7 Creative Above the Fridge Cabinet Ideas

Above our refrigerators, there is an uncomfortable, vacant region that receives very little attention. Most homeowners, in fact, have no idea what to do with it. Thankfully, we have a plethora of suggestions to help you utilize the space above your fridge.

So, if you’re looking for inspiration for your refrigerator space, keep scrolling! The most popular refrigerator storage options are shown below.

We’ve provided you with nothing less than the very best ideas from gorgeous shelves to contemporary bookcases for your cookbooks!

Install a Cabinet with a Sliding Door

This shelf has a charming rural rattan sliding door that works well in rustic-themed rooms. Anything delicate you just bring out for visitors may be stored in it, such as unique pottery.

Half of the stored items will be exposed because of its single-door design, making them readily visible to passers-by. This gives you the perfect chance to dress up the area above your fridge with some stunning decorations.

Of course, you may store additional kitchen stuff (like your favorite China or ancient cookbooks) on the uncovered side.

Mount a Vintage Wooden Wall Shelf

For rustic homes that want a bohemian touch to their kitchen’s interior, this beautiful shelf is ideal. It’s also ideal for kitchen with limited overhead refrigerator storage since to its tiny size.

This shelf serves as both a attractive piece and a great storage option, since it doubles as a shelf. Glass jars, cookbooks, and other kitchen items are welcome to be stored here.

Decorate with a Two-in-One Painting Cabinet Shelf

A magnificent blue watercolor painting is featured in the cabinet shown above. For homeowners looking to improve the aesthetics of their kitchen, this is another great top of refrigerator storage option.

A trio of shelves are installed when the door is first opened. This cabinet has a large storage area, as can be seen.

Thankfully, all of the shelves are completely covered, so you won’t have to be concerned about dust collecting on your stored items. Just clean the cabinet’s exterior, and nothing else inside it, to keep it clean.

Try a Hollow Recessed Wall Shelf

Consider investing in a unique recessed option if you don’t want a shelf that protrudes from your wall. This one can hold a few jars as well as a lovely decoration or two.

This recessed cabinet is a perfect fit for over the fridge storage because it will not extend beyond your refrigerator’s width. When placed above your refrigerator, the cabinet would have seemed too wide.

Install Floating Shelves to Store Your Cookbooks

Where should you keep all of those extra cookbooks that have been piling up on your desk? Why not put them on a set of attractive shelves above your refrigerator?

To prevent your books from falling and sliding over, the shelves above have elevated edges on either side. These shelves’ neutral black color matches in with any kitchen or refrigerator design, making them simple to integrate.

Store Your Favorite Wine Above the Fridge

Always store wine bottles in a secure, hidden area. They’re prone to breaking if they’re on a crowded kitchen countertop or out on the open shelf. You may never anticipate a boisterous youngster to enter your kitchen and smash your favorite bottle!

So, why not put a wine rack over your refrigerator if you’re a wine lover with empty space above it? Even six wine glasses can fit in the rack shown here. A surefire way to keep your delicate bottles and glasses safe is to store them both in the fridge.

Set Up a Handy Spice Rack

Your spice jars should be kept in a secure location, much like wine bottles, to avoid them being knocked over accidently. Nor is it a good idea to have spice covering the walls of your kitchen, especially if you have red hot chili powder as a hazardous substance.

Consider storing your extra spices somewhere if you aren’t a fan of spice. It’s a good idea to investigate the extra room above your fridge. To guarantee your bottles remain secure, simply install a set of spice shelves and you may always return to them at any time.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these stunning over the fridge cabinet revamp ideas have provided you with some Kitchen renovation expertise. Different storage alternatives (such as installing a pantry next to your fridge) are always available to you.

Nonetheless, using empty wall area to your advantage will be aided by placing cabinets over your fridge. Instead of adding more storage solutions to your limited floor space, this is a much better option.

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