Nicolas Cage`s Real Estate

Discovering Nicolas Cage’s Real Estate Ventures

1. Exploring the Wide World of Nicolas Cage Real Estate

Nicolas Cage, a renowned actor boasting an Oscar and numerous accolades, has delved into the realm of real estate with great enthusiasm. From breathtaking islands to charming castles, he has invested in properties around the globe. Notable among his real estate portfolio are a picturesque Malibu home, the serene Paradise Island in the Bahamas, a sprawling 40-acre island in the Exuma archipelago, and enchanting islands owned alongside Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

Venturing beyond borders, Cage once even owned the magnificent Schloss Neidstein castle nestled in Oberfalz, Germany. Additionally, he possesses homes in various states across the US, including Middletown, Rhode Island, the exquisite Midford Castle in Somerset, Rhode Island, as well as properties in Louisiana, Nevada, and California. However, it was after 2007 and until 2010 when Cage encountered taxing issues and financial challenges, despite being one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors. Consequently, many of his properties were auctioned after foreclosure.

2. A Peek Inside Nicolas Cage’s Newport Beach, CA Retreat

One of the latest gems in the Nicolas Cage Real Estate collection is his Newport Beach, California residence, currently listed for a staggering $31.75 million on

This two-story mansion, boasting six bedrooms and 7.75 baths, offers grandeur and luxury at its finest. Constructed in 1995, the contemporary architecture and ocean views on half an acre of land contribute to its allure. The property includes entertainment spaces, a guest house, an oversized view terrace, tropical gardens, and even private docking facilities for exclusive boat access.

Unfolding to captivating terraces along the waterfront, with tropical gardens stretching towards the water’s edge, this waterfront sanctuary also boasts a dockyard accommodating yachts of up to 156 feet. However, with such extravagance comes a hefty price, and its unique design may not appeal to every potential buyer’s tastes.

3. Unveiling Nicolas Cage’s Mansion in Middleton, RI

Another gem from the Nicolas Cage Real Estate treasury is the Middleton mansion, now listed for $12,000,000, having been acquired by Cage in 2007 for $15,900,000.

This opulent property showcases classic aesthetics evident in its elegant winding staircase, sophisticated dining room, tasteful library, and impressive foyer. Surrounded by approximately 27.12 acres of lush grounds, the mansion includes a swimming pool, tennis courts, and unparalleled water views.

The property primarily serves as a single-family residence and offers modern conveniences like central air conditioning. Yet, its heating system relies on oil and forced air heat, which may be considered somewhat outdated. Furthermore, the external brick construction slightly detracts from its classic charm, and the unfinished basement may present a drawback for some potential buyers. Nevertheless, it stands independently with ample living spaces, fireplaces, dining areas, recreational facilities, and parquet floors. Nearby amenities such as hospitals, schools, and markets provide utmost convenience.

4. Experiencing Nicolas Cage’s Bel Air, CA Retreat

Within the prestigious Nicolas Cage Real Estate ensemble lies a captivating home in Bel Air, California. Priced at $12,750,000, this property boasts six bedrooms and nine baths, residing in the lavish Holmby Hills neighborhood.

Embracing the elegant Tudor style, the mansion is complemented by lavish amenities, including a theater, a library, and an astonishing cellar capable of housing 1,800 wine bottles. Covering an area of 11,817 square feet, the property features wood floors, stained glass, a hidden room, and an intriguing tower.

As one of the latest additions to Cage’s real estate collection, specific details about the property remain a mystery to online viewers. However, it’s essential to note that this home may not be the ideal fit for enthusiasts of contemporary designs and architecture.

Nicolas Cage’s venture into real estate has created a tapestry of opulence and grandeur, offering diverse and luxurious properties that have attracted the attention of discerning buyers worldwide.

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