Eclipse Bowl by Sakura Adachi

Revolutionary Bowl Design: “Eclipse” by Sakura Adachi

A Stunning Revelation

When it comes to tableware, we often perceive bowls and sauces as stacking only in a vertical manner. But behold, my previous assumption was proven wrong when I stumbled upon the extraordinary creation known as “Eclipse.” Crafted by the ingenious mind of Sakura Adachi, this bowl defies convention and showcases a striking design that left me awe-inspired.

A Celestial Connection

The name “Eclipse” seems to draw inspiration from the celestial phenomenon itself. The bowl consists of two halves, each with a distinct color – one in black and the other in white. Surprisingly, these halves can be joined horizontally, transforming into a single fruit bowl with a mesmerizing contrast of colors, akin to witnessing a lunar eclipse in the sky.

Unveiling the Brilliance

Sakura Adachi’s brilliance shines through in this design, as she effortlessly marries functionality with aesthetics. Each part of the “Eclipse” bowl can function independently, serving its purpose with finesse. However, when you decide to stack them together, they blend harmoniously to create a unified bowl with a unique striped appearance.

An Award-Winning Masterpiece

The ingenuity behind this design did not go unnoticed, as “Eclipse” received the prestigious Red Dot Concept Awards in 2010. Adachi’s creative mind birthed a practical yet visually stunning solution that captivated both experts and the public alike.

The Enigmatic Price

As for the cost, the “Eclipse” bowl falls within the range of $50 to $100, leaving it up to fate or luck to determine the exact price you pay for this remarkable piece of artistry.

In conclusion, Sakura Adachi’s “Eclipse” bowl defies expectations and brings a celestial charm to the realm of tableware. With its seamless merging of functionality and aesthetics, it truly stands as a masterpiece that leaves us in awe of the boundless creativity within the world of design.

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