Fox Hotel – Art Hotel in Copenhagen

When embarking on a holiday and checking into a hotel, one often hopes for a delightful and cozy atmosphere to ensure a pleasant stay. Yet, at times, the monotony of impersonal hotel rooms becomes uninspiring, offering little beyond mere accommodation. This void has given rise to the concept of art hotels, and their popularity is soaring by the day. Within these unique establishments, young artists are granted the canvas of each room’s walls to paint and decorate according to their creative visions, transforming these spaces into genuine works of art. Among these gems lies the extraordinary Fox Hotel in Copenhagen, setting a new standard in artistic hospitality.

A Symphony of Artistry

The Fox Hotel boasts 61 captivating rooms, brought to life by the imaginative minds of 21 artists from various creative domains such as graphic design, urban art, and illustration. Each room is infused with a distinct theme and its own set of enchanting features. Take, for instance, the room depicted in the first picture, expertly designed by the talented German artist, Hort. Within its walls, modern urban characters come to life, engaging the viewer’s imagination and leaving them with a unique perception of the art.

An Escape into Fantasy

Step into the Heidi-themed room, and instantly, you are transported into the enchanting world of the story, strolling amidst majestic mountains, surrounded by swaying fir-trees and bubbling springs. Alternatively, immerse yourself in the allure of a room that makes you feel like an esteemed visitor at the court of King Louis XIV of France or the grandeur of an Oriental king. The hotel’s collection of diverse rooms invites guests to tour them before making reservations, ensuring they find the one that speaks to their soul.

A Living Art Gallery

At Fox Hotel, the walls are not confined to mundane colors and patterns. Instead, they showcase the talents of emerging artists, providing a living gallery that sparks inspiration and admiration. As you move through the corridors, each turn brings forth a new canvas to marvel at, an experience far beyond what conventional hotels can offer.

So, if you seek a holiday experience that transcends the ordinary and elevates your imagination, Fox Hotel in Copenhagen awaits, a haven where art becomes the heart and soul of your stay.


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