What Color Door Knobs Go With White Doors?

In the overall palette of your room, the color of your door plays a significant role. The color of the door is one feature that must not be overlooked, whether you want to emphasize it or simply blend it in with the surrounding walls. The doorknobs serve a similar function! They may be used both functional and ornamental, making them a crucial feature in the area.

One of the most popular and adaptable choices is a white door. Of course, the likelihood of having a white door is increased due to the shared white walls. So, which color knob will work best for your door? So, here are the top ten finishes to consider.

Oil Rubbed Bronze

The look of your interior door is usually traditional, rustic, or industrial as a result of this finish. This doorknob has a dark brown and bronze finish that will stand out and play a dominant role in the room. To create a cohesive appeal in the room, you can certainly apply a similar finish to the lighting fixtures and other metallic accessories.

Moreover, any warm white tint on the door can be easily complemented by this finish. The oil-rubbed bronze finish works for all undertone colors, whether it’s red, yellow, or orange.

Matte Black

Choosing a matte black finish for the doorknobs is ideal if you have a modern, contemporary, minimalist, or Scandinavian approach to design. With a perfect touch of sophistication, elegance, and versatility, this combination has a sleek, clean, and crisp appearance.

The knob would stick out of the white door’s matte black finish by a lot. And the best part is that you’re about to find out. So, either warm or cool white undertones can readily be used.

Bright Nickel

When you’re stumped, choose a bright or satin nickel finish for the doorknob that smoothly blends into the color scheme and doesn’t add anything to it. If you don’t have a particular design in mind but simply want to furnish in a way that looks “cohesive” and “beautiful,” this finish might be used.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a contemporary and glamorous design, this finish is very adaptable.


Brass may be used to create a gaudy and opulent feel to your entrance, whether polished, satin, or brushed. And whether you believe it or not, this little piece adds to the overall atmosphere of your room. Let the brass knob play an eye-catching role in the room, especially for classic, transitional, glamor, and eclectic design themes!

The brass finish will seem even warmer and more elegant when the white doors are opened. The outcome is usually stunning, especially if it has a warm white tone.

Polished Chrome

As opposed to matte black, brass, or oil-rubbed bronze, the polished chrome finish is likely to blend in with its surroundings. It works well with your white door and adds a contemporary, modern, or transitional touch due to its clean, glossy, and mirror finish.

A brushed or satin chrome finish with a somewhat understated and peaceful appearance is also available.

Brass Torrey Knob

To provide a feeling of luxury, sophistication, and elegance, this torrey knob features a satin brass rosette and a crystal knob. This is something that will add uniqueness and beauty if you don’t like the classic finishes and knob designs.

The brass torrey knob, complemented with the white doors, is ready to elevate your space and provide a dash of elegance and uniqueness. Yes, and from the guests and visitors as well!

Antique Nickel

In terms of interior design themes like contemporary farmhouse, shabby chic, traditional, and transitional, antique nickel is a fantastic option for your white doors. It has a dark bronze and dark brown appearance that complements the sleek white entrance. It has a somewhat antique feel to it.

Second, due to the protruding nature of this finish, your white door will gleam even more. Make certain that the other equipment in the space is of a similar finish at the same time.

Stainless Steel

For your white door, this is one of the most popular and commonly finished options. Stainless steel is something to keep an eye on when you’re unsure about the hardware finish to choose. Without protruding out abnormally or awkwardly, it will blend in with the white door.

With the white door, this finish has a smooth matte feel and seems very modern and current. It’s true! This finish must be defined as classic, timeless, and adaptable.

Matte Black Torrey Knob

The majority of your visitors’ attention will be drawn to this crystal knob. The overall knob complements the white door and gives it a sleek, clean look with a matte black rosette. It has a contemporary or modern feel to it.

This knob is designed to create a classic and eccentric look in your bedroom, bathroom, walk-in closet, or dining room.

Floral Ceramic Knobs

Do you want to add a creative touch to your white doors? It’s time to check out these floral multicolored ceramic knobs, which add detail to the room and are too outdated for you if the metallic tones aren’t cutting it.

These knobs will be very unique, eye-catching, playful, and attractive to someone with an eclectic, bohemian, and maximalist style. You can also select these knobs for the drawers and kitchen cabinets, in addition to the doors.

Summing It Up

Is it still difficult for you to choose the right color knob for the white door? Did you get an inch closer to picking one for your home after learning about metallic finishes, crystal, and ceramic knob ideas? I’d be curious to hear your feedback, so please leave a comment below! Remember, regardless of what you decide, it will always appear stunning and wonderful!

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