12 Pretty in Purple Living Room Inspirations

Whenever I recall Breaking Bad, the mere mention of the color purple conjures images of Marie. Though rarely acknowledged, it’s undeniably evident that purple holds a special place in Marie’s heart. Every possible item in her home is adorned in shades of purple. From her wardrobe and jewelry to the linens, carpets, and paint, even her coffee grinder and toilet seat cover proudly flaunt the color purple.

While the use of purple in the show may be intended for comedic effect, we shouldn’t underestimate the power of this color. Purple is the hue of royalty, capable of evoking richness, tranquility, flamboyance, repulsiveness, subtlety, and sensuality. It effortlessly creates a dramatic contrast with any other color it accompanies, but one must be cautious to avoid conflicting combinations.

Given the unique and challenging nature of purple, we have curated a collection of living rooms that embrace purple themes. These inspirational spaces can guide you in making decisions when it comes to incorporating purple into your own living area. Remember, it’s not pink, it’s not blue—it’s purple, folks!

1. The Drapery of Magenta

Color: The skillful use of purple is masterfully demonstrated in this room. The resplendent magenta curtains infuse luxury into the space, complemented by sheer white curtains that maintain an airy ambiance. Coordinated throw pillows in similar shades create a gorgeous contrast against the white couch, while the unexpected black accents surprisingly work well.

Furniture: When working with bold colors, simplicity in furniture is key to prevent overwhelming the combination. The modular white sofa in this setting appears exceptionally comfortable and generously sized, serving as the perfect counterpart to the more striking coffee table.

Flooring: A glimpse of beautifully stained hardwood flooring in a light, sandy hue can be seen, providing a solid foundation for the striking furniture and decor. The addition of a light-colored, fuzzy rug adds warmth and softness to the room.

2. The Multi-Purple Living Room

Color: This room showcases a delightful array of different purple shades. Despite the variety, they all share a common root, resulting in a seamless blend. The accent wall features a raspberry shade, while the couch boasts an eggplant hue. Plum curtains and scattered shades of purple complete the harmonious composition.

Furniture: The simple yet elegant furniture in this room perfectly complements the purple palette. A comfortable-looking modular white sofa takes center stage, accompanied by delicate accent chairs with a classic touch. A lovely credenza featuring unique wood detailing adds to the overall appeal.

Flooring: The choice of a shining white floor exudes a clean and modern ambiance, ensuring that the purple accents remain the focal point. Wood flooring would have created a different atmosphere, but the white flooring accentuates the purple elements.

Lighting: The light fixtures, predominantly black, maintain the regal feel associated with purple. A large lamp-shaded floor lamp placed beside the sofa and a stylish hanging lamp with multiple arms further enhance the overall aesthetic.

Decor: The room is tied together by tasteful decor. Adornments on the credenza, such as a purple leaf, harmonize with the wall behind it. An assortment of patterned throw pillows and long flowing curtains create a sense of height in the room.

3. The Purple Accented Living Room

Color: This room exudes elegance and serenity. The choice of curtains in stately and calming colors, combined with purple throw pillows and a runner, creates a delectably vibrant yet smart atmosphere. Cream foundational colors provide grounding and tranquility.

Furniture: The stunning attic living room features a spacious sectional sofa adorned with cushy cushions. The accompanying regal, antique-looking coffee table adds a touch of sophistication.

Flooring: The lovely hardwood flooring in a warm maple stain complements the cream-colored sofa perfectly, creating a cozy foundation for the room.

Lighting: A stunning chandelier with fuzzy lampshades adds a fun and fancy element, accentuating the room’s dynamic essence.

4. The Bold & Contrasted Living Room

Color: This room exemplifies how hyper-contrasting colors can be used to create a bold and dramatic space. Combining vibrant shades of red with a bold purple may be adventurous, but the simplicity of each piece allows for exciting color combinations.

Furniture: The room features a unique and modern modular living room set, with lounge chairs artfully arranged to form a sofa. A circular coffee table in white adds a clean contrast to the darker, bolder colors.

Flooring: Although the combination of red or purple with brown may not be to everyone’s taste, the brown shag rug stands out beautifully. Personally, I would pair it with cream, tan, or even shades of green for a different effect. This captivating design comes from Christen Interiors.

5. The Regal Eggplant Living Room

Color: This room perfectly demonstrates the regal and formal atmosphere that purple can create, especially in a more robust space. The walls are adorned with a subdued shade of deep purple, while the rest of the room features neutral brown tones.

Furniture: The caramel leather butterfly chair takes center stage in this stunning attic living room. It is complemented by other furniture pieces with rustic themes, creating an inviting and cozy ambiance.

Flooring: The deep brown wood floor, coupled with a light gray area rug, adds warmth and elegance to the space. The combination enhances the cream-colored sofa, bringing harmony to the room.

Decor: Brass accents beautifully complement the purple tones and leather chair. Framed photographs and artwork add a personal touch and inject personality into this truly remarkable living room design by Linda Sonders Design.

6. The Purple Patterned Living Room

Color: This room showcases one of my favorite uses of purple in this collection. The shining purple paint on the walls creates a mesmerizing effect. The same tone of purple is echoed in the retro sofa and elegant accent chairs. Creamy accents help tone down the primary purple, infusing warmth into the space.

Furniture: The retro patterned sofa steals the show, while the rest of the furniture elegantly harmonizes with it. The room features spacious bookshelves filled with books, exuding a cozy and intellectual vibe.

Flooring: The room surprises with cool concrete floors, but the attention quickly shifts to the cozy and fun tasseled area rug, providing texture and a sense of comfort.

Lighting: A subtle chandelier hangs from the vaulted ceiling, adding a touch of elegance to the shining purple walls. A bright golden floor lamp stands out against the purple backdrop.

Decor: Golden accents and gorgeous sofa colors are extended throughout the room, suggesting that the designer may have started with the sofa and built the room’s design around it. Calico brings us this stunning living room design.

7. The Orchid Wall Living Room

Color: This space is a visual feast with its vibrant and bright colors. The choice of orchid mauve for the walls, combined with aquamarine and warm red accents, creates a striking contrast.

Furniture: The luxurious blue velvet sectional sofa serves as the centerpiece, complemented by a marble coffee table and golden side tables. The room effortlessly blends various colors, textures, and patterns.

Flooring: Neutral-toned wood floors provide a backdrop for the room, enhanced by a bright red area rug and a subdued gray rug in the seating area.

Decor: Personal effects, such as books, vases, and candle holders, add a touch of personality and reinforce the color scheme. The result

is a lively and vibrant living room that exudes a sense of joy and energy. This inspiration is brought to you by Joybird Furniture.

8. The Plum Purple Room

Colors: This room captures my favorite color combination in the collection, showcasing a midcentury modern theme. The timeless combination of cream and wood beautifully complements the serene shade of purple on the walls.

Furniture: Every piece of furniture in this space is exquisite. From the charming cream lounger sofa to the beautiful leather accent chair and winged armchairs with teak accents, each item exudes elegance. The inclusion of large bookshelves lined with books adds an intellectual touch.

Flooring: The cooler-toned wood floors create a modern ambiance, enhanced by a subtly patterned herringbone area rug.

Lighting: The formal light fixtures, including a chandelier and candleholder, exude an air of sophistication. A golden floor lamp in the corner adds a touch of warmth and elegance to the purple-themed room.

Decor: Plants play a significant role in the decor, adding both beauty and freshness to the space. The combination of golden accents, framed sketches, and throw pillows complements the overall aesthetic of this sublime room design by Bruce Palmer Interior Design.

9. The Lavender Play Room

Color: This room radiates playfulness and joy. The bright lavender walls, complemented by a kelly green sofa and a teal accent chair, create a delightful contrast. The vibrant colors are tied together by a beautiful area rug and an incredible flower mural.

Furniture: The kelly green sectional sofa serves as a cozy and versatile centerpiece. Its bright throw pillows can be easily swapped for cream knitted blankets or leather throws to create different moods.

Flooring: Unexpectedly, the room features concrete flooring, which is almost unnoticed due to the presence of a cozy and fun tasseled area rug with a beautiful pattern.

Decor: The room is brought to life with textured throw pillows and wall decor. The combination of colors, patterns, and textures adds a fun and unique touch to the space. This bright and lively living room inspiration is brought to you by Calico.

10. The Sensual Mauve Room

Colors: This room demonstrates how purple can transform a space into something sensual. The combination of purple with black and gray, along with the addition of fur accents, elevates the overall ambiance.

Furniture: The low-set furniture exudes a loungy and sexy vibe. The plush magenta sectional sofa and matching accent chairs create an inviting atmosphere. Simple coffee tables and side tables perfectly complement the mood.

Flooring: The simplicity of the concrete floors allows the purple features to shine. A beautifully textured fur rug in gray adds warmth and comfort to the space.

Decor: Lighter purple throw pillows integrate the wall color into the room. Golden accents and framed sketches provide a personal touch and enhance the sensual atmosphere. This design is brought to you by HOPE DESIGNS.

11. The Garden Living Room

Colors: This open and airy living room is truly stunning. The regal purple chairs stand out against the backdrop of lush green hedges, creating a visually striking contrast. The bold choice of a zebra print rug adds further character.

Furniture: Plush armchairs in regal purple invite you to linger in comfort, while a rustic coffee table adds to the welcoming ambiance.

Flooring: The combination of bold purple and zebra print on the floor creates a captivating effect.

Lighting: Formal light fixtures, including a chandelier and candleholder, exude an air of elegance. The purple and gold tones harmonize beautifully in this garden-inspired living room. This lovely space is designed by Swanfield Living.

12. The Cozy Eggplant Living Room

Colors: This room exudes warmth and coziness. The eggplant walls and magenta couch, complemented by gold and black accents, create an inviting atmosphere.

Furniture: The plush magenta sectional sofa is irresistibly cozy, while the simple coffee table adds a touch of structure. The built-in gas fireplace adds a luxurious element to the room.

Flooring: The simple cement floors provide a modern backdrop, allowing the purple elements to take center stage.

Decor: The combination of golden accents, textured throw pillows, a hanging knit blanket, and a chess set creates a delightful and cozy atmosphere. Studio Milne presents this final superb design for a living room that exudes comfort and relaxation.

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