12 High Ceiling Tall Wall Decor Ideas

Having a lofty ceiling in your home is stunning. They have a majestic, dramatic appearance to them and seem elegant. But, if you have them, decorating them is almost impossible. When viewed on tall walls, many of the items appear small, which is impossible to ignore.

That’s why we’re here to give you some advice on how to decorate high ceilings and wide walls. Bring the eye up or down to a more natural human level, and the best trick is to bring it up to include the entire space in your view. Here are some suggestions on how to accomplish it.

Create a Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall is probably the first thing that comes to mind when contemplating high ceiling tall wall decor ideas. It’s easy to look like you’re putting up a single painting or two, but the fact is that it’ll fall flat. When you embellish your walls with a variety of different sized frames, however, it becomes a whole new story.

A gallery wall can be created in a variety of ways. Small square frames, as well as enormous rectangular ones, are among the many options. There are limitless possibilities. But, if you don’t know where to begin, it may be overwhelming. Just keep in mind that symmetrically grouping your frames is never a mistake.

Go For Large Paintings

When purchasing art for high walls, you have to be extremely cautious. Instead of an whole gallery wall, you may select to opt-in for a single big painting. It’s a solitary, yet it’s an attractive choice. However, you should make sure that your painting fits the wall well.

Large, square or rectangle paintings are ideal as long as they scale well. And when it comes to the art itself, everything looks magnificent when it’s enlarged! So, based on your aesthetic, choose something.

A Panel Wall Can Make All the Difference

Adding a panel wall to your space might help reduce the height of your ceilings. A panel wall has a visually good effect on your walls by adding texture. A paneled accent wall will undoubtedly draw attention from top to bottom.

It’s a bonus if the walls have some visually interesting paneling. In a matter of seconds, an intricate framework like this one, for example, will transform your entire room into art. It’s a fantastic investment.

An Oversized Mirror Looks Beautiful On a Tall Wall

Choosing an suitable mirror is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to dress a tall wall. Since they match the scale of your walls, oversized mirrors are a popular option.

Any large mirror will suffice. A simple rim that has been toned down is one of the greatest options since it suits with most interior design themes and produces a strong effect. You can, however, complement your wall with more artwork to give it a little extra pizzazz if you want some more pizzazz.

A Mirror Gallery Looks Ravishing

We strongly recommend a mirror gallery if you want to go all-out with the décor. As if they were paintings, placing up mirrors of different shapes and sizes on your tall wall gives an exquisite effect.

A mirror wall will give your space a bigger impression, but it will also create an interesting visual effect. You won’t be disappointed in a mirror gallery if you want a daring addition to your room that feels exquisite yet innovative.

Millwork Works Wonders With Tall Walls

Maybe you already have the artwork you want to use. Yet, it doesn’tquite suit a gallery wall, and it can’t be displayed as a single piece due to its tiny size. So, how do you decorate tall walls with what you already have in mind?

The most common solution is millwork. The walls get more texture from millwork installation. By hanging smaller pieces in this manner, you can fill the room with enough visual interest for the walls not to seem empty. However, you may opt to leave millwork as it is! On its own, it’s also quite stunning.

Don’t Forget the Shelving

One of the greatest techniques to fill a long wall is with shelves. You can experiment with the shelving arrangement and create a dozen distinct looks because of the high walls. Shelves are very practical and can make a room look good.

The ability to design your shelving exactly how you want is the greatest feature of them. There are dozens of different options. For instance, you may build a modest gallery on your shelves and then adorn it with the gallery wall we spoke about previously.

Wall Murals Look Especially Astonishing on Tall Walls

What is more invigorating than being diminished by a piece of art. When it comes to murals, there’s a lot of stuff. Because of their scale, you feel tiny in the greatest way possible, as though you’re standing beneath them majestically.

In your home, you may replicate the same look. Tall walls are also particularly effective. Creating your own mural might be a chore, but don’t be concerned; there are ways. One of the examples is murals. They are simple to put up and, in return, they look great!

Tall Bookcases Are Practically Made For Rooms With High Ceilings

There are generally stunning tall bookcases accompanying any time you see high walls in any form of media. That’s for a valid reason as well! They make a great pair.

You might find it difficult to fill up that empty space by putting up a tall bookcase against a tall wall. Those bookshelves will also give your home that sleek, sophisticated look that many people desire. Definitely a great choice!

You Can’t Go Wrong With Wallpaper

The ability to add an accent wall has never been so simple. One of the simplest ways to get that effect is through wallpaper. In addition, it works with high walls!

With wallpaper, you can’t go wrong. There are literally thousands of different home designs to choose from, all of which will astonish you. You can experiment with the wallpaper on walls that are high. A fantastic technique to emphasize the wall while also bringing the space down to your perspective is to visually divide it in half with wallpaper!

Vinyl Decals Are a Playful Way to Embellish Your Tall Walls

Put up a decal to add some texture to your walls. When it comes to decorating tall walls, decals are very effective. You may experiment until you discover your winning combination because they come in a variety of forms and sizes.

Decals may often provide a cheerful, children’s-friendly atmosphere in your space. They’re ideal for small bedrooms and children’s rooms. Not to mention, since they’re so simple to install and remove, they might be the option for you if you’re someone who prefers change.

Put Up An Oversized Clock to Fill Up the Space

An oversized wall clock is a great idea if you aren’t into buying a lot of art or just want something basic and functional, but stylish. These clocks are a fantastic way to decorate your room without adding anything else, and they operate incredibly well on their own.

A bold eye-catching piece of décor like this clock is impossible to miss. It is particularly effective against a uniform wall that complements its nicely made design.

In Conclusion

Tall walls may be a pain, even if they’re lovely. When you’re decorating, it’s easy to get frustrated. We’re sure you can create the home of your dreams, but with these ideas in mind.

Mix and match freely! One way or another, all of the options we discussed may be used. Therefore, don’t be afraid to use the whole space by combining these concepts. Scaling up is also a good idea. We often say, “go big or go home” when dealing with tall walls. On your decoration adventure, we wish you success.

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