Upgraded Farmhouse in France by Gérard Faivre

Nestled in the heart of Provence, France, Le Mas des Isords is a breathtakingly luxurious abode, having been masterfully reimagined by Gérard Faivre, a renowned decorator, designer, and agent. His handiwork has transformed this provincial farmhouse into an enviable sanctuary, featuring a total of seven well-appointed bedrooms and bathrooms, making this a truly magnificent dwelling to call one’s own.

Mas Les Isords Farmhouse1

Occupying a vast 15-acre stretch of land, this exquisite estate offers more than just a house – it’s a veritable haven, complete with beautifully manicured gardens that can’t fail to impress. Perfect for unwinding after a long and demanding day, the unique charm of these outdoor spaces adds to the overall appeal of the property. Without disturbing the existing architecture of the house, the designer has managed to infuse the property with a distinctive aura. Additional highlights of this magnificent estate include a full-length swimming pool, a tennis court, and stables.

With a deep respect for the farmhouse’s architectural lineage, Gérard Faivre judiciously introduced contemporary elements to augment his grand design. The house boasts lavish features including a double-sided fireplace, cutting-edge stainless steel appliances, plush furniture, and striking accents that contribute to its remarkable allure.

Unquestionably, Le Mas des Isords stands as a testament to an extraordinary property that’s nothing short of incredible.

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