100 Scrap Wood Projects to Try This Weekend to Showcase your Skill

Is your scrap lumber mound growing larger by the day? You can’t figure out why you keep it around when it’s not really beneficial to you. You’re not alone if this describes you!

Thankfully, there are a slew of fantastic, inventive, one-of-a-kind, and intellectually stimulating ways to utilize up your scrap wood! We’ve compiled a list of 100 recycled wood projects that will encourage you to reassess the utility of your scrap woodpile! Take a look and check out some of the incredible projects.

Table of Contents

1. Wood Slice Cutting Board

Did you hear a tree fall in your yard? Do you have any scraps of wood that you can use? (Optional: You may also buy pre-made wood slices from most craft shops.) A fantastic idea for a lovely and rustic wood slice cutting board.

2. Pallet Wood Silverware Holder

Made of old pallets, this valuable silverware holder. This project allows you to hold plants or other office desk items, which is a lot of fun. Use your imagination!

3. Mason Jar Storage

Adding some extra storage to your bathroom is a wonderful project. Do you have a lot of makeup brushes and/or lip glosses? Build this rustic-looking wall storage to organize them and keep them off the counter.

4. Pallet Wood Toilet Paper Holder

This little toilet paper holder with a shelf is so adorable. This is a fantastic project that adds both beauty and functionality to your bathroom. A candle or your bathroom spray would fit nicely on this small shelf.

5. Pallet Wall Shelf

A halfway decent build with a stunning outcome. You’ll adore building this pallet wood wall shelf, and you’ll appreciate putting it up in your home even more. Magazines, liquor bottles, and other odds and ends are all stored safely in this versatile holder.

6. Pallet Lamp

I just adore this pallet wood lamp! With the exposed lightbulb and copper fitting, it has a lovely rustic appearance that is reminiscent of wood.

7. Scrap Wood Bench

A stunning pattern on a stunning bench is created using various wood colors. Perfect for guests who need assistance with putting on their shoes at the front door.

8. Pallet Beer Opener

This is a one-of-a-kind wall mount that will aid you open your beers while collecting the lids. When you finish it, it’s a simple project that delivers a terrific outcome. I like the addition of a “cold beer” sign!

9. Pallet Pet Bed

Your pets will adore this lovely pallet project. This one-of-a-kind pet bed is made of wood and has wheels, allowing you (or your animal) to relocate it around the house easily.

10. Scrap Wood Stool

Another project made out of old pallet wood is this stool. It can be a fantastic addition to your home, with its lovely finish and gorgeous stains. The bathroom sink is perfect for littles to reach.

11. Pallet Coffee Table

To make moving around easier, this delightful little coffee table is on wheels. It has an appealing open wood design that will fit in any home.

12. Laptop Riser

Are you experiencing neck discomfort from constantly gazing down at your computer? You can use scrap wood to solve your neck pain by making this a very simple DIY project.

13. Skyline Wall Art

This is a perfect piece to put on your wall. Make a stunning skyline of your favorite city by using old scrap pieces around.

14. Pallet Coffee Table

A coffee table with a variety of gorgeous wood hues in the chevron style. This project seems to be more sophisticated, yet I believe anyone can make this stunning table with a little effort.

15. Verticle Herb Garden

Another project using mason jars and scrap pallet wood. It will be utilized as a verticle herb garden this time, rather than being utilized for storage! This is great for keeping fresh herbs handy in your kitchen so you can prepare meals at any time of day.

16. Wood Candle Holders

This is a very basic project that just requires a few extra supplies and whatever sized pieces of scrap wood you have. The wood is given a minimalist and elegant appearance by the beautiful grey stain.

17. Murphy Bar

Way too cool is this fold-out Murphy Bar! A hidden bar could be your greatest hidden gem in the summertime, when you’re spending a lot of time outside. While you’re relaxing in the sun, pour yourself a drink, or mix up a cocktail while you’re working in the garden.

18. Scrap Wood Art

You may change the colors and messages on this basic scrap wood project, which is a simple task. It’s a fantastic way to brighten up a room that is drab.

19. Oversized Dice

It’s so charming! These oversized dice constructed of salvaged wood are my favorites. They’re colorful and fun to play with, and they also make nice decorations for the kids.

20. Scrap Wood House Shelf

You can create a nice and simple project to boost your house’s storage. Match your color schemes by painting the house any color you want. This is a great way to store children’s favorite books in the nursery.

21. Reclaimed Wood Tote

This lovely tote is a rustic décor made of repurposed wood. This idea may be painted in any color of your choosing and employs an antique wooden chair leg as a gorgeous handle.

22. Plywood Candle Holders

These candleholders are stunning, no? Surprisingly, they’re simple to make! You can make these beautiful candle holders using some scrap plywood and tools.

23. Scrap Wood Lanterns

I’ve always appreciated the old lantern vibe, but these ones have a more contemporary feel with their geometric forms and exposed wood. Perfect for adding a pop of color to your patio.

24. Hexagon Planter

It’s fantastic! It’s absolutely stunning, with its hexagon form, metallic color, and contemporary and minimalist aesthetic. You’ll have a lot of fun doing this project, because it’s perfect for your succulent friends.

25. Vegetable Storage Bin

This is a fantastic way to utilize up some scrap wood and make something useful in your kitchen. Add the labels to finish it off by keeping your veggies and fruits separated by the small divider.

26. Scrap Lap Desk

That’s a fantastic concept! I’ve seen lap desks with hidden compartments before, but never one like this! Isn’t that the goal of a lap desk, to make working from bed simple?

27. Scrap Wood House Bookends

Using up that old scrap wood you have around is a really simple project. You can make these lovely wooden house bookends with just a little bit of your favorite color fun paint and a little cutting.

28. Milk Bottle Floral Holder

This is a lovely addition to your lovely rural home. This project is simple to make and has a rustic appeal to it. You may utilize any repurposed materials, and afterwards add your own plants.

29. DIY Cooler

This will definitely add to your summer patio! This homemade scrap wood cooler will keep all of your drinks chilly while maintaining a sleek appearance.

30. Wooden Star Decor

To add a little magic to your walls, use these beautiful wooden stars. The stars may be made any size and color you want by changing the project.

31. Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Shelves

More storage space for your kitchen with gorgeous wooden shelves. Why not utilize up some scrap wood and do it yourself if you can’t seem to have enough room in your busy kitchen?

32. Marker Holder

Using up a scrap piece of wood is a very simple project. Your kids’ markers should hopefully stay put in this marker holder, and they shouldn’t get scattered around the house.

33. Phone Stand

Do you find it tiring to keep your phone for extended periods? You’re trying to Skype but it’s taking too long, and you want to let go? This easy phone stand will be a fantastic beginner project that will rectify that issue.

34. Scrap Wood Succulent Planter

These little succulent planters are stunning. These planters stand out because of their simple geometrical form and vibrant colors, which will enhance the look around the home.

35. Jewelry Stand

Before you go to bed, try holding your watches and bracelets in this simple way. It’s a simple project with a beautiful outcome.

36. Serving Tray

When you get bored with the pattern or colors you picked, an interchangeable serving tray that lets you change them up. This is a satisfying project that will make mornings enjoyable!

37. Leather Hanging Shelf

This is a basic shelving unit that’s inexpensive, easy to make, and really lovely. I like how it combines modern and chic with a minimalist aesthetic. This will definitely add beauty to your home!

38. Raised Plate Shelf

Do you know when all of your small plates are supposed to be lifted off of your big plates? Just to enjoy your meal, you have to go through the hassle of trying to extract one! There is no more, I say! You may divide your plates for easier access with this little cabinet plate shelf.

39. Plywood Plant Stand

In order to give a plant more sunlight or simply alter the look of your room, you may occasionally need to relocate it. It can be difficult to move plants that are extremely heavy. It will take up to move with this basic plant stand on wheels!

40. Magnetic Key Holder

There will be no more excuses for losing your keys! Keep track of where they are by hanging them up on this magnetic scrap wood shelf. It’s simple to make and cost-effective.

41. Faux Marble Bookends

Do you have a lot of those quirky corner pieces lying around? They’re usually discarded and lost, but you may use them to create something like these faux marble bookends. This is very cool, and it has definite utility!

42. Rustic Wall Sconce

While utilizing up your scrap wood, display candles or unique things in this rustic wall sconce. It will be a beautiful addition to your home, whether it’s used against windows or fits in corners.

43. Wall Wine Holder

This contemporary yet rustic wine showcase is really cool. It might be the ideal accompaniment to your kitchen, or it might make a lovely present for your wine buddies.

44. Scrap Wood Vase

To hold your lovely flowers, choose a stylish vase. This scrap wood vase has a cool asymmetrical look and is a great way to use up some of those spare wood odds and ends.

45. Wood Clip Boards

Maybe you’ve printed off a lot of fantastic prints that you just can’t ever seem to find room for, like I do. You can switch out the prints every time you discover a new one with these homemade clipboards!

46. Easy Hanging Art

Another method to showcase your work is to do it in a cool, rustic style! When completed, it’s extremely easy and produces a fantastic result. These fascinating art displays are sure to be enhanced by guests.

47. Phone Charging Station

What a fantastic idea! With this one-of-a-kind homemade cellphone charger, there will be no more unattractive chargers strewn all over your tables. You’ll be delighted to plug your phone into your handcrafted charging station because it’s easier than it appears.

48. Succulent Frame

This project is so darn cute! These tiny glass jar succulents are set up with bits of string or twine and framed by lovely scrap wood. I’m always on the lookout for new ways to show off my (way too many) succulents, and I think I’ve found one!

49. Scrap Wood Signs

I adore these! I may have to modify the phrases to “town” and “mountains” when I create mine, though. By customizing them to fit your own lifestyle and home, these signs are so much fun to get creative with.

50. Farmhouse Message Board

At your family farm home, leaving notes to one another is a cute way. Hang up your unlisted phone numbers, business cards, coupons, and other items that you don’t want to forget.

51. Mini Houses

Do you want to brighten up your windowsills or mantles with some new décor? This project is perfect for those oddball objects you’ve got lying around your workshop! These are such tiny homes!

52. Rustic Wooden Trays

Ideal for bringing your darling breakfast in bed or providing party guests with snacks. You may make your own rustic serving tray with just a few scraps of wood and leather.

53. Rustic Storage Ladder

This is such a ingenious way to increase your bathroom’s storage. This extra-large ladder features a handy metal basket for storing even more, as well as allowing space to hang towels or facecloths.

54. Scrap Wood Valance

You may construct all kinds of things with scrap lumber, such as your home’s frame. A romantic atmosphere is created by this lovely wooden valance at an otherwise ordinary entryway.

55. Pallet Coat Rack

You can make a rustic coat hanger in no time by simply adding some hooks to an old piece of pallet wood. At thrift shops or junkyards, you should be able to get everything you need. In the event that you don’t know how to, this guide will assist you to destroy pallets without damaging boards.

56. Roman Numerical Pallet Clock

I adore this enormous and gorgeous antique-style clock made out of scrap pallet wood! It has a classic, homespun appearance that will absolutely anchor your space.

57. Pallet Clock

This time, the entire recycled pallet is used in a pallet clock idea! If you want to inject a burst of color into a room, this bright blue against the dark wood has a cheerful and youthful appeal.

58. Pallet Pumpkins

These lovely little pumpkins are made out of discarded pallet wood and provide a nice autumn touch. These pumpkins would be a terrific gift around Thanksgiving, and they’re really simple to create!

59. Storage Crates

That’s a good project! To (hopefully) hold all of your kids’ various toys, you’ll need a big crate made out of scrap wood. These huge toy boxes keep your home neat and organized.

60. Puzzle Table

This is a really cool project! This one-of-a-kind puzzle table can be made out of a collection of old crate wood, pallet wood, or other interesting materials. Each plank is reversibly attached magnetically. You may alternatively exchange the boards around, upside down, to ensure you have a little variety at all times!

61. Industrial Pendant Lamp

This project is a little more complex, but it might be a fun way to use up spare wood trim. When you tell your guests that you made it yourself, they’ll be impressed by how cool it looks.

62. Cook Shelf

Your many cookbooks will be housed here! This cook shelf is absolutely gorgeous. It might serve as an additional storage area in your kitchen, and it would inspire you to don your apron!

63. Address Number Wall Planter

I’m a sucker for projects that serve more than one purpose, so the address number/planter box project was a no-brainer for me. It’s another way to house your succulent friends! It has a beautiful rustic feel with the open wood.

64. Hexagon Wall Planter

It’s a sleek, yet rustic geometric wall planter. This homey scrap wood project is simple to do, and it’ll definitely boost the aesthetics of your rooms!

65. Wooden Mail Sorter

That vintage mail sorter is so cool! I really like it! Getting mail a little more fun is helped by the vintage sensation and the joy of sorting your mail into these gorgeous slots.

66. Mini Planter Centerpieces

Any scrap wood you have laying around can be used to create these planter boxes. By adding numbers to each one to mark the tables, they would make wonderful wedding centerpieces.

67. Scrap Wood Bunny Blocks

This is great for Easter vacations, but it may easily be customized for your event! These bunny blocks are simple to make and great for utilising the ends of old 2×4 boards.

68. Verticle Plant Hanger

This plant hanger is so lovely! That looks so lovely that I can hardly believe I will be able to achieve it! But, with the simple instructions, I can have my own handcrafted verticle garden in less than an hour. This would be a great container for kitchen spices!

69. Arrow Wall Art

This basic wooden arrow project is perfect if you want to achieve that lovely boho feel in your home. It’s wonderful to reuse scrap wood, and it adds a nice touch to the wall.

70. Mug Stand

This mug stand is a excellent beginner’s project whether you need more storage for your mug obsession or you just like the style. You may build this out of spare wood and decorate it to your liking.

71. Reclaimed Heart Art

This cool and rustic steampunk heart design is wonderful! It’s ideal for disposing of paint-covered scrap wood since it utilises all recycled materials.

72. Wooden Picture Holders

Picture holders that are simple and stylish can be used anywhere in your home. It’s very simple to build, and it’ll cost little money since it’s made of scrap wood. It can also be customized to match your style.

73. Branch Jewellery Holder

You can have fun painting your own homemade jewelry holder with a scrap piece of wood and some tree branches. You’ll have a blast working on this simple project!

74. Bungee Storage

Keeping track of your numerous electronic chords, accessories, and little objects might be difficult. With all of those little items, it’s simple to make a mess of your space. That is not the case any longer! That’s all there is to it! Get some scrap wood and old bungee chords.

75. Colored Planter Box

Here’s another idea for a charming little planter box. To really brighten it up and make it loud, this project employs a geometric splash of beautiful color!

76. Wall Organizer

The inspiration to structure your work desk area came from there. Using scrap wood, old paints, and whatever else you want to embellish it with, you can make this brilliant, fun, and colorful wall organizer!

77. Wooden Pendants

Why not make these embroidered pendants by whipping up some wooden washers? They’re lovely, and they’d make wonderful presents.

78. Wood Stacker Toy

This wooden stacker toy project is a great way to use up scrap wood. It’s both entertaining and educational for youngsters to play with.

79. Family Name Scrabble Art

Count out the letters of your family member’s names with those old 2×4 scrap pieces. This is a lovely family wall artwork that you can hang in your house.

80. Reading Nook

Your children (and maybe even you) will be inspired to pick up a book and read thanks to this darling little reading nook. It’s simpler to assemble than it appears and is made of scrap pallet wood.

81. Scrap Pallet Sofa

Reconditioned pallet wood is used to make this lovely sofa! It’s a bit more complex, but with a little effort and a positive attitude, you can accomplish anything!

82. Rustic Barn Wood Shutter Decor

These homecrafted barn shutters make a stunning mantlepiece embellishment. This project is cost-effective and fits in with your rural home’s aesthetic by utilizing salvaged wood.

83. Scrap Wood Flower Holders

The display is lovely and has a vertical flow. The combination of ancient wood and freshly painted containers is fantastic. It would look fantastic in any home and provides a fresh natural appearance.

84. Tin Can Pallet Wood Planter

Tin can rainbow gardens are created in a bright, colorful, and oh-so-fun way. All of the cans are held in place by the scrap wood, which adds to the natural appearance.

85. Scrap Pallet Pantry Sign

To add to your kitchen pantry, this is a beautiful sign. This excellent gadget can store a variety of kitchen items to keep everything neat and tidy. It’s simple to make and gives a nice rustic atmosphere.

86. Scrap Wood Storage Container

Your numerous umbrellas, walking sticks, and canes would look great in here! This simple storage container is a fantastic way to get rid of some of the old scrap wood you’ve had sitting around!

87. Wood Coat Rack

You can make a shabby chic coat hanger out of scrap wood or old pallets. The hooks and shelf on this coat rack add to its usefulness.

88. Boho Window Box

Boho is just oozing from this lovely window box. It serves to hold plants or other items and has unique and lovely wood hues that create a natural effect.

89. Love Rope Sign

You may make this stunning Love sign with some scrap wood and recycled rope. It has a fresh, cheerful feel to it and makes a room feel instantly warmer and happier.

90. Giant Coasters

These massive coasters are made out of scrap wood from restored gates. Perfect for coffee and breakfast aficionados!

91. Scrap Wood Coffee Toolbox

This toolbox is both rustic and charming, and will store all of your coffee needs. You can get anything you want, from beans to coasters to mugs of sugar and cream! From one room to the next, carrying your coffee is a breeze! This would make a lovely present as well!

92. Colorful Coat Hook

Paint some scrap pieces of wood your favorite colors and make this colorful coat rack to brighten up your front door! Match your own color scheme by customizing the colors.

93. Nautical Hang Tags

This might be a good way to utilize up little wood if you have a lot of it. Table numbers or even your own homemade advent calendar might be marked with these numbered tags. Make something!

94. Picket Fence Superstar

Here’s an idea to make a delightful and rustic ornamental star out of those ancient picket fence poles. A magnificent piece to put on your front door or above your fireplace!

95. Scrap Wood Walkway

Why not build a new pathway across the garden to utilize some old scrap wood if you’re looking for a way to utilize them? The changing hues of the various boards give a stunning effect.

96. Welcome Sign

To welcome your visitors, use a warm and welcoming welcome sign! Just follow the step-by-step instructions for this stunning sign, and you’ll have your own rustic welcome sign in no time.

97. Colorful Wood Candle Holders

It’s so bright and colorful! These bright candle holders will brighten up any drab space that requires a lift of energy. You’ll have a lot of fun selecting your favorite colors to paint with, and this is a project that anybody can do!

98. Photo Ledge

Using scraps of wood, create a cool and minimalist picture ledge. Perfect for showcasing your polaroids, records, and posters!

99. Plywood Floor Mirror

This would be a terrific project to do with some old plywood you may have lying around. Small shelves to hold your cosmetics, hairbrush, and earrings can be added to a floor mirror for extra storage.

100. Hanging Plant Shelf

Sprucing up scraps of wood and macrame makes for a fun project. As a consequence, your plants will be displayed in an appealing and functional way!

Wrapping up 100 Amazing Scrap Wood Projects

So, what did you think of it? I enjoyed every single one of the endeavors! I’d be pretty satisfied if I had enough time to try them all! Yet, if not more, I have enough time to test a few of them. I’m thinking about making some new plant boxes for all of my succulents, maybe a cool shelving system, and most likely a new rustic coat rack! What experiments will you conduct?

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