What Color Hardware Goes With Navy Cabinets?

Richness, strength, dominance, bravery, and ultimate luxury are all represented by the navy blue color. It has a sense of depth and character that can breathe life into any environment and inject excitement. Navy blue has always been a powerful color in the kitchen! These navy blue cabinets have a unique appeal that homeowners have always appreciated. They may also help any area gain strength and a “wow” effect.

Nonetheless, to maximize your kitchen’s amazement and Instagramworthiness, selecting a complementary color scheme is recommended! The color of the hardware is the first step. Yes, this decorating element might change the spirit of your kitchen and give it a feeling of transition, elegance, farmhouse chicness, or modernism. That’s impossible to believe. Have a look at these gorgeous navy blue cabinet hardware designs in 12 colors.

Satin Brass

The combination of navy blue and satin brass has an opulent and glamorous feel to it. This duo makes me feel like I’m in a dream, and it may bring that “wow” element to your kitchen. This combination works particularly well for interior design themes like transitional, Eclectic, and modern.

Second, by combining these cabinets with white backsplash tiles and backdrop paint, you may further expand the palette.

Stainless Steel Pull Handles

A formal, modern, and timeless touch will be provided by stainless steel pull handles. It blends in with the panorama rather than standing out (like satin brass). This combination is particularly noteworthy for interior design themes like contemporary farmhouse, modern, contemporary, and eclectic.

The stainless steel finish, on the other hand, is something that will play one for all if you’re not just sticking to a particular blue and want a blend of two colors on the cabinets.

Antique Nickel

Do you like the look of a cabinet because it is rustic and old? Is there something that makes you think of a traditional Countryside home? In any case, if you want a similar ambience, an antique nickel finish that blends and creates a rustic and vintage appeal is highly recommended.

To further add a sense of age and versatility, this navy blue cabinet comes equipped with a wooden countertop. Also, add rustic floating wooden shelves to the mix.

Iron Black

Who says navy blue kitchen cabinets don’t look better with iron black pull knobs? So, if you want a sophisticated and casual kitchen with iron black or matte black as one of the best color hardware options, that’s what you should go for. This option is definitely a number one choice when you have a farmhouse-style kitchen.

The blue knobs will eventually merge to create a monochromatic effect. As a result, if you’re not sure, simply select this color on the hardware!

Polished Brass

Polished Brass is a gorgeous gold finish that can give a room a stunning touch of elegance and grandeur. The effect is even more eye-catching and sleek when placed on navy blue cabinets. This is the finish you should anticipate if you prefer the sensation of gold accents and want to play equally loudly. For the rest of you, satin brass is recommended.

Eclectic, Hollywood Glam, and transitional interior design styles can all incorporate this combination.

Satin Bronze

Your cabinets may get a complete makeover with the satin bronze finish, which has a little bit of fun to it. This hardware finish matches your navy blue cabinets and exudes a feminine and quirky personality, unlike the gold, brass, or matte black.

The white cabinets may also be matched with this finish on the hardware (since both are on the top and bottom). Lastly, note that this duo is perfect for bohemian, eclectic, and glamorous design trends.

Polished Chrome

Polished chrome has a lustrous silver sheen that is sure to match the navy blue cabinets, and it is one of the most popular hardware finishes. It has a mirror finish that makes your kitchen and cabinets look sophisticated and elegant. Because of its tendency to stand out and act as a focal point, choose the size of these pull handles and knobs with caution.

In transitional, traditional, and eclectic-styled kitchens, this duo is particularly suited. In addition, go with a white marble kitchen countertop!

Satin Chrome

You may pick a refined finish like satin chrome on the hardware, which is simple to blend and quieten down the palette since the navy blue cabinets may be rather loud and strong. Unlike the polished chrome finish, which has a mirror-like appearance, it does not have a lustrous texture.

Chrome-framed mirrors, hygiene items, and plenty of indoor plants are ideal additions to this palette!

Satin Nickel

The former has a somewhat yellow or warm finish, unlike the latter, which has a dominating cool finish, which is one of the most notable distinctions between satin nickel and satin chrome. These are both great options for your navy blue kitchen – however, depending on your style and vibe, you may chose one or the other.

A satin nickel finish is therefore the ideal option if you want a somewhat cosy and vintage look. It’s also possible to make your cabinets stand out.

Matte Black

In the interior design business, matte black is one of the most popular finishes. If you want to play modern, contemporary, or farmhouse in your kitchen, it has a perfect touch of sophistication and elegance to it.

The matte black pull knobs would complement your blue cupboards and produce a nice effect. Yes, that wouldn’t make the navy the room’s dominant power!

Navy Blue Knobs

Navy blue knobs on navy blue cabinets are a must-have. Yes, it will give your kitchen a unified look. Well, with a touch of the backsplash tiles and backdrop wall, this is one of the greatest techniques to dress a monochromatic blue kitchen.

With this all-blue kitchen theme, you can either choose a glossy white-gray marble countertop or a wood countertop. It’s worth noting that vintage and farmhouse styles are the most effective!

Oil Rubbed Bronze

The kitchen cabinets may have a sense of depth and personality when oil rubbed bronze is used. It’s a particularly dark color of bronze that may have a hint of depth. With just a little light in the room, they have a near-matte black finish.

This finish may also have a deep copper undertone and imitate the look of aged bronze. This finish shouldn’t be a concern for you because of your navy blue cabinets. Particularly if you have a vintage or rustic design.

Summing It Up

The navy blue cupboards have the ability to be used in a variety of ways and for a long time. So now that you’ve seen it, navy blue cabinets can benefit from a lot of the finishes. So it comes down to the atmosphere and ambience you’re trying to create. Of course, this is influenced by your interior design. As a result, which finish did you prefer? So, in the comments below, please let me know!

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