing itself, making life a bit less complicated for you.

27. The Sink Bird Bath

Sadly, this image does not include a guide. Nevertheless, it seems to be rather simple.

Actually, I have a sink that’s been unused for quite some time. This would make a pretty decent bird bath if you filled it up with water and fastened it to a pole of some kind to steady it.

28. Serving Bowl Bird Bath

This is one of those projects that makes you ask, “Why didn’t I think of doing that?” It might cost as little as $5 to complete. The serving bowl bath can be made as sophisticated or as simple as you want.

Searching for the proper bowl to display in your lovely garden is easier than you think. Use an antique serving bowl that you stored beneath the stairs. Attaching it to the table leg base is just a few easy steps after that. Soon, birds will be bathing in the clear water, playing beautiful morning melodies.

29. Concrete Leaf Bird Bath

This is a one-of-a-kind bird bath. Coat a large leaf in concrete by placing it on top of the cement. After that, leave it alone to settle in.

You’ll then remove the leaf and use it as a bird bath when it’s finished. It’s a really clever notion.

30. Broken CD Bird Bath

Do you have old CDs that you no longer play? Next, for this great DIY bird bath, collect them up and have fun breaking them into pieces.

The sun rays that fall on this bird bath will be reflected back into the sky, attracting a variety of birds to your yard. It’s a simple (and enjoyable) project with a low cost that looks great.

I wish you found a strategy that will assist you in creating the ideal bath for your bird pals. I also hope that your feathered friends like the work you put into this project!

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