23 Most Beautiful Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

The shabby chic style is commonly seen to be exceedingly rickety-old, which is a deceptive perception. Yet, it exudes a level of cordiality that everyone requires in their daily lives.

It does employ a neutral tone that appears too plain–at least to some individuals–to fill in space, and it also employs antique furnishings. It is, nonetheless, one-of-a-kind and unique.

The shabby chic design incorporates similar elements and borders on farmhouse slash country style. When it comes to bedroom design, I’m a big fan. After a long, exhausting day, your bedroom is supposed to welcome you. To help us relax, it has to create a comfortable and familiar atmosphere.

We want you to see some of our greatest recommendations, so we’ve gathered a few of them here. For your inspiration, here are our top 23 photos of shabby chic bedroom ideas. Take a look at them!

Twin Bed Shabby Chic Bedroom with A Romantic Quote

Decorate your bedroom as you see fit; it is your private space. A heart-touching wall accessory is a romantic quote that states you want to grow old with your partner.

Seeing the words before and after you go to sleep might boost both of your moods. Place the quote on a weathered raw board made of 4 wooden planks to emphasize the romantic and lovey-dovey sensations.

White roses with their thorny green leaves are placed on each side of the board. Real or plastic ones may be installed. This shabby chic bedroom has unusual and vintage nightstands. The paint is flaky and weathered, yet they’re painted white.

Additionally, the curved cathedral windows enhance the overall effect. In this room’s color scheme, the rug must match. The shabby chic design, which employs clean-cut white linen, is being used on the bedsheet. To give it some weight, it’s topped with a pastel pink bedcover.

Little One’s Shabby Chic Bedroom with Small Bed

Let your small one experience the same atmosphere as the rest of the shabby chic design in the home. A tiny bed with antique linens will be provided for them. Flares can be seen at the bottom of even the pink linen sheet.

The desk has multiple drawers for storing their belongings, which they may see. Vintage round buttons are used to anchor the drawers. It, too, has pastel blue vertical stripe accents to counteract the pink tone, similar to the backdrop wall.

In addition, both sides of the bed have vintage picture frames and decorations on the wall.

It has pink and pastel blue hues, much like the rug. This room has it all, period. The light brown wood floor is complemented by feminine pink, pastel blue, and clean-cut white. What might possibly go wrong?

Mixin’ It Up Shabby Chic Bedroom with Luxurious Chandelier

Several people think that combining shabby chic décor with opulent room design is impossible. This model, on the other hand, will be shown to be false. At the time, there were a lot of wealthy people, wasn’t there?

The pastel pink and white striped armchair is lain around in this shabby chic room, which features floral accent cushions. By using the delicate pastel pink on the couch, recliner, chair cushion, drapes, dust flares, and linen bedcover to tone down the floral accent, it looks too overpowering.

You may use pastel blue on the floor carpet if there are too many pinks. To recreate that vintage effect, let the carpet have a red rose print. The wall is likewise quite vintage if you look a bit closer. It has a throwback feel to it with its vertical lines accent.

This is where things start to get more complicated. The chandlier has a lavish appearance, reminiscent of a princess’s chamber.

Country Style Chic Washed White Paint

This room has a robust feminine feel and borders on a farmhouse, country style. White is the most common color used to decorate it. It accentuates other hues as a neutral hue. Let’s take a look at it. The dark color of the hardwood floor is striking. Of course, don’t you think that we’ll have to soften it with more neutral hues?

By selecting a bright white linen bedsheet, the homeowner has made a smart decision. The sheet’s flares demonstrate that it is vintage in style. Furthermore, some pillows are completely white. Brown mocha is selected as the secondary color to complement this color scheme. Since it is on a pastel hue, it compliments white beautifully.

The headboard is one-of-a-kind. It’s made up of a lot of vertically nailed white flaky wood planks. You can also see that the same material is used in several pieces of furniture in a similar way. emphasize the natural element by placing some greens here and there to make it even more country.

Shabby Chic Bed Sheet for A Small Bedroom Space

A shabby chic design can function well even in a small bedroom area. To make such a small area livable and lived in, you’ll need to be quite imaginative.

You can see it everywhere, and it’s still going strong with the floral accents. The red roses print beautifully accents the background wall. The sheet, as well as the cover, are printed on.

Despite the fact that it is implemented very gently, the mat and bed foot cushion are there. A rather blue tone and dark hardwood floor are present in this room as well, with a pink floral accent. The components are well-integrated overall.

Dreamy Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor for Adults

The shabby chic bedroom may seem too dazzling and over-hyped for younger children. Adults may choose this option instead. It has a vintage appearance while also giving off a more sophisticated vibe.

White is the dominant hue in the room. It features a beautiful white ceiling, as well as a charming vintage white chandelier hanging from the ceiling. This chamber has a princess-like appearance. A canopy covers the top of the head bed, as you can see.

Vintage bedding is also included in the set. A floral pattern on a slippery linen sheet is covered with it. The lace used in the rug beneath the bed gives it a unusual appearance, even though it is common.

There’s a clothes hanger area in front of the bed where you can store your sleeping blanket. Weathered wood is used for all of the wooden furniture in the house. There is flaking on their paint as well. By adding a shabby chic touch to this room, we’ve enhanced it.

Cheerful Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor for Kids

After dealing with the adults, it was time to go into the kid’s room. The mood among the kids is good. They are focused on having a good time. That’s why we’ll need to design a happy, shabby-chic room.

Two distinct hues of pastel pink and blue are used to paint the wall: Since the fabric is really blue, the curtain combines both hues, with red and pink rose petals as you can see. The bedsheet is likewise covered in this motif.

The wall has a number of decorations, as does the study desk. The pastel blue of the chair’s cushion is complimented by a pink floral cover. We can’t go on without discussing the old bedding for a bit. The bed foot is a lovely throwback to the past, with a tall and robust iron base.

An Exclusive Feminine Purple Bedroom Shabby Chic Style

Since ancient times, purple has been associated with feminity. How about using it in an old-fashioned bedroom?

Well, voila!

Combining purple in shabby chic is a very specific approach.

The purple is used on the walls and bedsheet, as well as the cover, but there is a little difference in the fabric. As you can see right away, the purple is used on both. The bed cover and purple wall accents are made of colored linen, but the bed sheet is made of furies. Of course they’re fake! This is really gorgeous, to put it bluntly.

Several frames are mounted to the wall in front of the bedding. To match the room’s center idea, certain frames are purple. Apart from that, the chandelier adds to the opulence of this shabby chic bedroom. The chandelier is opulent in every way.

It looks like a diamond in the sky, as Rihanna puts it. Shine like a diamond!

Airy Shabby Chic Bedroom with Vintage Furniture

The size of the bedroom can be influenced by the position of the bed. The bed’s diagonal position gives this room an entirely new look, despite the fact that it isn’t as large as a regular master bedroom. It appears to be spacious and airy.

First and foremost, the bedspread beneath has a floral design in a grey color. The underlying hardwood floor, on the other hand, has a lovely black hue.

The vintage bedding is available in white to help soften this combination. For collectors of antique furniture, the bedding’s intricacy is fascinating. You should put a white and pastel pink combination on the bedsheet to go along with the whiteness.

The design of the bedsheet may be changed depending on your preferences, and it has a crimson rose print.

Second, the vintage nightstand is also appealing. The doors have an amazing level of detail and are nature green. The bedroom is given a romantic atmosphere by the crimson rose plant on top of it.

Nature Fresh Bedroom Design in Shabby Chic Style

The floral accents, such as the backdrop, are usually too overwhelming in a shabby chic bedroom, especially at other times.

Maybe you should place the bed near a big size window if you need to take more breaths of fresh air. This will allow your shabby chic room to bask in the sun. Since neutral color can absorb light well, use it to balance natural light for a bigger room. The chamber now feels taller and more expansive.

Grey is used to paint the background wall. A white floral pattern is painted on the grey. Hang a framed quotation in the very top of the headboard to improve the appearance. Rustic is an adjective that I suggested for the wooden frame.

The hardwood flooring has natural wood color and natural stains, and it is made of hardwood. In addition, the flower pot is placed in a corner chair that serves as more of a haven for the plant. The lily-topped pot and an antique night lamp sit atop the rustic, vintage nightstand. How incredible!

Rustic Farmhouse Shabby Chic Bedroom Idea

This one right here provides you a distinct implementation of the design if you’re sick of seeing white dominating the complete shabby chic bedroom. The chamber is constructed out of natural wood planks. You may see the natural black patches on the floor, particularly.

In the meantime, there is a slight variation in the planks used as a background wall accent. It does have a floral pattern on it, but you may not notice it right away. You may either have a professional do the application of the pattern or you may do it yourself with your painting abilities.

However, the antique slash unique globe chandelier is what makes these rustic woods worth seeing. That reused antique long window, which seems to have been repurposed as a mirror, has a reflection in it.

Without a doubt, discussing how unusual that headboard is is important! Wow! That’s impressive.

Simple Shabby Chic Bedroom for Girls

You may try this design if your daughter doesn’t like the floral pattern. Those should help her get to sleep faster, because they’re a range of slippers. On a pastel cream backdrop, the slippers are painted. The floor, on the other hand, is bold enough to use pure white to counteract it.

It seems like the wardrobe has been updated. It has a farmery feel to it. The weathered, age-old pink nightstand at the side of the bed is painted with a bright feminine pink that matches the wooden planks.

How about the carpet? The rug should be pink because it won’t be seen, so it matches the feminine aesthetic that pervades throughout the room.

Even though you must ensure that each furniture is placed in the right place, you must measure the room correctly. Make sure that there is a large window for natural light, as the cupboard requires a lot of space, so that the room isn’t cramped or dark.

Classic Huge Shabby Chic Bedding

The bedding from the past is huge. In a small space, there’s a king-size bed. To make the room look airy, use neutral colors that are calming to your mind. The bed itself has taken up far too much space, so use a smaller one.

White and a light cream are used in this room. The ceiling and window are dominated by white. The sheer white linen drapes are exquisite. Linen is then used to make the bedsheet.

To contrast it, the backdrop wall is covered with a light cream color. The bed cover features floral accents as well. It also has a pastel blue tone.

As a result of the other furnishings inside the room having made it exceedingly comfortable, the size of the bedding isn’t an issue anymore.

Shabby Chic Bedroom with Bathtub and Exposed Bricks

Going with exposed brick is a big risk. Such exposure is allowed, however, since shabby chic bedroom favors that unfinished look.

It adds a lot of personality to the space. Since it is painted using a similar hue of the floor and the wall rather than the traditional red brick, the brick backdrop here also looks good. The bathtub near the windows over there adds to the room’s vintage feel.

For reasons of convenience, people used to keep a bathtub in their room. After that, this tall rattan folding door, which truly looks like the past, is used to surround the bathtub.

It was formerly used as a changing clothes cover-up. Additionally, this room’s color scheme is really a shabby chic tone. It’s pleasant to look at, and it’s neutral.

Floral Pattern in Shabby Chic Style Idea for Small Bedroom

The floral pattern is one of the most well-known designs found in a shabby chic bedroom. The pattern is clearly visible here. It is displayed precisely on the bed. The floral pattern here is made up of red and pink roses, which we’ll move on to next.

Despite the fact that the homeowner desires to highlight them on certain areas, like near the nightstand, they are actually accentuated. This shabby chic bedroom is dominated by white, save for a few exceptions. The nightstand and the backdrop wall are both painted white, as is the linen bed sheet and even the bedding.

The antique wooden frame, on the other hand, has a strong accent above the bedding. As you can see, the dark stains on this frame have become more apparent throughout time, and it is made of weathered wood with natural stains.

Shabby Chic Bedroom with Vibrant Wallpaper

From all sides, this room has a shabby chic vibe. Floral pattern wallpapers are used to decorate the walls on the sides.

The flower is crimson with green leaves, while the backdrop is pastel blue. All the way up, this wallpaper goes.

A rug with a fading floral pattern is placed on the floor. Because the picture is almost gone, it appears that the carpet is quite old. However, it pairs beautifully with the hardwood floor.

The bedding is unusual as you go up. Drapes for dust are fastened beneath the drape. The sheet is then covered in linen, which matches the curtains perfectly.

A floral pattern is also used on the blanket. This room is a successful actualization of a shabby chic style, with an actual pot of vibrant pink rose on the nightstand beside the bed.

Wait, don’t forget about the chandelier. It looks opulent and vintage from this angle. The light will be dazzling and sparkling throughout the day, with reflections thrown in for good measure.

High Attic Bedroom with A Mixture of Shabby Chic and Hippy Style

The majority of shabby chic bedrooms feature a tiny attic and tiny bedroom area. The age of the home might be to blame. The ceilings in most historic homes are low, and the floor space is small. So, in a high ceiling bedroom, this design works especially well. Just take a look at this chamber.

An thick varnished wooden beam that spans the space hangs from the ceiling, which is quite high. The backdrop is white, which highlights the beam’s natural light brown color perfectly, while it is exhibiting off its natural light brown color. This idea is said to be extended across the entire room’s locations.

Wood, for example, is used in the bedding. The bed is covered in a white linen sheet, despite the fact that the forest seems to be so attractive. Isn’t it a horrible thing to witness?

So, the hues used in this chamber are neutral, which includes a lot of natural elements. After that, nature erupts from materials like wood and rattan. This room has a little hippie hippie vibe to it, albeit it isn’t very strong. It has a shabby chic aesthetic but with a touch of shabby chic.

Grey Shabby Chic Bedroom for Teenager

This room provides a neutral selection of colors and the intensity of grey dominates the space because teenagers don’t like brilliant, vibrant hues as much as adults do.

For example, different shades of grey are used to paint the background wall. One is darker than the other in hue. The bed, too, employs a concept similar to that. Have a look at the list on page 1.

It also employs grey in some of its designs. The backdrop wall’s shabby chic aesthetic is meant to be balanced with this. It’s the floral pattern or accent, if you recall one of the most prominent figures from the shabby chic bedroom.

This time, the pattern is shown on a vertically placed canvas painting on the wall above the headboard, rather than on fabric.

Well, is that it?

The pillows are not really covered in a floral pattern case, if you look closer. Since it was printed over top of the pink, it is difficult to see.

Little Queen Shabby Chic Pink Bedroom

You can almost immediately sense the drama queen vibe as you walk into this tattered chic bedroom. It has the feminine appeal of a shabby chic space, especially in pink and white. The resulting hue has a gentle atmosphere: a blend of the two hues.

Furthermore, the décor performs a function comparable to that of the colors, representing a shabby chic interior design.

You see a bed foot and a pot of flowers immediately when you enter the room. Floral designs may be seen throughout the pot. The rug and the sheet are two additional areas with floral designs.

The rug is shabby chic in design, with a floral pattern on it and pastel hues that emphasize the serenity of the style.

In the meantime, the white vintage bedding goes beautifully with the bedsheet’s truly delicate pastel pink hue. As a result, the floral design seems stunning, lovely, and serene.

DIY Headboard for Shabby Chic Bedroom

So far, we’ve learned that using vintage or antique furniture is one of the main reasons for designing a shabby chic room.

You may transform an old set of doors into whatever you desire when you go to a garage sale or antique store and discover them. Broadening creativity is exemplified by this space.

Weathered wood and flaky paint are common features of the older door. Repaint the door into a headboard by painting it in new hues such as these pastel blue and white.

Not only have you saved money, but the room has improved in terms of uniqueness, ingenuity, one-of-a-kindness, and coziness.

Add ornate lamps above the head door to enhance the shabby chic style. The bulbs are disguised behind these white linen flares in this design.

The coffee table is another example of vintage furniture. A white linen tablecloth is used to cover it. In addition, there’s a brass plate for holding cups or glasses.

The fact that the night lamp has a vintage feel can’t be ignored. The night lamps have a floral pattern on the center, which is most important. A huge hairy brown carpet covers practically the whole floor, which is spread on the ground.

Natural Elements in Shabby Chic Bedroom

This is a close approximation of a country style bedroom. The background wall, which is painted wooden planks in a very barn-like house design, is made of repainted wooden planks.

Moreover, a homemade circular plant decoration is placed on top of the background wall. The floor is made of hardwood and still has visible black marks on it, demonstrating how real they are. Moving down to the bottom, there is another layer of hardwood.

A vintage rug with a floral pattern covers part of the floor. The bed cover is also covered with the pattern. The sheet here is composed of linen, which is an excellent option for keeping the sheet pristine white and emphasizing the country-shabby-chic look of this room.

The curtain, instead, is made of caramel brown rattan, as you may presumably observe, and not linen like in other shabby chic settings.

Light Cream Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture

Light brown is so vibrant in this space. Nearly every piece of furniture has been repainted or has already been purchased in that color. First and foremost, since the concept of this room appears to be a thousand drawers, you won’t have any trouble storing anything. Drawers are carefully placed near your bed or in the cupboard.

Since the handle appears to be very industrial, they are all vintage furniture, including the cupboard. A circular upper portion of the chair closest to one of the nightstands reveals when this sort of design was created.

The bed cover, in addition, has a floral pattern that defines shabby chic. The flowers are pink and the background material is pastel purple. The hues are mixed correctly.

Additionally, one of the drawers contains an actual pot of pink roses.

Bedroom with Floral Shabby Chic Bedding and Rattan Basket

The shabby chic atmosphere is derived from certain aspects, such as the vintage coffee table, chair, and wooden barrier for changing clothes, as soon as you enter this room.

The floral pattern bed sheet is also worth mentioning, apart from the others. And what about the rattan basket’s genuine pink roses? Oh, my goodness! There’s a lot to discuss!

The coffee table is tiny, yet it holds weight. The worn appearance and the bouquet of roses in the rattan basket contributed to this.

The chair and the barrier are also classic elements. Obviously, they aren’t produced nowadays. The worn-looking, chipped paint, and fading color are all visible signs of age.

Wait, how about the bed?

The sheet is made of white linen in this bed. For warmth, the cover is made of a thicker material. Lastly, this shabby chic bedroom is mostly white and pastel pink in color, with a little touch of brown.

Therefore, you’ve made it this far. The floral pattern or accent in a shabby chic bedroom is easily identifiable. Furthermore, pink, blue, white, purple, and brown are the most common pastel colors. So which one do you like the most at this point?

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