16 Tray Ceiling Ideas Take the Design to Another Level

Tray ceilings redefine the spatial boundaries of a room by incorporating inverted or recessed sections. These designs bring a sense of visual depth and break free from conventional room dimensions. Notable examples, such as Michelangelo’s frescoes in Rome’s Sistine Chapel and the glass-domed ceiling at New York’s Plaza Hotel, exemplify the architectural prowess of tray ceilings. Below, we offer a handpicked collection of homes featuring tray ceilings to inspire your own design ventures.

1. Pendant Light Fixture Floats Above Dining Space

In a grand room, the dining area steals the spotlight with its black table and Parson chairs that comfortably seat eight. This elegant arrangement rests on an area rug atop hardwood flooring. A linear pendant light fixture gracefully hangs from a tray ceiling, which also boasts recessed lights and LEDs. Additionally, the space showcases a stone accent wall with a flat-screen TV, a well-equipped kitchen area, and seamless access to an outdoor deck featuring a stunning stone fireplace.

2. Dining Area in Great Room Defined by Tray Ceiling

In a great room characterized by light hardwood flooring, the dining area stands out with its dome pendant fixture gracefully suspended from a tray ceiling. Around the wooden table, six upholstered Parsons chairs invite diners to indulge. Adjacent to the dining space, an open kitchen area with a breakfast bar completes the harmonious setting.

3. Tray Ceiling with LED Strip, Recessed, and Pendant Lights

Step into a media room adorned with marble flooring, accentuated by a tray ceiling and stone accent walls. Within this vibrant space, a pool table takes center stage, flanked by a long leather bench and a large wall-mounted flat-screen TV. The brilliance of the room emanates from the artful combination of LED strip, recessed, and pendant lights.

4. Space Illuminated by a Sparkling Crystal Chandelier

Fancy armchairs in the living room with bay window

Prepare to be enchanted in a formal living room where a dazzling crystal chandelier gracefully suspends from a deep tray ceiling. The room showcases a collection of sofas and chairs arranged on an inviting area rug atop marble flooring, all facing a round coffee table and a comforting fireplace. While one wall opens to an entryway, another boasts French doors and windows that lead to the outside world.

5. Vintage Lamp Chandelier Brightens Second-Floor Landing

Ascend to a second-floor landing, where white walls and hardwood flooring create a serene ambiance. Above, a tray ceiling adorned with recessed lights and a vintage lamp chandelier emits a warm glow, illuminating the path ahead.

6. Fireplace Flanked by Built-In Cabinets in the Formal Living Room

The formal living room exudes elegance with its upholstered sofa and chairs, set alongside coffee and side tables on a plush area rug atop hardwood flooring. Here, a tray ceiling adds a touch of grandeur, complemented by a partition screen and a wood-burning fireplace gracefully flanked by built-in cabinets.

7. Gray Tray Ceiling Adorned with a Drum Pendant Fixture

Enter a primary bedroom adorned with a gray tray ceiling that captivates the eye. A stylish drum pendant fixture hangs from above, casting a soft glow. The room also offers a queen-size bed with a headboard, a large mirror mounted on the wall, cozy carpet flooring, and two inviting Lawson armchairs accompanied by a table and a lamp. All this beauty rests beneath a row of windows, inviting the outside world to peek in.

8. Contrasting Dark and Light Tones in the Transitional Dining Room

The transitional dining room plays with contrasting elements, featuring dark hardwood flooring and furnishings that juxtapose against lighter fabrics and wall colors. The graceful layout showcases a dining table surrounded by ten upholstered chairs, positioned over a geometric area rug. A sideboard occupies one side of

the room, while a bank of windows adorns the other. Above, a linear pendant light fixture hangs from a tray ceiling, its perimeter edge seamlessly blending with the dark wood color scheme.

9. Corner Bedroom Intrigues with a Visual Feast

Indulge in the charm of a corner bedroom, where a tray ceiling steals the show. Beige carpet flooring welcomes your steps as sliding glass doors beckon you to an outdoor balcony. Curved side tables with delicate lamps, an abstract painting, and a wall-mounted flat-screen TV complete this captivating space.

10. Floating Stairs Coexist with Tray Ceilings

Immerse yourself in a living room boasting a bar area at one end. Relax on a cushioned sofa with a marble base, surrounded by marble flooring and marvelous floating stairs. Tray ceilings, adorned with a pendant light fixture and recessed lighting, add an air of sophistication to this inviting space.

11. Living Room Area Bathed in LED Brilliance

The great room unfolds to reveal a living room area that exudes comfort and style. A large L-shaped sectional sofa, accompanied by a smaller cabriole sofa and an ottoman, faces a glass-topped coffee table. Above, a tray ceiling with mesmerizing LED lighting sets the living room apart from the kitchen and dining areas, creating distinct zones within the open space.

12. Home Theater Embraces a Dark Color Palette

Enter a home theater where dark walls, ceiling, and flooring reign supreme, beautifully enhanced by rich wood trim. Here, two upholstered sofas beckon you to relax as you enjoy a cinematic experience. Recessed lighting and wall sconces add a touch of drama to this intimate space.

13. Tray Ceiling Channels the Serenity of the Sky

Immerse yourself in an indoor pool space graced by a tray ceiling that mimics the captivating expanse of a blue sky filled with fluffy clouds. Wood and rattan chairs invite relaxation, while a wall-mounted flat-screen TV entertains.

14. Sprawling Great Room Hosts a Super-Sized Sectional

The expansive great room impresses with its super-sized L-shaped sofa, complete with an ottoman, poised atop an extra-long wooden coffee table. An inviting area rug adorns the hardwood flooring, while glass windows encase the space, bathing it in natural light.

15. Clerestory Windows Flood the Double-Height Space with Light

Step into a living room boasting a double-height tray ceiling adorned with recessed lighting. Sink into a luxurious leather sectional sofa, accompanied by chairs and an ottoman, surrounding a glass-top coffee table resting on a lavish area rug atop marble flooring. A fireplace, integrated into one wall with shelving, adds warmth, while banks of clerestory windows and glass windows on another wall allow natural light to dance within the space.

16. Formal Living Room Radiates under Crystal Chandelier

In the formal living room, a magnificent crystal chandelier suspends from a pristine white tray ceiling, casting a radiant glow upon the surroundings. A sectional sofa, accompanied by a large glass-topped upholstered coffee table and a matching ottoman, takes center stage on an inviting area rug and carpet flooring. Two sets of French doors offer passage to the interior and exterior realms.

Discover the Limitless Heights of Tray Ceilings

Tray ceilings truly elevate the design of any space. Their inverted and recessed sections redefine dimensions, adding depth and visual intrigue. Allow these awe-inspiring examples to fuel your imagination and inspire your own tray ceiling masterpieces. Explore the wondrous world of ceilings, from various types to stunning designs, beamed ceilings, coffered ceilings, and beyond. Let your creativity soar!

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