22 Beautiful Glam Living Room Ideas

Nearly every room could benefit from a little glitz here and there, however some people prefer to go all-out and make their whole space glitzy. Perhaps one of the greatest locations to begin glorifying your home is in the living room if you’re one of those individuals. Since there are so many decoration possibilities, it is difficult to choose.

Of course, analysis paralysis is a real risk with all of those choices. Despite this, there is no need to panic. Getting started making your living room golden, glimmering, and, most importantly of all, glamorous is made easier with this list of 22 glam living room ideas.

Add in a Chandelier as a Luxurious Classic

Imagine the most magnificent room you’ve ever seen. Have you got a picture in your mind? So, most likely, a chandelier is in that room. Chandeliers are widely associated with luxury nowadays. More than one will almost certainly be found in the ultrarich’s house.

Of course, making your home feel stylish doesn’t require you to be one of the 600+ billionaires in the United States. There are several inexpensive chandeliers to choose from, such as this one. The crystal embellishments and candle-style lighting make it look more elegant. It represents one of the best methods to finish a glamour-style living room, even if it’s just one fixture.

Add in a Glittery Throw Pillow for a Simple Glam Accent

No contemporary glamorous living room is complete without a little bit of sparkle, whether it’s crystals or rhinestones. A glitzy throw pillow is one of the simplest ways to integrate it if you’re not sure where.

This one is a pillow you’ll be happy to toss on your sofa, combining original abstract design with glittering accents. Even if you don’t plan to put it on display right away.

Make Your Room Feel Royal With a Velvet Armchair

Velvet has long been linked with opulence. Maybe it’s because it was originally intended just for aristocratic classes, or maybe it’s because of the high cost. If you’re going for a glitzy ambiance, adding velvet is an fantastic notion, no matter what the scenario.

With its dazzling and smooth appearance, it is not only linked with luxury, but it also appears glamorous.

The velvet armchair is where this scene takes place. It comes in a lovely ivory hue that is common in stylish residences, along with its velvet fabric upholstery.

Add Some Subtle Elegance to Your Glam Room With a Ginkgo Painting

Interior design, and for good reason, is dominated by ginkgo themes. They’re ideal for decorating cushions to wallpaper since to their beautiful fan-shaped leaves.

A touch of ginkgo is ideal for rounding out the theme in most glam rooms, especially since elegance is a given. A piece of wall art like this one can be used to add a little ginkgo. The soft purple watercolor paints compliment the ginkgo, which is itself lovely.

Add in a Pedestal Table for Design Versatility

Table lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They’re ideal for adding to the sides of couches, between armchairs, or as a standalone item in the case of living rooms. In terms of style, they aren’t exclusive. To give your space the look of a magazine, there are several glitzy end tables.

This dazzling pedestal table is a good example of this. It boasts a silver finish that is ideal for contemporary living rooms, as well as sparkle accents that make it appear spectacular.

Use a Gold Mirror for Some Simple Luxury

In any space, mirrors are a handy addition. They make even the tiniest living rooms seem bigger by allowing natural light to diffuse. With glam rooms, it’s the same story. The frame you choose determines how far to the right mirror.

There are several alternatives, however gold is one of the greatest selections if you want something that goes with practically everything. This mirror will fit in any white, black, golden, or whatever room you choose.

Feel Like You’re at the Ball With This Painting

Luxury and ballrooms go hand in hand. It was deemed a must-have for hosting grand receptions with all of the richest people in attendance, for practically every castle in the world. Of course, your home is unlikely to feature a ballroom in the near future unless you have a huge piece of property and a million dollars to burn.

With a glamorous painting like this one, you may still capture the spirit of a ballroom. A lady in a stunning ballgown is featured in this image. Even if it’s not a ball, you’ll still have the urge to dance in your freshly transformed living room.

Use a Marble Coffee Table for Subdued Glamor

Marble is the pinnacle of luxury, as you likely know. It’s worth repeating this point. Of course, there is no need to confine yourself to marble kitchen counters. This coffee table, for example, is made of marble and is suitable for use in the living room.

It’s ideal for adding a hint of elegance to a room without overwhelming it with neutral tones. Adding a marble piece is one excellent way to tone down your beautiful glitzy glam living room without changing the theme if you already have one.

Use a Golden Coffee Table With a Shelf for More Design Possibilities

Living rooms usually include coffee tables, which is for sound reasons. They’re a great base for decorations such as vases, in addition to the ability to put coffee cups on it (as the name suggests).

If the table has a little shelf underneath it, like this one, this is especially true. You can also place objects beneath the glass top, which will be revealed by the glass top. You have space to experiment with both top and bottom items for a truly customized glam living room, which is especially ideal for design versatility.

Use an Etagere to Display Small Decor Items

You might think it’s a bookshelf just by looking at it. This is technically what’s known as an etagere, even if you can put books on it if you want.

Etageres, on the other hand, have an open design and are created for showing objects. They are designed for storage but have a closed structure.

Not only do you now know a fancy French term with this etagere, but it also adds something to your living room’s décor. It can hold expensive-looking vases as well as little sculptures, and you may put practically anything on it.

Go For a Glimmering Accent With a Golden Crystal Table Vase

Big, bold living room décor is popular, but it isn’t always necessary. You can go a long way to making your room feel complete by adding a small touch of glam here and there.

Take, for example, these table vases. Despite their tiny size, they have a lot of design potential. You could use it to glamorize your current coffee table or simply place them on a separate table with a lace doily. They’re sure to stand out in any environment with their golden color and crystal accents, wherever you put them.

Add in Some Golden Bird Statues to Accent Your Room

To prevent them from being too gaudy, some glam rooms may benefit from a few neutral tones. Several spaces, on the other hand, need something more to make them stand out. Adding some golden décor is one of the most secure options for white glitzy living rooms.

This may be done in a variety of ways, but the golden bird sculptures are one of the most attention-grabbing options. Birds are attractive in and of themselves, but the golden color palette adds a touch of luxury to them.

Use a Fireplace So Your Living Room Is Cozy and Glamorous

The phrase “beauty is pain” may lead those who want a cosy environment with a luxury appearance to believe they must pick between them. That isn’t correct, because there are numerous ways to make your living area stunning without sacrificing creature comforts.

This lovely electric fireplace is one example. It’s not just a stunning piece to look at; it’s also a fantastic way to stay warm in the dead of winter, with its carved wooden embellishments and marble veneer.

Sparkle by Day and by Night With a Crystal Table Lamp

You’ll adore this gorgeous table lamp whether you don’t like chandeliers or if you want to bring in as much light as possible. You may mistake the lampstand for one of ordinary variety if you look at it first.

Yet, you’ll be greeted with glimmering strands of crystals as you gaze up at the lampshade. By day, it will sparkle in the sun, and by night, it will sparkle in the artificial light. Your home will be flooded with luxury all day and all night.

Add in a Bedazzled TV Stand For a Flashy Flair

A glamorous TV stand is one of the items you’ll want if you’re wanting to embellish every aspect of your living room. For such a highly particular piece of furniture, there are a surprising number of choices, ranging from simple and elegant to flashy and bold.

This appears to be the case in this situation. It features a dazzling exterior that seems to be composed of crushed diamonds, not only having a mirrored front for beauty. Guests may be perplexed as to whether to watch what’s on-screen or what’s underneath it when you combine this with a glamorous living room design!

Add a Tufted Ottoman to Round Out Your Button Tufted Furniture Set

The button tufting trend has infected everything from glam furniture to lamps. You have things like button-tufted benches, bed frames, and even button-tufted ottomans, in addition to the usual couches and chairs.

Of course, they’re not new ideas. For both aesthetic and practical purposes, most ottomans are upholstered, making them comfortable. Any ordinary ottoman may be transformed into a luxury item with the addition of button tufting. Moreover, given ottomans like this one are available in muted neutrals like beige, it’s an excellent method to beautify your space without glitter overload.

Use a Damask Area Rug for Some Added Elegance

From flowers to chevron, there are practically endless beautiful patterns out there. Damask patterns, on the other hand, are arguably the most elegant. Being incredibly intricate, damask patterns are practically works of art in and of themselves.

This rug, for example, is covered in this way. Its silvery color makes it the ideal addition to practically any elegant living room, along with its exquisite damask pattern.

Go For a Simple Touch With Some Glam Candle Holders

What if you’re looking for something a little more ambient than lamps can provide? Candles are used to create a romantic atmosphere. Candles are more than ancient lightbulbs. The beauty and aforementioned ambient characteristics are still very popular with them.

Of course, a candle isn’t sufficient on its own. Candle holders are one of the greatest methods to glamorize your mood lighting, bringing it back to the glitzy look. These front candle holders, which are mirrored or have a beaded design, provide an extra layer of sparkle.

Add in Unique Elegance With an Oversized Peony Wall Clock

Flowers are closely connected with opulent designs, even if they do not sparkle and shine like typical luxury items. Flowers, particularly those with strong and lovely blooms like roses, are extremely beautiful.

You may inject a bit of natural glitz to your décor by utilizing flower patterned products like this massive wall clock. It stands out in any room, even with its monochromatic color palette, thanks to its gorgeous peony art and glossy coating on top.

Use a Silver Cabinet for Sparkly Storage

We’ve only just scratched the surface of the glam living room items that have already been discussed. Glamorization of everything is unavoidable. From candle holders to couches, you can find glitzy objects.

When it comes to cabinets, this is true as well. With its silver-colored exterior, starburst design, and bejeweled drawer pulls, this glam cabinet is among the most impressive options out there.

You’ll have a cabinet that shines as much as the rest of your living room, not only for storage purposes, but also for display purposes.

Add an Upholstered Magenta L-shaped Couch as a Statement Piece

Upholstery, of course. It’s practically a requirement to include at least one upholstered item in your living room, given its long-standing status in the world of gorgeous interior design.

You get to this couch by adding that to a “go big or go home” attitude. It has button tufting, velvet fabric, and a standout purple color that are nearly all the elements of glam design you could think of. It would be the ideal complement to any luxury living room design.

When There’s No More Room Below, Look Above

When people are looking for things to put in their room, they often look down. You’re looking down at a place that could use an extra armchair and an empty space that could use a coffee table. But, what if adding some décor is easiest directly above you?

The concept of this crystal ceiling fan is that It’s a beautiful light fixture with its shining crystals and metallic accents, but it also has the advantage of air circulation, much like a chandelier. No longer do you have to compromise style and comfort in your room–not any longer.

Final Thoughts…

There are several ways to make your living room more appealing, as we already stated. From a tiny painting for a sleek, small living area to a spectacular couch for a huge one, you can add anything you want.

Of course, there are other ways that glamorous items differ from one another in size. From an exquisite watercolor piece to a bejeweled TV stand, there are glam subcategories to cover everything.

We believe this collection of modern living room concepts provides you with a starting point for creating the most gorgeous one.

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