Versatile pebble side table

This intriguing table design serves as a wonderful embodiment of natural aesthetics. Shaped reminiscently like a pebble, its almost circular form might initially lead you to question its practicality. However, the table’s flat surface offers a significant degree of utility. It’s constructed from cement concrete, making it neither lightweight nor easily movable, but the functionality it offers arguably outweighs these aspects.

This atypical side table measures 23″ in width, 15″ in depth, and 14″ in height. Its sturdy construction and the durability of its material make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. There is no assembly required as it arrives in one piece. With its light gray hue — the organic color of a pebble — it is only available in a single color variant. You can acquire this distinctive piece of furniture for $149. Invert the convention of inside-out or outside-in with this bold and uniquely designed table.

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