10 Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas

Simple yet stunning, shaker kitchen cabinets are a breeze to install. These shelving units stand out in the kitchen and stand on their own. The hardware, on the other hand, is everything when it comes to your kitchen’s appearance and organization.

Deciding on the style of your kitchen will be based on the hardware you choose. Therefore, don’t make this style choice hastily. As a result, if you want your shaker kitchen cabinets to look their absolute best but aren’t sure which route to take, here are some ideas for you.

Long Golden Pulls Look Dashing on Shaker Cabinets

You can’t go wrong with gold when it comes to kitchen cabinets. The gold metal has a sophisticated, elegant, and polished appearance. It may appear more or less elegant depending on the kind of hardware.

However, practically any household will appreciate these basic golden pulls. They have a very contemporary appearance due to their length and design, which aren’t overwhelming in the kitchen at all. Overall, a fantastic pick!

Short Sterling Nickel Knobs Have a Modern Look to Them

Shaker cabinets are incredibly adaptable, which is fantastic. The shaker cabinet design has a long history and has been popular for hundreds of years, yet they look stunning in contemporary settings. You simply have to install some contemporary shaker cabinet fittings and you’re good to go!

These modest sterling nickel knobs are subdued yet stunning, so we recommend them. These knobs are sleek and subtle, yet they stand out. Minimalist kitchen perfection!

Colorful Ceramic Knobs Will Add Life to Your Kitchen

You may certainly go above and beyond with your cabinets if you want to create a distinctive vibe. You may do anything you want! You’re not restricted to conventional metals and colors.

This is a fantastic example of the blue ceramic knobs. They complement shaker kitchen cabinets beautifully. Their engraved embellishments really stand out against that beautiful blue backdrop, and they’re especially magnificent. In a kitchen, it’s a little bit of tactile feel that makes all the difference.

Thick Brass Pulls Are a Gorgeous Pick

Brass pulls are subdued and delicate, comparable to gold ones. Despite this, they can appear to be just as effective if not more so.

It’s a little easier to keep brass pulls clean and presentable. Your cabinets will shine in their glory for a long time thanks to this durable, long-lasting material. It feels more solid to go for a thicker pull in the kitchen, and it’s handy to be able to hold onto something!

A Square Knob Is Simple and Effective

For the fans of country houses, this is for you! For good reason, farmhouse kitchens are quite popular. They’re nicely put together, but they’re also comfortable. And one of the hallmarks of that rustic aesthetic is black knobs on white shaker counters.

A square knob in black will make it considerably easier to achieve that. However, in a darker background and against these knobs, they look even better. As a result, their range earns them extra points. With this basic but highly successful hardware option, you just can’t go wrong.

A Birdcage Iron Knob Adds A Rustic Look to Your Shaker Cabinets

The stunning beauty of these magnificent shaker cabinets may be seen once again. They’ll fit perfectly in a rustic kitchen, where you can put them. Your standard shaker cabinets may be transformed into rustic paradise by simply choosing the proper hardware.

When it comes to that rustic look, iron is your go-to metal. And adding a beautiful classic appearance to your kitchen will come down to going all in with a stunning birdcage iron knob. For rustic enthusiasts, this is a terrific option!

Pick a Drop Handle Pull for That Soft Vintage Look

Going with a drop handle pull can be just the thing if you’re looking for a nice antique effect or just want to add a little bit of a classical element to your kitchen. These shaker cabinet handles are absolutely lovely.

With its antique brass finish, you may’t help but think of these pulls as lovely antique antiques that have been around for a long time. They’re sturdy, long-lasting, and will complement your shaker furniture nicely.

A Darker Champagne Colored Pull Fits Gorgeously With Dark Cabinets

Gold hues, brassy hues, and steel are all common when it comes to shaker cabinet pulls, but other metallic colors should not be overlooked. This one’s for you if you have dark-colored shaker cabinets, whether they’re black or some of the darker gray tones.

A champagne-colored pull in a darker tone will fit beautifully in a dark kitchen, ensuring that it looks sophisticated and put together. These pulls will ensure your kitchen looks stylish and integrated, rather than attracting attention by poping.

Be Daring With an Unusual Knob Choice

Experimenting is not a scary thing to do. Shaker cabinets are extremely versatile, and they can help you build the kitchen of your dreams in a jiffy. As a result, we have a variety of interesting knob selections that you may find appealing if you want a bit of an eclectic style.

These circular knobs have a look that is rather unusual. They have a concave contour and a wonderful feeling that is comparable to that of a traditional round knob. Regardless of whether you choose black or gold, these knobs will astonish anybody who visits your kitchen.

A Rustic Cup Pull Fits Perfectly on A Shaker Cabinet

A cup pull is yet another stunning farmhouse drawer pull option. Cup pulls are also very simple to use and have a gorgeous vintage feel to them.

Because it is made of iron, this cup has a vintage, rustic appearance. This pull will ensure that even the most contemporary kitchen has a gentle appearance of these two aesthetics, whether in a farmhouse or rustic setting. A great variety of options!


Beautiful kitchen cabinets come in a variety of shaker styles. Hundreds of years have passed since they first appeared, and yet they continue to suit the most cutting-edge of residences. And it’s compatible with a variety of hardware configurations, so you have a wide range to choose from.

We presented you some of the greatest hardware solutions for shaker kitchen cabinets, ranging from brass to nickel and rustic to contemporary choices. And we think some of these might have persuaded you to clean up your kitchen. Have a wonderful day!

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