Lily of the Valley Flower Meaning and Symbolism

The lily of the valley flower is one of the most fragrant blooms you will find, but its value goes far beyond the tip of your nose!

In fact, this elegant bloom is frequently associated with traditional feminine values like chastity, motherhood, sweetness, and purity. These meanings aren’t anything new – in fact, this flower has quite the storied past. Another benefit, valley flowers grow really easily!

Here’s what you need to know about the lily of the valley flower meaning and symbolism.

What Does Lily of the Valley Mean?

Convallaria majalis is the scientific name for the valley lily. This lovely blossom is celebrated throughout the globe and used in religious ceremonies and decorative gardens. In 1967, Finland designated it as its national flower.

The virgin Mary’s chastity and purity are frequently associated with it.

The flower is the official May birth flower for a reason, as the scientific term means “that which belongs to May.” Lily of the valley bouquets and flower arrangements are often available for purchase on the first of May.

Purple lily, pink lily, and white lily are among the valley flower colors. Each color has its own connotation and meaning.

Although this is not the flower’s only name, it is known by a variety of names. Jacob’s ladder, May bells, Mary’s tears, conval lily, valley lily, Our Lady’s Tears, and May lily are just a few of the names for Lily of the Valley.

What Do Lily of the Valley Flowers Symbolize?

The lily of the valley is a popular emblem of rebirth and humility. Chastity, purity, sweetness, and motherhood are all symbols that may be represented by this design.

The lily of the valley blooms are associated with romance luck, but they may also denote a restoration of joy. Royals, including Kate Middleton, Queen Victoria, and Grace Kelly, are all fond of the flower.

What is the Cultural Significance of a Lily of the Valley Flower?

The valley lily has a long history of being associated with powerful symbolic meanings. In Germanic mythology, the blossom was associated with the goddess Ostara, who is renowned for her humility.

The flower, on the other hand, symbolized a renewal of joy in Victorian times. This flower is a symbol of Eve’s tears as she was kicked out of the Garden of Eden, if you’re a Christian. The lily of the valley was created from her tears.

The blossom is also a emblem of Christ’s humility and the second coming, according to Christian beliefs. The Bible mentions it more than a dozen times.

The valley lilies, according to some, may keepevil spirits at bay. It was utilized as a witch’s protection charm at one point in time.

Regardless of your faith, it’s obvious that this blossom is revered by a wide range of civilizations.

What is the Symbolism of a Lily of the Valley Tattoo?

Lily of the Valley tattoos are usually linked with traditional feminine ideals such as chastity, purity, and sweetness. They are also often selected by moms to express their connection and emotional bond with their children.

When Should You Give Someone a Lily of the Valley?

A lily of the valley flower may be sent for practically any event. It is also a popular option for weddings, birthday parties, and other sorts of festivities, despite the fact that it is the finest flower for religious ceremonies. On Mother’s Day, some people offer these bell-shaped blooms. It’s a good idea in all circumstances!

Wedding bouquets are the most aromatic! You won’t need to use any perfume to smell wonderful.

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