22 Large Wall Decor Ideas

It may be difficult to choose the appropriate wall décor. Everyone advises going for a gallery wall, but I’m not sure. However, that doesn’t match everyone’s expectations of their home environment.

So if you’re looking for some ideas for what to do with that huge empty wall in your house, you’ve come to the right place. Some of our favorite methods for decorating huge walls are shown below.

Go For a Three-Piece Painting

Don’t worry if a standard-sized painting feels too tiny for your home; instead, try opting for a bigger one! Choosing a three-piece painting or a so-called triptych might be the difference between success and failure.

You get three masterpieces in one package. They’re often produced in a manner that allows you to spread them out as much as you want, allowing you to take up more space. It’s a beautiful “hack” that can be used in any room!

These Large Cooking Utensils Make For Unconventional Yet Gorgeous Wall Decor

When it comes to big wall décor, eating utensils aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. It’s an unusual composition in many ways. Nevertheless, in a matter of seconds, this thrilling composition will captivate your attention.

In your dining room, kitchen, or even your living room, these big brass eating utensils may serve as a beautiful centerpiece. They’ll give your home a strong yet beautiful addition if paired with miscellaneous little decor.

Tapestries Look Gorgeous On Large Walls

Hanging up a tapestry or a quilt is another extremely basic, and frequently extremely inexpensive, technique to dress your big walls. You can choose from a variety of tapestry designs and sizes, so that you may match your home perfectly.

This is a fantastic option for more subdued settings, and it looks especially nice here. It exemplifies a basic but lovely design that exemplifies how tapestries aren’t just used in bohemian residences and college dorms! They may look stunning in the most contemporary of homes if they are designed correctly.

Opt-In For a Floating TV Stand

Working with what you already have is one of the best ways to be practical about your decor. For example, saving money on wall décor while also filling up the empty wall space is simple by putting your TV on the wall.

All variations in floating TV stand choosing are important! What makes your wall decor is the TV stand, which adds an element of style. Naturally, putting little accents around your TV stand will make the whole thing look like a well-planned piece of décor.

Mural Panels Are a Stunning Decor Choice for Large Walls

The power of murals is incredible. You can’t help but be impressed by one when you see it on the street. It’s possible that it’s because they seem so massive. It might be the design, or it could be something else. In any case, wouldn’t everyone want to recreate that magical moment at home?

Mural panels are an easy way to accomplish that. They’re fairly simple to put up, as long as you take some measurements. It is, however, well worth the effort! In a matter of seconds, these panels will elevate your home, drawing attention from anyone who enters the room.

Wallpaper Will Make All the Difference

Wallpaper is one of the simplest ways to dress up your plain white walls. A single wall may be all you need at times. An accent wall adds a fascinating visual interaction between walls and furniture to a room, which is why it’s so effective.

For all sorts of residences, there are a variety of wallpaper designs to choose from. The pink flamingo pattern was impossible to resist. It’s a colorful selection that brightens up your room and brings variety. So who wouldn’t want to have that?

Choose Floating Shelves for a Mix of Utility and Decor

Shelving is a fantastic option if you want your walls to look nice while also serving a function. Because they can be configured in so many ways, floating shelves are a fantastic option.

Shelf placement may be ornamental in itself. However, anything from books to photos to plants or even well can make your shelving seem stunning, yet super functional and very intimate. This is the best option we can give you!

A Large Mirror Pairs Perfectly With Large Walls

Mirrors, as strange as it may seem, are one of the greatest large wall decor options. Mirrors may be used to create a beautiful atmosphere. They’re really stunning. Not to mention the fact that they might enhance the appearance of a room.

The presence of a huge mirror makes you feel wealthy. It has a nice sheen to it. Traditional French design is especially appealing when you go for it. A mirror will fit your huge wall like a glove, giving you a basic yet elegant appearance that many people desire in their homes. You can’t go wrong with one.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Posters

Posters don’t diminish the appearance of your home, according to mythology. The difference between a mediocre and a great poster is huge. When you go to the trouble of framing your posters, it really pays off.

It’s impossible to go wrong with a poster that matches your home’s color scheme. And it’ll create a stunning cohesive appearance if the design includes an extra burst of color.

Large Scale Photographs Work Wonders on Large Walls

You may utilize this to your advantage if you’re more into pictures and actual-life images than abstract paintings and posters. There are many stunning photography prints to look at.

Why not add a huge picture print to your walls? Large prints, especially big photographs, have a majestic appearance. Because of their size, they’re ideal for a little bit of sleek luxury. You’ll feel tiny in the best way possible. It’s a fantastic option!

Go For a Big Bookshelf to Fill Up Space

You might install a big bookshelf against your huge walls if you have some extra space. They’re a fantastic way to fill up area in your room and avoid that dreadful wall voidness.

Bookshelves provide the greatest benefit of all interior design elements because you may embellish them as you choose: books, pictures, or whatever else. As a result, you’ll have a distinct style that will really stand out in your space!

Add a Touch of Americana to Your Home With a Bold Neon Sign

Neon signs are making a comeback! These exquisite pieces have been in circulation for about a century. And they’re ready to inject a little personality into whatever space you place them in.

This one’s for you if you’re a fan of that retro American diner look from the 1960s. This sort of sign will help to add that old-fashioned Americana charm. Nonetheless, it appears contemporary, stylish, and highly engaging when coupled with adequate furniture.

Create a Plant Wall

Everyone wants a piece of the magnificent outdoors. Plants create a special environment that nothing else can match. They add a sense of liveliness to a space, bringing everything to life. So why not add plants to your wall?

Investing in a tall plant stand is one of the simplest techniques to build a plant wall. This one is multi-tiered, allowing you to showcase a large number of your green pals. And, to top it off, its basic design suits a variety of homes.

A Retro Mail Organizer Is Another Cool But Practical Wall Piece

Do you appreciate the classic vibe of that? In addition, you want your décor to be useful in some way? This mail organizer is the answer to your prayers. It has a vintage aesthetic with a hint of country house.

You may store some work papers, magazines, or mail in three of its pockets, giving it a functional appearance. It works well as an entryway or a workplace. You may also label the pockets, which is a great idea. That was a fantastic catch!

Wall Sculptures Are a Lavish Way To Decorate Your Walls

We’re here to assist you when you’re stitued and don’t know how to decorate huge walls. If you’re looking for something more unusual, explore wall sculptures. They’re a good option if you’re bored with the conventional options.

They’re a beautiful way to add charm to your home. The best way to describe Wall sculptures is that they feel imposing. Whether you choose something classic or an abstract piece like this one, you’ll notice that they attract attention. As a whole, it’s a lovely addition to the décor.

Large Lettering Always Looks Good

Don’t be concerned, we have something for you whether you’re a lover of lettering or not. Large lettering, particularly on huge walls, always looks great. Ultimately, it comes down to what you want to write.

This kitchen decor set is compact yet functional. The weathering gives your kitchen a seaside vibe, which is a little bit of that nautical relaxation. It’s simple to put up and it looks fantastic. What else could you want from a hotel?

Metal Decor Pieces Look Chic and Modern

The drama of metal artwork, particularly if it’s a big piece, adds to the beauty of any room. Bigger pieces are also helpful for filling up space on a large wall since they are bigger. Therefore, a metal art piece for your walls is a good choice if you want a sleek dramatic effect.

It’s a little lighter, with a contemporary design, and it’s the only one like it. It has an elegant appearance that will match beautifully in many settings, even though it isn’t as dramatic as your regular metal objects.

These String Lights Are Ideal for Bedroom Walls

String lights are one of the most stylish ways to decorate a bedroom wall. Ambient lighting is attractive in bedrooms. String lights, on the other hand, are a classic piece of wall décor that also serves as a beautiful light source.

These 50 translucent clips allow you to put up pictures or other tiny objects, which makes them convenient for hanging. That’s a great way to add personality to your walls!

A Large Wooden Diptych Is a Marvelous Piece of Decor

Wood is another underappreciated substance that creates stunning wall art. When it should not be ignored, wooden art is frequently overlooked. It adds an organic feel to everything. Depending on the rest of the decor, you may choose to have a conservative or modern appearance in your home.

This wooden diptych is one of our favorite big wall art ideas. Two panels with a beautiful concentric pattern carved into them are featured in this piece. This is a great example of stunning wooden art!

Make a Stunning Wall Collage With a Collage Kit

Wall collages are a trendy bedroom décor idea that might be used. It’s a fantastic do-it-yourself option, but it does take some effort. It can, however, provide a stunning as well as cohesive appearance when done correctly.

Don’t be afraid to use collage kits because you’re too lazy to cut up your collages. That fresh botanical look, for example, is achieved without much effort on your part with this green one. It’s really useful!

Display Baskets on Your Walls for a Boho Look

What’s boho without some dimension? A display of baskets might just be the thing for you if you want to add to your boho room but aren’t sure what to do with the walls.

These baskets take up enough space to cover a wall. These are beautiful, yet they also have a lovely quality to them that instantly makes your space more comfortable. They’ll give your boho space a artisan textured look that will tie it all together and instantly elevate it.

Show Off Your Family Photos With a Family Tree Decal

Many people take great pride in their families. Why shouldn’t you show something you’re proud of? These decals were designed specifically for that purpose. They’re also great for crowding space on the wall.

This item will allow you to show off your closest ones in the best way possible, featuring a lovely quotation about family and 12 frames in total. That’s a piece of décor that stands out. You’ll be sure to remember this piece of décor!

In Conclusion

You might feel overwhelmed when you’re just starting to decorate your walls. You may feel like there aren’t many options at first, or you may feel overwhelmed by them.

There are a variety of wall decorations on our list. Baskets to neon signs, from wooden to metal art. We believe there is something for everyone in here. Now it’s your decision, and you’ll have to pick the appropriate wall décor for your abode. We wish you success!

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