Ideas to update old cushion covers

Feeling like your home needs a decorative boost? Tired of your old, dull, and possibly out-of-style cushion covers? Working on a tight budget for home improvements? If these are your concerns, then upgrading your aging cushion covers may be a worthy consideration. Freshening up your old cushion covers can provide them with a brand-new appeal, contributing to the improvement of your overall home aesthetics.

If this sounds interesting to you, be prepared to find out that rejuvenating old cushion covers is a relatively simple task. All you need is a touch of creativity and a bit of dedicated effort. Here are some innovative ideas to transform your aged cushion covers:

Introduce a fabric slip to the cushions – Adding a fabric slip can inject vitality into your drab cushion covers and elevate them to stylish home décor pieces. When making a slip, opt for a fabric that harmonizes with your existing home décor. Shimmering, sparkling, and floral fabrics can provide a much-needed lift to your cushion covers’ look. For an extra stylish touch, consider aligning the slips vertically on the cushions.

Incorporate or adjust the cushion’s trims and ribbons – One simple method to enhance old cushions is by adding trims and ribbons. Select fabric trims and ribbons that match your intended design and sew these on the cushion covers in various patterns to create distinctive covers. A striped effect can be achieved by using trims of different colors alternately. Additionally, you can adorn the corners of the cushion covers with ribbons and trims. If your cushion covers already have trims, layering new ones over the old can give them a fresh appearance.

Incorporate buttons – Another creative way to repurpose your old cushion covers is by adding buttons, which can also help you utilize all the unused buttons in your sewing box. Buttons offer the flexibility to create your own unique patterns and designs. You can use a mix of button sizes and sequins to produce circular appliqué designs. Gemstone or mother-of-pearl buttons can create an exquisite effect when sewn centrally on the cushion covers.

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