10 Outdoor Shoe Storage Ideas

For many individuals, especially those who prefer to remove their shoes before entering, outdoor shoe storage is critical. Outdoor shoe cabinets are a big hit in traditional Japanese homes, and indoor slippers are kept separate!

Finding the right outdoor shoe bench, on the other hand, might be challenging. Thankfully, you will be covered, even if it is rare.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for ways to store shoes outdoors. Here are a few of the most appealing outdoor shoe storage solutions to consider:

Decorate with a Golden Boot Tray

For outdoor usage, this golden tray is ideal. It won’t rust or fade in the sun because to its long-lasting finish and high-grade metal. Furthermore, the tray has a striking and attractive gold color. Furthermore, it is a fantastic option for glitzy residences because of its large color scheme.

Before entering your home, you may place your wet rainboots in this attractive tray. Instead, feel free to throw your slippers down and abandon them here if you’re currently enjoying the summer!

Or Opt for a Minimalist Black One, Instead!

Don’t be concerned if gold isn’t your thing. You may always choose from a range of boot trays that are more appropriate for both your home’s exterior and your preferences.

Organic wood trays are ideal for rustic, farmhouse-themed, or bohemian residences since they are made of organic wood. Furthermore, the tray’s black and brown color scheme provides it with an appealing old-world industrial charm.

This two- to three-boot shoe storage tray can hold two or three boots at a time on the front porch. As a result, it’s the perfect option for tiny households and single people.

Place a Garden Bench That’s Just for Shoes

You may try storing your shoes on and under a tiny garden bench, which is uncommon but fun. This table is for shoes, not setting your afternoon tea upon! You should obviously not place it near any outdoor chairs.

It may be helpful to position the bench near a nearby wall. From your home’s exterior to your apartment’s hallway wall, this might be any one of them. Set this table near your front door to enjoy the outdoors, if you have a patio.

Install a Two-Tier Marble Shoe Rack…

This marble outdoor shoe rack might be the ideal solution for you if you’re looking for a high-end storage option.

Two large layers made of high-grade natural marble make up this storage rack. Each tier can hold up to three pairs of shoes because it is built on a pair of dull golden metal holders.

When used outside neutral-colored or glitzy-style doors, this rack will complement the style perfectly. To complement the overall style, pair it with a tiny potted plant.

Or Opt for a Metal Shoe Rack, Instead

Instead of buying a complex metal shoe rack, consider getting one that is more ergonomic and casual-looking. This one, like the marble variant mentioned earlier, has two levels. It can hold up to ten pairs of shoes, which makes it significantly wider than the marble rack.

Since it’s made of rust-resistant metal, this rack is ideal for outside use. It is the ideal example of waterproof outdoor shoe storage because of its rain-resistant nature.

Opt for a Storage Bench with a Sliding Door

With a sliding barnyard door and a rustic wooden exterior, this storage bench has an appealing farmhouse look. It includes four cubbies with customizable shelves that you may adjust to suit your preferences for storing your shoes. When attempting to fit tall boots in the lower storage area, you may raise these shelves higher. In addition, keeping your shoes away from direct rain or sun exposure is possible with the sliding door.

Try a Two-In-One Shoe Rack Organizer

This basic wood shoe rack has four levels, allowing you to store all of your shoes in one location easily.

Furthermore, due to its durability, it is suited for outdoor usage and can withstand any weather. Even so, avoid exposing this rack to direct rain or strong sunlight. If you’re keeping this shoe rack inside a covered patio or outside your apartment’s main entrance, this shouldn’t be a issue.

Opt for a Closed Shoe Storage Box

For homes that receive a lot of dust from their environs, this closet storage box is ideal. You should avoid exposed storage solutions if you live in a place susceptible to dusty winds. Only filthy shoes will result from an open shoe rack. Harsh dust-containing winds are especially harmful to light-colored and suede or velvet shoes. As a result, storing them inside a closed box is your greatest option for keeping them safe outdoors if you like such shoes.

A comfortable, light grey cushioned seat was included in the box above. When putting on or taking off shoes, you may lean on it.

Store Shoes within an Outdoor Storage Bench

Look nowhere further if you want an inconspicuous shoe storage location. This outdoor storage bench might be exactly what you’re looking for!

The under-seat storage bin on this version of a park bench is unique to other models. Thankfully, all sizes of shoes are accommodated by this bin, from tallest wellies to casual slippers. Moreover, you may store numerous shoes in this single bench because of the bench’s large interior. You won’t ever need an extra storage rack for this reason.

Fancy a Rotating Shoe Tree?

Trees, as well as this clever shoe rack, belong outside.

You may store up to 24 pairs of shoes in this rack, thanks to its large, multi-tier design. As a result, it is a fantastic option for families with several members that need a lot of storage. In addition, this rack is a useful option for regular usage due to its handy spinning feature.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, after going through this list of outdoor shoe storage ideas, you’ll have found one that suits your needs. However, if you’re having a hard time deciding between the two racks, think about your home’s design.

A sliding barn door storage bench is an option if your home is farmhouse-themed, for example. You could also use a golden shoe tray to match if your apartment’s front door is adorned with a vivid, dazzling hue!

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