22 Creative and Useful Bathroom Closet Ideas

Bottles are stacked in the sink, towels are heaping in a mound, and the whole bathroom is a shambles. Eventually, the issue becomes severe enough to necessitate an organizational approach. And what better use for a bathroom closet than this?

There are a variety of techniques to get the organized closet of your dreams, whether you have a standard closet, an open wardrobe, or no wardrobe at all. Yet, in light of the above, here are 22 bathroom closet designs that will make your space both appealing and clean.

Keep It Simple With Some Shelves

Shelves in the bathroom are versatile. They can be used to store practically anything and may be utilized for both open and closed closets. Get those towels out of here!

Shelves are versatile because they can be used in a variety of layouts. Maybe you like the opportunity to place more distance between the shelves by stacking towels on top of each other. Some may also recommend reducing how far apart your little things are. It’s up to you what you do next! Now, all it takes is a plank of wood or two to completely transform your closet.

Use a Shelf With a Closet Rod for Greater Versatility

Shelfs like this one are also very versatile, much like the conventional ones from the previous example. A closet rod is included with this one, which is a nice bonus.

You can hang up your garments for the day in addition to the apparent option of hanging towels. Because you’re already getting ready in the bathroom, it might actually be a time saver.

Go Custom With a Customizable Shelving Unit

That’s a surefire indication that you should choose custom if you’re unsure about the existing shelves on the market. Thankfully, premade shelves are an option–you don’t have to be a shelf-building expert to choose them.

This approach allows you to arrange the shelves in whatever order you want. They can be arranged on top of each other in any arrangement, from one long shelf to a couple of short shelves. You might always add extra shelves or closet rods to increase your area if you’re searching to maximize it.

Use a Hanging Closet Organizer for Easy Installation

This option is ideal if you don’t like wall-mounted shelves and cabinets. You simply have to put it together, then place it in your closet and you’re done. You can even remove the whole lot and rehang it after you’re done cleaning your closet on a regular basis.

You’ll save time and space in your closet, not to mention being organized.

Use a Retractable Drying Rack To Save Space

You’ll like this option if you’re dissatisfied with the basic closet rods from the prior approaches. Hang up washcloths, pants, and other items with ease thanks to a retractable drying rack.

Of course, if you’re storing it in a closet, you don’t have to dry any of the items on it (thank goodness!). You can simply use one or more of them to hang up whatever you’d like. In a small bathroom with a linen closet, this is an excellent space-saving option. It can hold a variety of items at the same time and is retractable.

Add a Taupe Shelving Unit for Stylish Storage

A shelving unit might be the thing for you if you want a bathroom closet storage solution that’s both practical and stylish. Shelving units are available in a wider range of colors and sizes. If you have the room, it’s a fantastic solution.

You may store both folded towels and tall shampoo bottles if you get one with different shelf sizes, such as this one. You may also stack shelving units together or side by side if you have even more space to spare.

Go For Versatility With a Cube Storage Organizer

In terms of versatility, this type of organizer is one of the best options available. You can stack it in practically any configuration to match your existing closet, based on its practicality.

The design is what I like the most about it. You can mix and match other cube organizers for a unique design, as well as putting it in a stylish arrangement. It comes in black, white, and translucent in this instance. The opportunities for contemporary storage layouts are clear to you now.

Add a Bright Red Over the Door Organizer for a Bit of Flair

Who says that boring organizational solutions are required? We didn’t in any way shape or form. This bright red over-the-door organizer is perfect for freshening up your wardrobe look. It’s ideal for tidying up all the stuff in the bathroom that you just don’t know what to do with, thanks to its six baskets.

You won’t have to worry about installing shelves because it hangs over the door. Just hang it on the door and you’re done.

Add Some Woven Wicker Storage Baskets to a Small Closet

It may be difficult to come up with small bathroom closet ideas. You’d want a sturdy shelving system or a beautiful bookcase, but since space is tight, you’re limited in what you can do. Nonetheless, there are numerous smaller-sized organization solutions available to you–no wardrobe renovation required.

A wonderful illustration of a storage basket is this one. It’s just 11 inches broad, barely a foot. These will definitely fit in your closet unless it is unusually small.

Put Some Large Fabric Bins in the Closet for Long-term Storage

Do you have any unused bathroom goods? This is best done with large fabric bins. They can be easily stored at the back of your wardrobe, out of sight and out of mind.

You can also put your frequently used items in the bins. It’s a fantastic way to keep them clean. Additionally, if you have a mostly white wardrobe, these black bins are ideal for adding contrast.

Use a Hanging Storage Cabinet for a Minimalistic Bathroom

You don’t need big shelving units whether you’re a long-time minimalist or are aspirating to be one. Your bathroom would feel incomplete with the empty space. Instead, a tiny hanging storage cabinet is an option.

Only towels, washcloths, and a few necessities like soap, shampoo, and conditioner will fit in this small space. While uncommon, some individuals may refer to cabinets as closets, so you could call this a closet alternative.

Add a Bookshelf for Simple Storage

Are you not the type that gets their hands dirty? That’s fine. If you have the space for one, you may utilize a bookcase to organize your closet since all of the work is done for you. (Or simply contract someone to do it for you.) Using a bookcase is a good alternative if you dread having to space shelves precisely or get analysis paralysis while configuring shelves.

Bookcases aren’t just for books, and there’s no need to build a reading nook in the bathroom. You may add storage bins and baskets to your bathroom closet organization system to further fine-tune it, in addition to the previous items mentioned, such as towels.

Put a Rolling Storage Cabinet in Your Closet for Easy Accessibility

Pens, paper, and other office supplies are often kept in rolling storage cabinets like this one. You can, however, utilize it in your bathroom closet, as with the other selections on this list.

Instead of having to sit on the floor, you may roll it over to a chair and get organized. It’s ideal if you want to sit down as you organize things. It has enough room to store things like shampoo and toothpaste that you don’t know what to do with, keeping your bathroom clutter-free.

Install a Corner Closet Into a Closet-less Bathroom

Do you have a corner in your home that you don’t know how to use? Go inside the corner closet. The majority of the recommendations on this list assume that you have a closet already, but if you don’t, you may simply include one.

It features a bottom area for storing baskets and other things, as well as some hidden rods for hanging up towels and clothing.

Make Your Bathroom Trendy With a Bathroom Wardrobe

Closet storage systems, such as these, eliminate the guesswork involved in closet organization. Everything is built to a certain specified purpose, such as the shelf and closet rod.

In addition, bathroom wardrobes are becoming a trend. Some people believe it is the finest option, while others believe it is not. And if you have a stylish closet organizer like this one? You’ll have the most practical and attractive bathroom wardrobe imaginable.

Use a Tall Storage Cabinet as a Closet Alternative for Smaller Bathrooms

Skyscrapers claim that rather than expand, you build up when you don’t have enough space. Several tiny bathroom storage systems are based on this reasoning. Even with just a little bit of floor space, you can still find something that fits plenty if you don’t have enough room for a grand and gorgeous bathroom closet.

This allows you to store hygiene products and linens in a freestanding closet. You may, of course, add it to your existing closet for an additional layer of organization if you already have one.

Go For a Farmhouse Look With an Elegant Storage Cabinet

What if you simply want a little more pizzazz? Plain white shelves and cabinets are nice, but they’re not enough. This cabinet is where it all begins. It gives a rustic touch to your bathroom closet with the wooden panels on the front door in a classic farmhouse design.

In addition, since it’s white, it’ll go with your existing bathroom décor and any other storage solutions you’d like to install in your closet.

Use a Tall and Thin Racking Organizer for a Small Closet

You may find it difficult to locate the perfect storage option for your limited closet if you have a small one. Maybe that gorgeous open bathroom closet idea you saw in a magazine is just a pipe dream, and the shelves you bought are too broad.

Yet, if you only have a tiny bathroom closet, fear not–the tall racking organizer may be of use. You’ll have plenty of shelving room for all your needs once you put it together. In addition, the metal edges include attractive holes that may be used to add visual appeal.

Switch up Your Storage Options With a Stylish Bookcase

Bookcases have a variety of uses. Several residences are opting to use them for old photos, exquisite art pieces, and other things rather than books. A bookshelf, on the other hand, may be used as a bathroom closet design. This is a lesser-known option.

Bookcases come in virtually every style, from industrial to rustic to futurist, which will give you a lot more design freedom. alternatively, current. With its offset rectangular shelves, this bookcase will certainly add a unique touch to your closet.

Make the Most of Extra Wall Space With a Hanging Closet

Not all closets are level with the ground. In actuality, there are several wall hangings available now. This is a fantastic option for additional closet space if you don’t already have one. You can also hang it up on shelves, which are another space-saving option.

It features both shelves and drawers, something that practically every bathroom needs, no matter what you decide to do with it.

Use a Spice Rack as an On-the-Door Storage Option

Spice racks are multipurpose–you may utilize them for a variety of things. A spice rack on the inside of your bathroom closet door will suffice if you have a collection of little bottles and aren’t sure how to keep them organized.

Razors, vitamins, and other things may all be stored in bottles. You’ll have enough room to put away little things in your bathroom with five shelves.

Use a Stackable Shoe Organizer for More Than Just Shoes

Organizing your bathroom closet is really flexible. Maybe your next bathroom closet organizer is hiding in the most odd of places. This one is a shoe rack, to be precise. Why just shoes?

Each box is like a miniature locker since it includes a tiny door. Because the door is transparent, you may readily see what’s inside and retrieve things quickly. Customizability is also a big plus. They can be arranged in any configuration, so if your wardrobe is long and narrow or broad, you’ll be able to fit some of them inside.

Final Thoughts…

After investigating a variety of bathroom closet designs, we discovered that there are several options available. Corner closets and bookcases are two examples of unique options. Of course, they’re all excellent in terms of usefulness. There is plenty of room in the vehicle.

But each one is also capable of reflecting your unique style, whether you prefer rustic farmhouse cabinets or bohemian wicker baskets. We hope this list gave you plenty of ideas to personalize your bathroom closet.

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