21 DIY Nesting Box Plans and Ideas You Can Build in One Day

Are you a beginner trying to determine which nesting box designs are best for you?

This is a common concern for many chicken owners. You’ll need to look for nesting box designs and ideas that are perfect for your set-up.

However, you should also take into account the cost of the nesting boxes that are right for you.

Remember that if you start with a small budget, you may pick what works for you right now and upgrade your boxes as your funds grow.

Are you ready for some nesting box ideas? There are three different options:

1. Pallet Nest Box

Building your nesting boxes out of pallets may be a good option if you have a limited budget. The perfect nesting boxes are made with pallets, as shown in this tutorial.

However, the fact that nesting boxes made of pallets look nice is the most appealing feature. They don’t have to look like they did it on a budget. This is a category for nesting boxes.

2. Metal Wash Bin

Are you hiding an ancient washbin somewhere on your land? Maybe you put flowers there.

The old washbin might be what you need if you’re finished planting flowers in it and want a nesting box for your hens. For little money, fill it with hay and you have the ideal nesting box.

3. Plastic Storage Bins

Having nesting boxes on a tight budget? Use plastic storage bins! At the dollar store, you may purchase storage bins.

Secure the bins to the coop using scrap wood or brackets. Your hens will make it their new favorite nesting spot in no time if you fill it with hay.

4. Kitty Litter Nesting Boxes

Do you own a cat that lives indoors? You’ll have plenty of empty litter bins if this is true. When those bottles make excellent nesting containers, why toss them in the trash?

You’ll need to find a spot on the ground for the containers to rest. Then, stuff them with straw until they’re full. You might have a plethora of nesting boxes for little money before you know it.

5. Upright Milk Crates

These milk crates served as our egg-laying boxes when we first started keeping hens. Given their low cost or free origin, they performed admirably.

The only thing worth noting is that you should put something beneath the milk crates to prevent your eggs from falling through the slats.

6. Storage Tote Nesting Boxes

From time to time, I appreciate a video how-to that walks me through various procedures. This video demonstrates how to make these nesting boxes, which is great.

It also demonstrates how the boxes work. You should check out this concept if you’re looking for an inexpensive and simple nesting box.

7. 5-Gallon Bucket Nesting Boxes

You might come across leftover buckets if you’re a painter or do ceiling repairs. Don’t let the garbage cans pile up in landfills.

Instead, give your hens nesting boxes by using them. It’s straightforward to make, and it costs very little.

8. Building Your Nesting Boxes for Next to Nothing

Do you want basic nesting boxes, but you have a restricted budget? It’s a good idea to build instead of buying.

However, you don’t have to come up with any plans on your own. This guide teaches you how to make your own DIY nesting boxes for practically no money at all.

9. DIY Bookshelf Nesting Box

Are you wondering what to do with an old bookshelf that you have around? Your bookshelf has found a use for nesting boxes.

These nesting boxes are simple to make, and they also look nice. They’re a great way to reuse an old piece of furniture.

10. Diamond Shape Nesting Boxes

While this article is written in a different language, don’t let that discourage you from reading it. Everyone may not be able to comprehend it. Even if you don’t understand the article, you can still produce it because the concept is simple.

You hang milk crates at an angle, giving them the appearance of diamonds. To construct a bigger diamond, you connect the boxes. They appear to be both functional and attractive, and they’re mounted on the coop wall.

11. Linn Acres Farm Nesting Box Plans

These proposals are absolutely astounding. They’re for coop walls, and they’re for nesting boxes. Many designs place the boxes on the floor as a single unit, which takes up more room.

These nesting boxes, on the other hand, come with simple to understand instructions. To offer you the greatest chance for a successful build, the plans are prepared on a computer and are simple to print off, read, and follow.

12. The Dresser Nesting Box

This is a one-of-a-kind way to utilize an item of furniture that is no longer in use. You paint the dresser any color you want by removing some of the drawers from an old chest.

You then turn two of the drawers into nesting boxes from there. To get more boxes, you’ll need to fill them completely with straw and add a divider or two.

13. External Nesting Boxes

External nesting boxes are great to have, as I shall readily confess. You don’t have to climb inside the coop to get an egg.

If the lids aren’t secured, a raccoon or snake might easily enter your packages and steal your eggs, so be aware.

14. Wooden Barrel Nesting Box

While wine barrels may be costly, consider using one you have on hand in your henhouse if you aren’t planning to use it.

Fill the barrel with straw by turning it on its side. The hens then walk right inside and deposit their gorgeous eggs in a stylish nest box, which they have designed.

15. Large Plastic Bowls

Towards the end of summer, you may occasionally locate huge plastic bowls on sale at your local big box shop. If you strike an agreement, buy a few.

Next, place them in your hen house after filling them with straw or shavings. It’s a fantastic way to provide your hens with the perfect place to lay eggs.

16. Covered Litterbox Nesting Boxes

Do you have an old litterbox your cats no longer use? Clean it out thoroughly and place it in your chicken coop.

Whether or not the litterbox is covered, it makes no difference. When they’re laying their eggs, hens like to be alone. It’ll be the perfect spot for your hens to lay their eggs.

17. DIY Plywood Nesting Box

You should look into this concept if you want to construct things according to plans. It’s easy to follow the instructions.

They’re also well-drawn, if that’s the case. Plywood is used to construct the nesting boxes, which makes them cost-effective as well.

18. Tumbleweeds-and-Thyme Nesting Box Plans

These are wall-mounted nesting boxes constructed according to a different design. Hanging your nesting boxes on the wall is the best approach to offer your hens as much area as feasible in their coop.

A fantastic method to offer adequate laying area while preserving a lot of floor area is through the particular design at hand. It seems to be a simple structure that looks nice.

19. Dishpan Nesting Boxes

Who knew that dishpans might be used to create such beautiful nests? For your hens to lay in, you can put a single dishpan against the wall that has been braced.

Alternatively, you may use two dish pans to stack on top of each other like this design. As your hens lay, this gives them more space.

20. Hanging Dresser Nesting Boxes

I showed you how to convert an old dresser into a hen nesting box for multiple hens by adding shelves. This concept, on the other hand, goes farther.

The hens get a ladder to climb when they want to lay, rather than putting the dresser on the floor. This works well even though it takes up little floor space.

21. Tractor Tire Nesting Boxes

Don’t let old tractor tires languish on your land, collecting dust. Instead, put them to good use.

You’ll split the tires in half, allowing your hens to sit inside and deposit their eggs. It’s both cost-effective and convenient.

So, now that you have a plethora of nesting box design ideas and plans, what are you going to do with them? Hopefully, you’ll find something that will inspire you.

But, hearing from you would be fantastic. What materials do you use to construct your nesting boxes? Do you prefer coop nesting boxes that are external or internal? Would you allow our community to view your ideas?

We’d appreciate hearing from you. In the space provided below, leave your comments.

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