What Color Hardware for Gray Cabinets?

It’s all about the little things! You know that little touches can make or break a room, especially when it comes to interior design. Cabinets with changing aesthetic based on the hardware employed are the best example of that.

Because gray cabinets are so versatile, it’ll be tough for you to choose the proper hardware for them style-wise. But don’t worry, here are a few of our favorite choices for bringing your cabinets to life in a flash.

Pick Simple Golden Pulls for Your Dark Gray Cabinets

The combination of gray and gold is appealing. We also have evidence! Since it’s a neutral after all, gray might need something to perk it up. The gold is where it all begins.

A game-changer is a simple golden pull. With a design that fits well with practically any cabinet style, these ones are modern and pretty straightforward. They manage to stand out against the dark surface, and they make a statement that adds a lot of personality to your dark gray cabinets.

Ornate Silver Knobs Look Fabulous on Light Gray Cabinets

It’s a tough decision if you should use knobs or pulls. Both of these have their appeal, no matter which one you pick. Knobs come in a wide range of styles, which is wonderful for those who want to fully customize their home.

A wonderful knob option are these exquisite silver knobs. Vine leaves and grapes are depicted in their intricate, organic design, which will instantly take you to Napa Valley. Your light gray cabinets will sparkle with the addition of a romantic touch to your kitchen.

Dark Hardware Fits Like a Glove on Light Gray Cabinets

Choosing dark hardware for your light gray cabinets is the perfect way for you who aren’t as much into monochrome designs and want a little contrast. It’s possible to create a visually attractive contrast.

When your kitchen has gloomy gray cabinets, going for black hardware adds drama. When you go for a simpler pull style, however, it certainly doesn’t feel overwhelming. And if you’re looking to add a touch of country to your kitchen design, these black will definitely do the trick!

Stainless Steel Looks Awesome on Gray Cabinets

The classics are never a bad option. Since the basic color of stainless steel is also gray, it’s a extremely neutral option. And then, of course, you can choose between monochrome and color combinations.

These pulls will always look nice, whether your cabinets are dark gray or lighter. They add a sophisticated touch to your cabinets, and they appear strong, smart, and very contemporary. And not to mention how nicely these pulls dress up your dated kitchen cabinets.

Traditional Iron Pulls Are a Stunning Choice for Dark Gray Cabinets

Gray isn’t the first color that comes to mind when you’re thinking about classic design style. Gray is often associated with current aesthetics. It is not necessary, however.

Choosing the proper pulls in your kitchen can give it a classic traditional appearance. These bronze pieces give your kitchen that classic appeal while also improving the look of your cabinets.

Brassy Hardware Goes Well With Bluish Gray Cabinets

It’s more difficult to style certain grays than others. While gray is a neutral hue, styling it alongside the remainder of the furniture may be difficult due to its tendency toward blue hues. Choosing the appropriate hardware is similar.

However, brassy hardware is sometimes the best option. Brass comes in a variety of finishes and can fit into practically any kitchen. It has a range of styles that may be expensive or rustic. The color scheme, especially with your blue-gray cabinets. Brass hardware adds a level of class and polish to your kitchen that nothing else can.

Diamond Shaped Nickel Knobs Look Super Chic

Knobs come in a variety of styles, which is one of their best qualities. If you prefer something a bit more one-of-a-kind for your kitchen that is still fashionable, we’ve got you covered!

Maybe you’ll like these gorgeous diamond-shaped knobs. Against dark gray cabinets, the satin nickel pops gently. These have a really intriguing design that will give your kitchen a sleek modern look! They feature a geometric contemporary touch.

Crystal Knobs Are Perfect for Gray Cabinets in Glam Homes

If you want to go for a polished look, gray is an excellent option. But, finding the perfect knobs to truly match the style might seem challenging. These crystal knobs come in handy for this.

Diamond cuts adorn these crystal-style knobs, which are perfect for opulent settings. They have a strong and dramatic impact on the overall design of your kitchen. These knobs are affordable and sturdy, making them a fantastic glam option for your home! They are made out of high-quality durable glass.

Pick Terrazzo Knobs for an Organic Twist

Maybe you like the look of warm, earthy Mediterranean? However, when it comes to dealing with gray cabinets, aren’t sure how to incorporate it into your kitchen? Terrazzo steps in to save the day right there.

Terrazzo knobs are rare and unusual. It’s a material that’s commonly used on larger surfaces. Yet they succeed to make the kitchen look artisanal and natural, which pairs nicely with your cabinets’ substantial gray. Terrazzo creates an organic look to your kitchen by adding a lovely Mediterranean twist.

A Sophisticated Nickel Pull Adds a Dash of Luxury to Your Light Gray Cabinets

You don’t have to settle for a plain, basic tug when it comes to knobs. We usually assume that if we use the simpler ones, we will have to. Just take a look at this magnificent, one-of-a-kind nickel arch pull.

While the arch pull is complicated, it isn’t overdone. It may seem simple in the center, but it adds a lot to the arch and the entire cabinet, creating a certain classiness that is impossible to resist. It’s a sophisticated choice that will elevate your outdated gray cupboards. We couldn’t recommend it highly enough!

A Copper Pull Looks Great On All Types of Gray Cabinets

Even in modern gray kitchens, these copper pulls are relatively basic, but their current design is stunning. If you want them to stand out, put them beside an darker-toned gray cabinet, such as iron or lead-gray.

These Golden Floral Knobs Feel Incredibly Opulent

We have the ultimate gift for you if you want to make your kitchen seem opulent. Gold knobs are the way to go, since they give your kitchen that bold opulent look when paired with dark gray cabinets.

But, we’re going further than that. These bright flower knobs appear to be a royal work of art. They’re a little different in form than normal cabinet knobs, yet they perfectly fit in the kitchen, giving your home a regal and neat appearance. This is a fantastic option!

Antique Brass Pulls Will Give Your Kitchen Cabinets That Vintage Look

Antique brass hardware for your kitchen cabinets might appeal to you if you like the rustic look of farmhouse furniture and those ever-growing cottagecore internet designs. It’s just basic brass with weathered paint that gives it a rusted and ancient appearance. Antique brass is stunning.

For properties that want to achieve a soft period ambiance, it’s an excellent option. Antique brass will give them a warm and homy appearance, which is a fantastic impression for a kitchen! Perfectly compliments light gray cabinets.


The most colorful, out there cabinet option isn’t grey. They do, however, have a wide range of uses. These cabinets may be fully realized their aesthetic potential with the correct hardware.

We selected several of our favorite hardware styles for various gray cabinets, some universal and others dark or light in tone, for you to see here. In any case, we wish you success in finding your ideal cabinet hardware and hope you found our suggestions beneficial!

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