56 Beautiful Summer Flowers That Will Transform Any Exterior

Are you a flower enthusiast? Are you a beginner when it comes to planting summer flowers in your garden?

Summer is approaching, and gorgeous yards will be in bloom at any moment. No matter which way you look at it.

Therefore, you’ll need to be knowledgeable about what kinds of plants will enhance your yard. Since I have a long list of flowers that will embellish your yard this summer, there is no need to be afraid.

Here are the summer blooms that will undoubtedly brighten up your home with that in mind:

Beautiful Summer Flowers:

1. Gloriosa Daisy

Daisies are one of my favorite flowers. I believe they brighten up any yard and are lovely summer flowers. So if you want to add some color to your yard, these are the plants you should consider.

2. Coreopsis

Summer blooms make me think of vibrant wildflowers. There are several different colors to choose from, so you can be sure to match your yard’s theme.

3. Dahlia

These were always planted in my grandmother’s yard. They were able to enhance a small area with subtleness and color.

As a result, if you want to brighten up a dull area with a little color, consider adding this flower to the mix.

4. Marigolds

Marigolds are a favorite of mine. They’re fantastic in your garden, as well as adding color to your home. They’re fantastic bug repellent for your veggies.

5. Yarrow

For a cottage-like atmosphere in your yard, this would be a fantastic flower to cultivate among rocks. It has a wildflower ambience to it, yet it appears to be rather basic.

6. Beardtongue

Summer flowers are basic, lovely, and come in a variety of colors. Let’s say you have a dreary section of your lawn. It will brighten up any area in no time by planting a few of these flowers.

7. Pineapple Lily

Pineapple lilies are amazing looking summer flowers. They don’t look like a traditional lily. Instead, they stand on a stem in the shape of an pineapple. While also adding a lot of color.

8. Oxalis

The little green bushy plant Oxalis has gorgeous flowers that explode with color. If you want a plant that can provide both greenery and color to your yard, this one is a good option.

9. Gloriosa Lily

Another unusual lily is seen here. When you think of a lily, this isn’t what comes to mind. It resembles a little creature with a unusual form. It would definitely add to the character of your yard.

10. Surprise Lily

The shape of this lily changes more. The buds, on the other hand, emerge from the grand and seem to have arms that stretch out in all directions from the stem’s tip. The flower is lovely and cheerful.

11. Gaillardia

They appear to be sunflowers, and they belong to the sunflower family. They are similar to a traditional sunflower in size, having a little sunflower head on them.

12. Peonies

Summertime blooms, like peonies, are lovely. They’re ideal for creating your own flower arrangements from fresh-cut flowers, but they’re also suitable for your yard. In my opinion, they would be a wonderful addition to any yard.

13. Daffodils

My yard is full of daffodils. I like them because they return year after year after you plant them once. They continue to grow in size and brightness each year, and they do an fantastic job of making your yard a happier place.

14. Daylily

Another classic flower is the daylily. They’re typically yellow and may be cultivated in either your yard or a pot. They offer a great deal of décor by adding variety to any space.

15. Zinnia

The daisy family includes zinnias. They are cheerful, easy to grow, and provide a lovely touch to any yard where they are placed.

Therefore, if you want some color and a welcoming effect to your home, zinnias might be the right choice for you.

16. Plumeria

To me, plumerias seem like a very cheerful flower. They are so elegant and delicate. These may grow as shrubs or tiny trees, and they would make a wonderful plant in a lovely seating area in your yard.

17. Bougainvillea

A vine, shrub, or tree can be used to grow this plant. Summer blooms emerge from the shrubbery, adding color to whatever region they are placed. They are dark in color. This is a beautiful plant for creating shade, but it’s a demanding grower that needs clipping and care.

18. Lavender

Lavender is one of my favorite scents. It’s so lovely and delicate. This lovely plant is perfect for creating a tranquil zone in your yard. There are various sorts available, each suitable for a certain climate.

19. Sunflower

Over the summer, sunflowers are my absolute favorite flower. They grow to be huge, and they provide natural cover. On hot summer days, I use them to create a shaded area for my hens to rest in without having to remain in the coop.

20. Periwinkle

This is a flower that makes me happy just by looking at it. Despite its small size, it packs a strong punch of color. If you want to add a new shade of periwinkle to your landscape, then now is the time. It’s a groundcover plant that’s often employed as a creeper.

21. Shasta Daisy

These are the daisies that we all know and love. The yellow center is surrounded by simple white petals, with a white border. In my opinion, they are rather charming and bring a touch of rural ambiance.

22. Shrub Roses

Shrub roses are one of my favorite flowers. They are a brilliant way to add some color to your home, despite the fact that they have thorns on them. They’re lining my flowerbed in the front of my home, and they’re wonderful! My home stands out because of the lovely pink blooms when they are in bloom. Here are great gardening gloves that make pruning easier.

23. Aster

During the summer, it’s not uncommon to see a lot of pink, red, and white blooms in bloom. Purple or blue, on the other hand, are popular colors. Consider getting Aster if you’re looking for a plant that will add color to your yard.

24. Hibiscus

Another of my favorite plants is this one. Hibiscus plants are fascinating and colorful, which I appreciate. Additionally, throughout the winter, you may move them inside a container so that you may maintain them year after year. These are wonderful scrubs, and with a wide range of colors and placement, you can make yourself the envy of the neighborhood.

25. Scarlet Sage

My grandma had a lot of this plant in her yard, and I grew up around it. From a street perspective, the unusual ways these summer blooms line the stem of the plant, as well as their vivid red color, certainly make a home stand out.

26. Purple Coneflower

The daisy family of plants includes this one. With a huge center surrounded by simple petals, it looks a lot like a daisy. The flower’s cone shape is attributed to the fact that these purple petals droop a little.

27. Alchemilla

At the base of this flower, there is a dark green foliage. Then, to add a vivid burst of color, little yellow summer blooms sprout from the green foliage.

28. Allium

This is a flower that I adore. Color pom poms seem to be the product. Yet, the lovely part is that the expanded blooms may grow to be huge when grown in a big form.

29. Alstromeria

The Peruvian Lily or Inca Lily are two names for this flower. It has a conventional lily form, but its hue shift adds a stunning hue to any area.

30. Amaranth

These are lovely plants that are difficult to see. They’re particularly gorgeous when employed in dried flower arrangements, and they usually bloom along borders in flower gardens.

31. Baby’s Breath

Have you ever received a dozen roses, or even a single rose? So you can imagine how powerful a newborn’s breath might be. I like it because it lasts for a long time. It has the staying power of the rose it is paired with.

32. Bird of Paradise

This plant is really one-of-a-kind. On the surface, it appears to be unusual. The blooms, on the other hand, look like a brilliant colored bird perched on the stem of a flower when you take a closer look.

33. Calla Lilly

During Easter season or on special occasions such as weddings, calla lilies are often used to embellish bouquets. Therefore, if you want to create a beautiful flower arrangement over the top, consider growing these.

34. Campanula

This is a lovely purple blossom that has a soft scent. It seems to be simple and fragile. The flower’s unusual form gives it the moniker “bell flower.” It resembles a tiny bell in appearance.

35. Carnation

Carnations are my sister’s absolute favorite. They are inexpensive and available in a variety of colors. They enhance your yard’s aesthetics. They may be sliced and put in a fresh cut flower arrangement to brighten your home’s interior.

36. Chrysanthemum

These flowers, often known as mums, are well-known. Throughout late summer and early fall, they’re ideal for adding to your outdoor decor. They provide a beautiful addition to any landscape, whether they’re placed.

37. Cocks Comb

These blooms have the appearance of a rooster’s comb, which is why they’re called rooster’s comb. Yet, they come in a variety of hues, and they might really perk up even the dullest of days.

38. Cosmos

I am a huge fan of the cosmos. You’re most likely drawing a picture of cosmos when you’re little and draw pictures of a basic flower. They make me think of something, at least. As a result, you’ll likely adore these if you want a basic colorful flower to enhance your property.

39. Delphinium

These are tall, slender flowers with a bright hue that add a lot of beauty. These stand upright and tall, with the majority of flowers rising vertically. They also have lovely periwinkle and blue flowers, so they get a lot of attention.

40. Dianthus

For flower beds, this is a wonderful little bloom. It’s a tiny bushy plant with green leaves that grows into a bigger bush. After that, the darker green blooms burst into bright color flowers. Most flower gardens benefit from the addition of a colorful and lively array.

41. Didiscus

A rounded mound of smaller flowers makes up this flower. It comes in a variety of pastel hues, including light blue and white. The whole flower, however, is made up of many different blooms.

42. Euphorbia

Another blooming green bush plant. Depending on the plant, it may create a range of colors when it does. It would be a wonderful addition to a flower garden or walkway.

43. Foxgloves

Another spectacular vertical flower design. Since their blooms line up along the stem of the plant, these flowers stand straight and tall and demand attention. To put it mildly, they’re quite striking.

44. Freesia

You may make Freesia as easy or difficult as you want. Others utilize the bulbs to beautify their yards by planting them in several colors. You can also create a stunning flower bouquet by mixing one color with another. It’s all about what you want to do with them, and how much you want to use them.

45. Gardenia

There are numerous types of gardenia to choose from. You may grow them as a bush in a pot. As a shrub, you may plant them in the ground. You can also grow them as a tree in a pot or outdoors. White blooms have a classic appearance and are quite lovely.

46. Genista

Another striking yellow bloomer. It’d be nice to plant it in a rocky environment to add some variety. It would also be nice to add color by being planted along a pathway.

47. Ginger

The spice isn’t what I’m referring to. Flowering Ginger is the name of the flower. When it is in full bloom, it grows upright and produces a stunning blossom.

48. Gladiolus

Another bulb-shaped flower is shown here. They grow tall and straight, with a diverse range of hues.

49. Heliconia

This sort of flower was featured in an artificial flower arrangement I used to have. It has a really cutting-edge appearance. Therefore, if you’re looking for a contemporary touch in your flower garden, go with something like this.

50. Heather

Calluna, or heather flower, is a popular decorative flower. It would look fantastic as a complement to other flowers. It features tiny beaded blooms and has a more pastel color. This bloom may be used to finish an outfit.

51. Hydrangea

I adore these blooms. Beautiful flower arrangements or big gorgeous bushes are what they create. At my wedding, I used this variety of bloom.

52. Iris

Another vertical and erect-growing flower is shown here. It has Lily-shaped blooms that sprout off the stem’s side. They’re purple, and they stand out quite a bit.

53. Kangaroo Paw

This flower is one of a kind. The stem is unusual, with little spherical flowers sprouting from the side of it. These are lovely red blooms that are unusual.

54. Lilac

This is a classic purple flower. You’ll have a little bit of country charm added to your yard if you have this growing in your yard.

55. Casa Blanca Lily

The lily you’re most likely aware of is this one. Because of their singular and gentle appearance, I enjoy having them in my home. They’re lovely as centerpiece decorations.

56. Star Gazer

The form of a lily is strongly reminiscent of this blossom. The hues, on the other hand, are a bit different. The inside of the cup has a pink and white design. The center can be more and more visible as the flower opens more. The flower is really lovely.

So, this summer, you can plant 56 different types of flowers in your yard or flower garden.

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