What Color Goes With Gold?

We think about luxury whenever we talk about gold. That is a magnificent metallic color that connotes class and elegance. When utilized correctly in interior design, it can really shine.

As a result, you chose to have gold in your home. So what do we do now? What colors go well with it? We’re here to assist you, don’t be afraid. For those of you who want to create a luxe environment, here are some of our favorite color combinations to pair with gold.

Green and Gold Look Opulent Together

When you think about gold, maybe green isn’t the first color that comes to mind. However, it should not be forgotten. Emerald has a rich, earthy appearance to it because of the darker greens. When it comes to interior design, emerald green is a really nice color.

When you combine it with gold, the effect is stunning. You’ll be unable to look away from these two colors because they create such a beautiful combination. In summary, a fantastic opulent pick!

Gold Pairs Beautifully With Dark Wood Furniture

The compatibility of gold with wooden components is one of the most frequently overlooked aspects of interior design. The smoky hues of dark wood enhance the brilliance and heat of gold, which Wood does wonderfully.

Consider pairing your gold décor with a beautiful dark wood dresser if you’re thinking about gold décor for your home. Next to each other, they look so effortless!

Teal and Gold Make an Interesting Match

Look into some bright options like teal if you’re curious about what colors go with gold. The color teal is stunning on the walls, decor, and furniture. Depending on the hue, it has a serene yet stylish appearance.

Teal thrives when combined with gold. Yet, its yellowish undertones contrast sharply with the gold. That is a really visually appealing pair!

Orange and Gold Is a Gorgeous Warm Combo

Do you think your house is chilly? Investing in warm-colored furniture is a quick way to accomplish it. orange hues will instantly make your space feel warmer.

However, it is when you mix the orange furniture with gold details that magic happens. You may easily make a jaw-dropping sunset colors palette. This is an unbeatable combination!

Purple and Gold Look Mesmerizing Together

Therefore, we can’t forget about purple when we discuss colors that complement gold. For a long time, purple was considered a royal color. As a result, when we compare these two colors together, we see them as a regal match.

It’s important to note that on the color wheel (particularly darker older gold), they’re complimentary colors, hence they stand out. Don’t skip out on purple and gold if you want your home to look and feel like a royal palace!

Choose White and Gold for a Glam Look

Since it’s a neutral hue, white is frequently a safe hue choice. But, it isn’t boring in the slightest because it’s safe and neutral. Dashing colors are mixing together.

If you want to create a striking glamorous effect in your home, these two colors are ideal. The white’s bright, clean appearance is highlighted by gold tones. As a result, they produce a flawless aesthetic that is guaranteed to impress.

Black and Gold Always Look Elegant Together

Look no further than black and gold if you want a dramatic appearance with a little bit of an edge that is also elegant and organized. Being bold and daring, black is attention-grabbing in and of itself.

On the other hand, gold shines brilliantly against that dark backdrop. In this exquisite artwork, you may observe how they blend seamlessly. This is a very complex match.

Pink Works So Well With Gold

Pink is another gorgeous gold color that isn’t as well-known. Pink is a hue associated with femininity and is a lovely calming hue. You can also enhance the effect by combining it with gold.

Wedding colors that are popular include pink and gold. However, this hue combination isn’t just for weddatgs. It’s lovely and calming, yet it’s an unusual pair that deserves to be highlighted.

Red and Gold Always Steal the Show

The brilliant hue of red and gold is delightful. The oriental undertones in this combination give it a rich tone. Nothing says “statement” like these two colors combined.

Therefore, don’t be afraid of this bold color combination if you want a memorable home. It’s so exciting because these two can fit practically any design approach. This duo has a lot of potential, and its bold appearance is sure to impress you!

Brown and Gold Make a Stunning Mid-Century Modern Combo

When used in interior design, brown is a rich earthy color that just can’t help but give off a vintage vibe. It’s tough and robust, and it lasts a long time. Many people, however, think it is dull. To bring the day back, some gold details are required.

In mid-century modern properties, adding gold accents to your brown furniture looks great. The brown is livened up by gold, making for a gorgeous vintage match. Even in bedrooms, this beautiful warm combination works wonders! This bedding exemplifies that.

Blue and Gold Are a Fantastic Pair

Another lovely contrast pair is blue and gold. The light golden hues match perfectly with blue hues on the color wheel, and they are direct opposites. As a result, it’s understandable to believe that these two hues were designed to be mixed.

You may produce a sophisticated nautical look or a dreamy coastal atmosphere, depending on the shade of blue. Everything is conceivable, and it will all seem great in the end. A dream team of blue and gold!

Gold Details Add Life To Gray Furniture

As we talk about furniture, the color gray is gaining popularity. It has a variety of hues and is a beautiful neutral. Therefore, to truly shine, it must be dressed up. The gold is what makes it all work.

The difference between using a gold accent color on gray furniture and not using one is significant. Using these planters, it’s easy to see. The planters stand out thanks to these gold embellishments, giving them a new depth. In a matter of seconds, they’ve gone from dull to stylish. For sure, that’s a great color combination.


Interior design using gold is a beautiful idea. It may improve any space, however it may also seem tacky if you use it too much. When you’re decorating your home with this valuable metal, knowing how much gold to employ is critical.

We highlighted a few of our favorite gold-color matching options. And we allowed you to pick from a variety of options. There are so many choices that you’ll definitely find one that suits you. Then discover your ideal combination by mixing and matching. Have a good day!

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