TOAKS Vs. Snow Peak: Which Cookset Is Better?

Backpacking or camping preparation includes getting the write cookware set. Eventually, you’ll want a warm meal to cap off your day of hiking up and down the paths. It’s critical to choose cookware that’s both tough and efficient while also lightweight enough to carry around.

We’re comparing TOAKS and Snow Peak in this article, two popular cookware brands. Both of these companies provide great products and are well-known in the hiking, camping, and backpackging community. As far as portable cookware is concerned, which of the two wins?

TOAKS Overview

A titanium outdoor camping pan called the TOAKS. There’s a picnic bowl, as well as a pot and pan. We appreciate the set’s durability and corrosion-resistance, and we praise it for being made of high-quality titanium. With its sleek and lightweight design that appears to do everything, it’s also incredibly portable.

The Titanium’s long handle helps avoid spills and burns, while its pan may be used as both a lid and a casserole. The handle of this pot can fold inwards, further increasing its tiny and transportable nature. It’s designed to hold a 110g (0.02 lbs) fuel canister and a small backpacking stove.

The Titanium material provides consistent heat distribution and eliminates the metallic taste and odor that can occur when using it. To help you measure your portions while cooking, the pot includes measuring markings. The circular bottom edges make cleaning simple, especially.

This set is highly recommended for its compact and lightweight design, as well as its durability and cooking efficiency, when it comes to titanium pots. In comparison to the Snow Peak, it is a little more expensive, but if you are an avid outdoorsman (or woman), you will find it is worth the price.


  • For increased portability, the design is compact.
  • For tight spaces, folding handles are available.
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Durable, high-quality titanium is used in these components.
  • No metallic taste or odor
  • Long handle shape to avoid burns


  • Expensive
  • The lid does not “snap shut.

Snow Peak Overview

The Trek 900 Titanium cookware set is the one we’re comparing. This multi-purpose set, which is also made of titanium, includes a measurement guide and may be used as a mug, bowl, or pot depending on your preferences. This Snow Peak set includes a folding handle, much like the TOAKS, and can take up less space when folded.

This corrosion-resistant set is also free of that metallic taste and odor, even after it sits on the fire for a long time. It may withstand the heat from a fire, coal, or stove.

We’ve discovered a few downsides to the Snow Peak set, which is lightweight, durable, and dependable. The pot handles, in particular, are not great. Although they’re loose and noisy, when exposed to the fire, they tend to get rather hot. It’s also tough to avoid contact with the hot pot due to its shape and length.

The Snow Peak is a good investment for anyone who wants something lightweight and easy to carry around on their backcountry adventures, despite its downsides. Its quality titanium materials, multi-purpose design, and compact size make it a good option.


  • Ultra-light and small, it’s a must-have gadget.
  • Multi-purpose (3-in-1)
  • Folding handles
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Durable, good-quality titanium was used.
  • There is no metallic flavor or aroma.


  • Knobs that are noisy and fall apart when heated.
  • Poor conductor, uneven heat distribution
  • No non-stick surface
  • Expensive

Similar Features

Both TOAKS and Snow Peak provide comparable characteristics that are worth noting. Durable, high-quality titanium is used in both. Both cookware sets are rather lightweight and simple to transport around because titanium is the lightest weight option that doesn’t sacrifice on stability, which is a major concern for backpackers.

Each cookware set has foldable handles that are compact and space-saving, making them ideal for portability. They’re also both constructed with corrosion-resistant materials, which may be particularly important if you intend to use them often. Both sets have a nice-to-have feature that the lack of metallic odor and flavor.

In terms of durability and functionality, the TOAKS is substantially ahead of the competition, particularly when you consider the practical long handles and non-stick surface.

The Snow Peak, on the other hand, boasts an ultra-light design that makes it the ideal set for carrying around on extended treks and steep slopes without weighing you down.

Stand Out Features

Both the TOAKS and the Snow Peak sets have certain comparable and comparable properties, although they both have a few distinguishing attributes that set them apart from other cookware sets.


Long Handles: The TOAKS’ design with their long handles that stay so far away from your fire or stove that they don’t get too hot and burn your hands was brilliant.

TOAKS features a superb heat conductor that evenly distributes heat enough to thoroughly and promptly cook your meals. Even-Heat Distribution: Design made of high-quality titanium.

Because of the TOAKS’ non-stick coating, which is particularly useful on backpacking trips, cleaning up is quick and simple. When you’re on the go in the wilds, the last thing you want to think about is a filthy pot.

Snow Peak

Snow Peak’s multi-purpose design, which includes a mug, bowl, and pot, is a standout feature that saves space and allows it to be used for multiple purposes.

The Snow Peak cookware set, which weighs less than a pound and is made with the lightest materials, makes it simple to transport with you on your travels, particularly when they take you away.

The Snow Peak set is compact in design, measuring approximately six inches (15 cm) in diameter and four inches (10 cm) in height, allowing it to easily fit into your bag with all of your other camping gear.


In summary, both of these premium quality cookware sets, the TOAKS titanium outdoor camping pan and the Snow Peak Trek 900 Titanium, have their own advantages.

We recommend going for the TOAKS if:

  • You want more durability.
  • You don’t want to risk burning yourself.
  • You want something that will pack easily.
  • You have intentions of preparing more complex meals that don’t need water.

We recommend opting for the Snow Peak if:

  • You need something ultra-light for a long, uphill hiking expedition.
  • You want to eat meals that are fast, simple, and tiny.
  • You’re looking for cookware that can do a little bit of everything.

The TOAKs titanium outdoor camping pan is our unanimous pick here. The Trek 900 Titanium has many similarities to the Snow Peak, however the TOAKS has far more flaws than benefits. The lengthy, coated, and collapsible handle helps prevent unintentional burns while allowing you to cook virtually anything you desire.

Both sets offer you more than enough space for your needs while hiking, with the crucial feature of compatibility and durability.


Cookware for camping, hiking, and backpacking is the subject of many frequently asked questions.

Can You Use a Normal Pan for Camping?

For camping, a normal pan is acceptable, but not recommended. Campfires cook at temperatures that you can’t control, like our home stove. Lift the pan occasionally to adjust the heat, but this isn’t always effective for continuous cooking, and your arms will get tired from doing it. Cleaning will be particularly difficult since the food is likely to burn and damage the pan completely.

Is it Better to Cook with Aluminum or Stainless Steel?

Cooking with both aluminum and stainless steel has benefits, but each material has unique features. Aluminum, for example, heats up much faster than stainless steel. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is less prone to metal utensil scratches than aluminum. Therefore, stainless steel requires softer utensils. When aluminum is hard-anodized, which makes it stick-resistant and considerably simpler to clean than stainless steel, it is a better option for a non-stick surface.

Is Cast Iron Good for Camping?

Camping pan iron is lightweight but incredibly sturdy when used over an open flame. Cast irons are virtually indestructible, even after years of use, unlike lighter cookware. The only problem is that they aren’t particularly good heat conductors, and they don’t uniformly distribute heat. If you have to go foraging for your campsite, they are also quite weighty to carry.

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