13 Places in the US Where You Can Find Free Land for Your Homestead

In these economic times, homesteading on a budget may be tough.

Several homesteaders from the past were able to claim free property thanks to the Homesteading Act of 1862. In an attempt to boost the population in these tiny communities, several governments have decided to offer a comparable package to current day homesteaders.

The land quantities are smaller, but they are still free!

Here is where you should start looking:

1. Lincoln, Kansas

The little town of Lincoln, Kansas is lovely. The property is close to local schools and right across the town baseball field. Although this is a subdivision, many contemporary homesteaders do it on a modest scale.

It is just off of Interstate 70 and has a population of only 3500 people. There is a required application procedure for the town.

2. Free Land in Marquette, Kansas

Another tiny town gem is Marquette. They provide excellent educational opportunities and security for your family.

You must also complete a land application with them. You must start construction on a home within 120 days of being accepted into the free land program.

One year after you sign the land agreement, your home must be finished. You must also spend a year in your house. In order to qualify, your house must follow certain criteria.

3. New Richland, Minnesota

There are only 1200 people living in New Richland. Despite its small size, it has a golf course and a bike path in addition to other amenities. They’re selling 86′ x 133′ plots for free.

They require that you apply for the land.

You have one year to construct a house with specific requirements after the property has been transferred to you.

The cost of installing street curbs, gutters, sewer, and water into the area will be assessed in part. It will cost around $14,000 over the course of 15 years to pay for this. It will be collected semi-annually.

The benefit is that you can use free land as a down payment to construct a house thanks to the fact that many lenders allow it.

The assessment fees will be reduced if your income is less than a certain threshold.

4. Free Land in Mankato, Kansas

Only 900 people live in Mankato, Kansas. They’re also giving out tiny lots of land to individuals who want to develop new ones. To be considered for the land, you must apply to both their city and their county.

They currently have 26 lots available.

Your house must be 1200 square feet in size, minus garages and basements, to qualify. But, from the date the deed was signed, they allow you two years to complete your home.

Within six months of getting the property, you’ll need to have a contract with a builder.

5. Osborne, Kansas

Osborne is providing free residential property, as well as commercial land, for free. In addition, they are giving out low-interest financing to assist with business and home repairs. You’re welcome to visit Osborne, Kansas.

To keep the property, you must pay a $500 deposit, but when your new home is finished, you will get the money back. On the ground level, they need a home that is at least 1400 square feet. You must also have your residence completed within 12 months of receiving the property. You have 24 months to relocate yourself completely.

They prefer that your residence have a ground-level area of at least 1400 square feet. Within 12 months of receiving the property, you must have completed your house. It will take you 24 months to pack everything and move out.

The population of Plainville, Kansas is 2,000. At this time, only one lot is available on a first-come, first-served basis. 155 feet wide by 93 feet deep is the lot’s dimensions.

All dwellings must have a foundation, but this may apply to modular dwellings as well. Single-wide mobile homes are not permitted. To keep the property, they will need a $500 deposit, which will be returned once the property has been deeded. Within 18 months of the land being awarded to you, your home must be completed.

6. Free Land in Plainville, Kansas

There are 2,000 people living in Plainville, Kansas. At this time, they only have one lot available, which is first-come-first-served. 155 feet wide by 93 feet deep, the lot is fairly large.

They do, however, require that all structures have a foundation, which may be a modular structure. Single-wide mobile homes are not permitted. To keep the property, they need a $500 deposit, which will be returned once the land is deeded over to them. Within 18 months of you receiving the property, your home must be completed.

7. Curtis, Nebraska

A small retirement community called Curtis, Nebraska. There are a number of free lots available.

There are no additional charges because all services have already been installed. You’ll also have to apply for the property. All of the lots are shown on their website in a visual format. Because they all vary in size, it’s worth checking them out.

8. Free Land in Elwood, Nebraska

There are up to ten free lots in Elwood, Nebraska for you to construct on!

It advises stopping by the local government office to get your application paperwork.

The residences seem to need a foundation, although there are no specific requirements. There is no mention of the lot sizes. Nonetheless, if you want answers about this free land, call the local town office.

9. Loup City, Nebraska

It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity to live in Loup City, Nebraska. There are no costs involved with any of the bids.

Workforce Housing and Market Rate Houses are the two kinds of housing available.

A $1,000 deposit is required for the land to be held in the Market Rate Homes. When the home is completed, this deposit will be returned.

Income-based housing is available for the Workforce. You will be eligible to receive help in purchasing your home if your income falls below a set threshold. Down payment assistance up to $20,000 is available!

10. Free Land in Marne, Iowa

There are a lot of free property available in Marne, Iowa! There are several acres of property available to them. The lot sizes are 80 feet by 120 feet.

Within 18 months of the land being transferred over to you, your home must be at least 1200 square feet and built.

They tolerate both conventional and modular dwellings. In order to apply for this property, you must first submit an application. For additional information, click here.

Because of the free land offered by Marne, Iowa, there were several publications.

11. Manilla, Iowa

Another tiny community with free land for those who want it is Manilla, Iowa. They believe that they have the lowest cost of living.

What the requirements for free land are are not clear on their website. Nonetheless, you may obtain the town’s complete contact information on this website.

12. Free Land in Cuyahoga National Park in Ohio

Farmers are currently being offered free agricultural property by the government. For the next 60 years, it allows farmers to lease property. There are acres and acres of protected farm land in addition to a house that is already available.

Monthly rents range from $500 to $1,000. A home and 9-12 acres of property are included in this.

It is inexpensive and unique, so it is worth mentioning despite the fact that it isn’t free. Many farmers have shown interest in the application, which must be filed.

13. The Real Estate Market

This article contains the information you’re looking for. This guy and his wife conserved enough money to purchase a small piece of property, which he named “a mixed bag,” and they managed to sell the portion of the land no one wanted for more than what they paid for it.

This is a strategy that necessitates more careful planning and research.

You could, however, end up with a piece of property that is worth less than what you paid for it. Your land would then be free! That’s tough to beat!

Finding free property to establish your homestead is not difficult. There are two types of options: short-term and long-term.

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