What Color Nightstand Goes with a Grey Bed?

Every bedroom should have a nightstand. They’re ideal for keeping your alarm clock, mobile phone, and reading materials all in one spot.

Right beside the head of your bed should be your nightstand. Several individuals choose to match the color of their nightstands to their beds because of their close physical proximity.

You’ve gotten yourself to the right spot if that’s you! When buying a new nightstand for your grey bed, look at the following list of popular color options:

Warm Grey

You’ll need to match your grey bed to a grey nightstand if you want a monochrome look. Of course, it’s possible for the two greys to be different. A subtle contrasting effect can be created by layering different grey hues against one another, adding both character and depth.

When combined with both light and dark grey, this warm grey nightstand will complement nicely. Painting your walls a dark, gloomy hue can also add drama. You may alternatively pair this nightstand with a plain white or soft pink wall to achieve a more subdued appearance.


For those who don’t want to overthink their nightstand’s color choice, white is an excellent, foolproof option. Since it is a neutral hue, it may glow well with most hues. It’s a useful and adaptable color that works well with most grey colors. It’s a good choice for your team.

Others believe that purchasing white furniture will make their space seem too plain or uninteresting. Yet, this particular nightstand has a stunning cut-out design that adds to its aesthetic appeal. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about your bedside table being unappealing or boring.


This stunning teal nightstand will spice up your bedroom!

Many people choose to invest in plain but blending hues that blend in with the surroundings. This is exemplified by the colors white and grey. If you don’t feel like it, however, there is no rule that says you must do the same!

By standing out against your quiet grey bed, this flamboyant teal-colored nightstand can add a unique touch to your room. It’s a wonderful way to inject brightness and uplift the whole mood of your space.


A black side table is ideal if you want an uncomplicated yet stylish companion to your grey bed. Black, like white, is a neutral hue that can easily coordinate with other hues. Nonetheless, certain hues look better when combined with black rather than white.

A black nightstand, for example, would complement a dark or cool grey bed. These two colors would go well together due to their strong attitude. However, if you put a light color (like silvery-grey) next to a magnetic midnight black side table, the two looks would clash.

Dark Espresso

People who appreciate bold, dark colors will appreciate this handsome espresso nightstand. Those who want their room to exude a strong, mysterious vibe will appreciate it too. So why not include this espresso nightstand to the mix if the remainder of your furniture maintains a similar attitude?

The power to add a sense of curiosity to a space is why dark colors are so popular. When used in conjunction with comparable hues, they perform best. Take note that a dark grey bed is preferable to a light grey one for this espresso nightstand.

Walnut Brown

Walnut brown works well with softer greys and is a relatively cooler wooden shade. When matched with a walnut brown nightstand, a light grey bed, for example, would appear amazing. But, when sitting next to a black coffee bedside table, the same bed would look odd.

It’s critical to understand how various hues pair together when furnishing a room. Trying to mix two hues that don’t go together is pointless. While they may appear stunning individually, when combined together, they lose their beauty impact.

Chocolate Brown

A chocolate brown nightstand offers timeless classic style that you can’t go wrong with.

Three large drawers in this bedside table can hold all of your nightstand necessities with ease. On the top surface, you can also keep your books, lamp, and alarm clock.

When wooden furniture is combined with furniture made of the same wood, it looks its best. As a result, you might want to add this nightstand to the mix if your bedroom includes additional chocolate brown wooden furniture.

Final Thoughts

What color nightstand goes with a grey bed? That was probably the first question that came to mind. Hopefully, you’ve gained some understanding of the issue after reading through this extensive list of popular color options.

Take the other furnish in your room into consideration when purchasing a matching nightstand. As a result, it’s recommended to choose a similar white nightstand if your room is already full of white-colored furniture.

Of course, if you want to try out various hues, this is fine, but make sure that they match with your present pieces. Therefore, choose a nightstand that matches your room’s existing color scheme to avoid a clash of aesthetics!

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