8 Practical Shower Tile Alternatives

Shower tiles are lovely, and they are the first pick for many bathrooms, therefore it’s no surprise. Yet, whether they want to save a few dollars or have a totally new aesthetic, many people are seeking an alternative to tiling.

Finding a suitable tile substitute, on the other hand, isn’t simple; we’re here to assist you! Since to their resistance to mold and moisture, durability, and beauty, shower tiles are the finest shower surround material, here is a list of alternative shower surround materials that will perform just as well.

Choose Elegantly Bright Backgrounds

Choosing a bright monochromatic shower wall is the solution to your problem if you want to toss out the old tiles but keep the nice vibe. Your bathroom will be bright and stylish as a result of it.

Despite the obvious difference, this material is as good as tiles in terms of durability and color, and it will not yellow or bubble over time. It’s simple to put in and keep clean, while being safe and moisture-resistant at the same time.

Acrylic Back Walls Are Stylish And Modern

Is it simple to set up and appealing? Acrylic backwalls are a no-brainer; they’re that popular. These back walls are often adorned with interesting textures that will make your bathroom more appealing to the eye, and they’ll add modern and sleek vibes to your space.

The open design of the shower wall and the low profile will make the entire bathroom seem spacious. Acrylic/ABS advanced materials, which are both very robust and attractive, are used in these rear walls.

Enclosed Showers Are Perfect for Midsize Bathrooms

Consider having an enclosed shower installed if open space isn’t a concern for you and the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. Enclosed showers are interesting and engaging, and they’re much simpler to keep clean than open showers!

Due to their curving shape, these showers will neatly fit into any part of your bathroom and won’t look bulky or interfere with the overall design. While it is suggested that you have a expert assemble it, the materials are light but durable.

Add Value to Your Bathroom With Marble

Marble is one of the best alternative shower wall materials you can find, despite its high cost. It is simple to mold and sculpt, and it will always stand out in any bathroom.

Marble shower walls will last indefinitely if cared for properly and will not show any signs of wear or strain, apart from momentarily improving the atmosphere of the bathroom. A composite of marble and PVC powder, which can perform as well as 100% genuine marble for a few dollars less, is an option for replacing genuine marble.

Granite Is Worth Its Cost

A granite shower wall is definitely something worth bragging about. Everyone who sees it will be left with a lasting impression. Cracks are resistant to the material, and it will keep heat for a much longer time than regular bathroom tiles.

Of course, imitating the natural form and appearance of granite is desirable, but it’s not always possible. Its rich dark color will make your area seem more appealing and bigger, as well as making it seem cosy and comfortable.

Inspire Originality With Natural Stone

Natural stone shower walls are another popular shower tile alternative. Each piece is unique, and the shower wall in your bathroom is yours, unique, and will not look like anybody else’s due to its random texture and alluring finish.

You’ll have a fantastic bathing area thanks to this lifelong investment. It won’t support microbial or mold growth and is water and humidity resistant. Its tough surface protects your shower wall from scratches and cracks, making it look like new for a long time.

Improve on Bathroom Esthetics With Wood Elements

Wood is a fascinating material to use in your shower, and it’s probably the least popular. Wood may last long (up to ten years) and provide your bathroom a homey and tranquil atmosphere, although it will need regular cleaning and ventilation.

Polysynthetic materials with a wood finish are another option. While providing a homelike touch to your bathroom, these kinds of shower walls are simple to put in and do not need any of the rigorous cleaning required above.

Brighten Up The Space With Back-Colored Glass

Back-colored glass is a fantastic alternative for people who can’t let go of their bathroom tiles! This kind of material will make your space seem bigger and brighter, while the colors will add some visual appeal, thanks to its light-reflecting qualities.

The low maintenance cost of this material is another fantastic benefit – a simple cloth will suffice. Working with this material, on the other hand, can be difficult. It’s highly recommended that you have it professionally set up.


Shower tiles are the most widely used material in showers, but they’re far from the only option. There are several alternative materials to choose from when remodeling your bathroom, ranging from natural to synthetic.

There are numerous shower tile alternatives to choose from, whether you prefer the smooth and icy touch of stone or the homey and warm vibe that wood provides, or maybe you appreciate the pragmatism and simplicity. Happy holidays!

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