75 Makeover Patio Ideas for a Stylish New Look

You’re going to need a little bit of motivation before you dive in and begin switching things up. As a result, here are 75 stunning images of creative and elegant patio designs that will definitely pique your interest.

There is something here for everyone, whether you prefer contemporary and sleek designs or dramatic crazy colors. Or, if you want to learn how to construct it yourself, inspire yourself with the kind of patio furniture you desire! See other color combinations or monochromatic options before deciding on a color. There are so many possibilities.

1. Modern and Comfy Patio Ideas

A stylish and functional way to create a patio for ultimate relaxation is with modern furniture, bold colors, and comfortable seating!

2. Plants and Candles

Your patio should be a location that you always want to hang out because it is fresh and green during the day and warm and comfortable at night.

3. Fire and Ice

Ice to keep your refreshments chilly, and fire to keep your toes warm. To your patio, two fantastic additions!

4. Tile, Gravel, Brick

I love how everything in this mix seems to blend so well together. From brick to gravel to tile to rock, here’s what happens.

5. Wicker Patio Ideas

Wicker chairs and baskets are wonderful patio furniture for their usefulness and beauty!

6. Pretty in White

Creamy whites and delicate embellishments create an elegant and sweet atmosphere in this dreamy patio design.

7. Browns, Whites, and Lattice Fences

The use of light-colored gravel for just a simple place to relax really appeals to me, as does the soft natural tones of this patio.

8. Plants Plants Plants!

I’m a plant maniac, and I believe there’s never too many plants! Instead, try out one of these green patio designs on your own lawn as well as on your patio!

9. Chevron Fence

This is a fantastic way to intimate and seclude your area. This is also a do-it-yourself project!

10. Giant Terrarium

This patio is stunning not only in terms of color, tone, and ornamentation, but also because it is covered by a huge terrarium edifice. I adore it!

11. Retro Style

Design and paint your own tiles to suit your new outdoor furniture to customise your area.

12. Closed In

Do you need more seclusion? To establish your own private area where you may retreat, put up some white fencing.

13. Instagram Worthy

Hanging boho wickers chairs, soft woods, and white tones are used to create a lovely look on this drool-worthy patio.

14. Fireplace

It is possible to keep warm while chilling outside! For ultimate relaxation, throw a fireplace into your patio design.

15. White Brick

Do you have a lovely brick exterior on your home? Do you ever think of painting it white?

16. Sheltered

To get away from the intense heat without entering your home, protect your patio area.

17. Monochrome

Because it’s so easy to restyle, black and white is always in style.

18. Raised Deck

For some extra space and privacy from the lawn, raise your patio. It’s a fantastic option for improving your outdoor area.

19. Games

Is your family like a game, in terms of its dynamics? Begin counting the points by putting that scoreboard up on the wall.

20. Concrete and Gravel

A patio floor with white rocks against dark concrete slabs makes a dramatic contrast, which is a lovely look.

21. Lounging

A comfortable wooden floor, plenty of seclusion, and even a built-in sofa for taking in the sun or admiring the stars.

22. Light It Up

Simple lighting in your footsteps or along your walkway will help you find your way to your outdoor area.

23. Artistic

Get creative and transform your patio from ordinary to quirky by designing something one-of-a-kind!

24. Soft Pinks

With driftwood furniture, delicate pinks and oranges, and a strange vibe, A Morocco influenced design.

25. Focus on the Plants

You may want to limit your seating and utilize that area for plants if you don’t need a lot of room to host guests!

26. Patio Bench

The spacious and pleasant firepit is also used as bench seating thanks to the raised multi-purpose patio.

27. Outdoor Kitchen

You don’t want to have to return inside to cook yourself a meal or pour yourself a drink if you like spending a lot of time outside.

28. Surrounded

This seems to be something from a fairy tale! As a roof, there’s a green slate floor with recycled shutters.

29. Indoor Outdoor Bar

When you prepare your guests your favorite drink or top up their wine, allow them to unwind on your summer patio.

30. Complex

Try something more complicated, such as using distinct materials, and you’ll definitely surprise your visitors if you do it right.

31. Sail Shade

Not to mention, these sails provide great coverage from the summer sun and they look fantastic.

32. Monochromatic Style

Just consider how wonderfully those lovely grey floorboards blend with the whites and blacks of the outdoor fireplace.

33. Morocco Style

Do you have a fantasy of taking an Moroccan vacation? In the privacy of your own home, make that dream a reality.

34. Curtain

When you really need more seclusion or just want to get away, use a curtain.

35. Budget Friendly Patio Ideas

A pergola or a roof does not need to be expensive. To get the job done while still looking good, you can use a simple piece of material.

36. Vines

To give you the impression that you’re out in the wild, utilize vines climbing up your wall, as seen here.

37. Tiled Steps

A bold finish may be achieved by adding another simple addition to your patio stairs. Using your favorite tiles, you can modify it.

38. Plant Chandelier

Look at the plant on the roof, hanging like a diamond chandelier! That’s a fantastic concept!

39. Pallet Couch

Out of used pallets and crates, you can create and construct your own patio furniture. Here’s how to build this one-of-a-kind sofa! Using a DIY approach.

40. Ying Yang

The design and functionality of this lovely ying yang patio is exquisite! A fireplace, built-in seats, and plenty of space to eat.

41. Loud and Proud

Go for something dramatic and bold by bringing some color to your life. Your patio will be a joyful place to be with the help of bright colors and fun patterns.

42. Thrifty

Because you’ll need it for this one, start your creativity button. Designing your patio with thrifty store finds is sure to be a blast!

43. Small and Sweet

To create a lovely atmosphere to spend time in the outdoors with your friends, all you need is a little room. Just a few chairs, some decent lighting, and the lemonade jug, that’s all!

44. Floating Patio

Don’t let a lack of a porch stop you from enjoying your home! Anywhere on your property you want, you may construct your own patio!

45. Pea Gravel

Using pea gravel is another great way to create your own patio. When completed, it has a lovely appearance.

46. Concrete Patio

That’s incredible! One picture has a lot of creativity! Vintage pillows, brick tables, and concrete brick chairs!

47. Stenciled Concrete

Wanting the look but not willing to pay for expensive tile floors? The answer is here, guys! Voila! That’s all there is to it.

48. Boho Table

Give your mundane patio table a bohemian makeover! A monochrome striped top cools bright pinks and blues.

49. Closed Circle

The circular patio has a really nice feel to it. With the wooden backdrop, you get additional privacy and a location to hang your twinkle lights!

50. Ice Box Table

Why should you have to get up from your seat to get a drink? That’s correct, you shouldn’t! Your barbecue buddies from the summer will adore this addition.

51. Royal Blue

Using royal blue as a pop is a fantastic idea! The waves, the summer sky, or your most recent trip to Greece might all bring back memories!

52. Patio Lanterns

Patio Lanterns are required on every patio! Before bed or after work, illuminate the night with a favorite book or a glass of wine.

53. Teeny Tiny

To make a lasting impression, all you really need is a little. There’s a gorgeous rug, an umbrella for shade, and plants!

54. Mediterranean

The deck is painted white like a sandy beach, tropical plants, and, of course, the straw umbrella! This creates a Mediterranean style.

55. Spool Table

Amazing! This is a fantastic concept! A one-of-a-kind and lovely patio table is made from the antique spool! How can you repurpose something old into something new? Get creative!

56. Tree Shade

You may have a lovely patio in the backyard, complete with a shady tree for a comfortable outdoor area. It’s also a fantastic spot to display your colorful artwork.

57. Dutch Doors

Because they are so functional, Dutch doors never go out of style. Without allowing the dog inside, this is a fantastic way to let air in.

58. Urban Oasis

Any of you lucky enough to live in the city and have a brick wall should appreciate it. Apply it to your plants! Get that urban feel by adding some cool contemporary furniture, and start planting!

59. Animalistic

Why not choose a vibrant pattern like animal print instead of a pop of color? Animal print throw pillows and a zebra print rug

60. Hippy Style

Outside, you can live the hippie life you’ve always dreamt of. Have a blast with the ultimate experience by laying out some funky carpets, setting up your dining table, and creating a teepee!

61. Pallet Couch

With something as simple as old pallets stacked together and embellished with comfortable pillows, you can create a totally trendy and chic patio couch.

62. Tiled Table

Are you ready to replace your old plastic patio table? It’s time for an update, so here we go! Using wood and your favorite tiles, make a new table top for yourself.

63. Built-In Seating

Consider adding some built-in benches if you’re doing a large update outside! After that, all you have to do is relax and enjoy your amazing patio ideas by adding a colorful cushion.

64. Tropical

As you walk out onto your patio paradise, always feel like you’re on vacation. Wicker furniture, tropical plant designs, and beachy aesthetics.

65. Paint Your Patio

To give your outdoor area the feeling of being its own space, paint a privacy wall. Using contrasting hues in your furnishings, accent the wall.

66. Pergola

A pergola may be used to create a secluded shaded area while allowing the sun and its bright rays to enter.

67. Shades of Green

The light green chairs seem to be at home among the heaps of plants. Did you notice the outdoor area in the backdrop? I’m so glad I found this!

68. Macrame Umbrella

That macrame umbrella is absolutely amazing to me. The chromatic tones, the chevron rug, and the darling pillows used for these patio concepts pair wonderfully with it.

69. Fairy Lights

I love how they’ve emulated the stunning sight of fireflies with little twinkly fairy lights around the patio bushes. It has a very serene appearance.

70. Rocking Chairs

A rocking chair has a certain effect on you that makes you feel more relaxed and chilled-out. For ultimate relaxation, choose rockers over lounge chairs.

71. Vintage Oasis

For the vintage enthusiast, this is a tiny oasis! Using old furniture and decor for creative patio ideas, this project has wonderful light tones and a charming appearance.

72. Pergolas, Lights, and Creamy Whites

This design has it all! It’s trendy, Instagram-worthy, and has everything you could want in a patio! Plants galore, creamy whites, and delicate tones!

73. Swings

Have fun while getting your feet dirty without even leaving your patio! Get the youngsters outside and into the fresh air with a rope swing set on your patio.

74. Big Swing!

Hello! Swings aren’t just for little children! They’re comfortable for adults as well as youngsters! You’ll never want to go inside if you’ve seen a charming bohemian swing like this.

75. Pastel Patio Ideas

A lovely terrace with lovely pastels. This darling design appears to be a dollhouse room.

Have you been impacted by fresh patio designs?

Give your outdoors a makeover this weekend! To add some life to an otherwise dull appearance, you may add pops of color. With a lovely wicker swing or one-of-a-kind middle-eastern carpets, you might inject some bohemian love. Instead, go for a more classic look by purchasing a new furniture set. Instead, if you’d rather save money and display your DIY talents, make your own furniture.

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