San Francisco apartment with circular living room design

Reflecting on living room interiors, our minds usually gravitate towards the furnishings and color schemes that dress the room. Rarely do we ponder upon the shape of the room, which typically gets relegated to a mere basic detail.

A rather unconventional apartment layout waits for you in San Francisco, one which boasts a circular living room design. This unusual configuration, upon reflection, seems remarkably practical. The living room, a communal space for interactions, discussions, or shared relaxation, finds itself transformed by this circular design. This novel layout encourages engagement with others in the room, ensuring everyone is visible, no matter where they choose to perch. The corners that offer isolation are absent, making it akin to an informal round-table conference space.

Not only does this unique design provide a more intimate and convivial atmosphere, it opens up fascinating opportunities for selecting fitting furniture to adorn the space. The sofas mirror the room’s curvature, creating an aesthetically pleasing ambiance. In essence, the room is elegantly simple yet bears an extraordinary characteristic that sets it apart. We could certainly do with more of such distinctive structures. This apartment is a masterstroke of Mark English Architects with interiors curated by Gary Hutton, and it’s beautifully captured through the lens of Matthew Millman.

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