13 Bathroom Countertop Decor Ideas

A great way to enhance and jazz up your entire bathroom atmosphere is by decorating your bathroom countertop. Functional spaces in your bathroom should be decorated to make them more appealing and comfortable, not plain and barren.

When it comes to countertop design, you have a plethora of choices; from basic bathroom counter top design to sleek and opulent, it’s all up to you. To help you determine the greatest ornaments for you, here is a list of 13 bathroom countertop decoration ideas!

Opt-Out For Towel Holders

One or two towel holders are a sleek and tidy way to arrange your hand towels while still leaving the countertop area broad and convenient. Their height-adjustable design enables you to arrange the towel in any arrangement you desire, which is a huge advantage when utilizing a tight area.

The towel holder’s metallic black, gold, or brushed silver color can complement the decor style while the attention is drawn to the towel itself. Their multi-functionality is also a benefit, as the stand may hold jewelry and other items.

Stick With Soap And Lotion Dispenser

Having big, plastic store-bought soap bottles strewn around ruins the look of your bathroom countertop. Stylish soap and lotion dispensers are a fantastic method to prevent this problem.

Dispensers may provide a lot to the table (or countertop in this case), not only will it tie up your decor elements but also make the space look tidier. When picking your ideal dispensers, you have a wide range of options from gleaming metallic to sleek ceramic.

Soap Dishes Are a Must-Have

Fitting soap dishes are a must-have if you prefer to have a few fancy hard soaps around. Who doesn’t? They’re simple bathroom counter tidytoysthat will keep your soap and water waste-free.

Soap dishes are generally tiny and lightweight, yet they are often very simple to put into the overall bathroom design. They may be made of plastic, metal, or wood. They’ll produce a visual attraction on the vanity if you place them anywhere near the sink.

Organize Your Toothbrushes With These Toothbrush Holder

These toothbrush holders will keep your space neat and organized, since everyone has a toothbrush or two lying around on the countertop. Toothbrush holders can also help your kitchen seem more sleek and organized.

These toothbrush holders come in a metallic bronze finish that will match up with your other bathroom fixtures, and they’re a fantastic way to keep your hygiene products in a spot where they’ll stay clean and unsullied.

Display Your Accessories On a Tray

Using trays is another excellent way to reduce the clutter on your countertop while also cleaning it up. Trays can add to your style and keep your space connected and beautiful, in addition to being a clean and germ-free way to display and store all of your things.

A tray has such an effect on the ambiance, as compared to other bathroom countertop décor components, that it seems doubtful. Trays will keep your items sorted and your home tidy, whether they’re made of bamboo, wood, plastic, or metal.

Usher In Chic Vibes With 2-Tier Serving Trays

These vertical 2-tier serving trays are ideal if you have a lot of accessories but no adequate place to put them. These serving trays will brighten up your space with stylish and lush atmospheres, perfect for organizing your bathroom items.

This 2-tier serving tray is scratch-free and will leave your countertop as good as new, so don’t worry about placing them on delicate wooden surfaces. Its usefulness is another significant advantage, as it may hold your perfumes, jewels, candles, and other cosmetics.

Mirrors – Beautiful And Practical Decor

Countertop mirrors are another popular bathroom counter accessory idea, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is a countertop mirror handy when shaving or applying make-up, but it will also lighten and revive your living area.

Round and oval countertop mirrors, as well as rectangular ones, are available. Curved mirrors, or variations with different edges, are also available. You can find a sort of mirror that is ideal for your countertop, no matter what type you prefer.

Turn Necessity Into an Accessory With These Tissue Boxes

The presence of napkins and tissues in any restroom is another feature. Place your tissues or napkins in a matching tissue box, and you may easily transform your tissue holder into an attractive bathroom décor item.

This marble tissue box is an attractive and harmonic addition to a simple bathroom counter. It’ll stand out among the clutter because of its similarities to other marble features and vanity surfaces.

Store Everyday Essentials In Apothecary Jars

Storing everyday items inside apothecary jars is another excellent way to keep your countertop area organised and easy on the eyes. Apothecary jars will also bring fresh and chic vibes to your bathroom, not only making your necessities organized and within reach, but also bringing a little bit of flair.

Cotton swabs, bath salts, Q-tips, and all manner of cosmetics and make-up items may be stored in them. When discussing the decor approach, apothecary jars will come in handy since they’ll limit the visual clutter and keep things tidy and structured.

Illuminate Vanity Space With Sconces

Fitting lighting is an unavoidable bathroom necessity that everyone should have. Wall-mounted sconces are ideal for vanities and countertops since they illuminate your area and keep your belongings clean and neat, so you can have them in any room.

Clearing the visual clutter and making your countertop clear will help you set up sconces at your eye level. Sconces, on the other hand, are a attractive embellishment to the décor since they provide rustic and metallic impressions.

Vases Are a Sophisticated Choice

Place a vase on your countertop, because it’s not dangerous. They’ll pique people’s attention and draw their stares. Vases function as a center point for your kitchen, making it look more attractive and draw attention.

You must have at least considered vases while decorating a bathroom countertop if you’re asking yourself how to do it. Having a vase is a complex and sophisticated option, whether they’re utilized to holding flowers or utilized as artwork.

Enrich Your Space With Floral Elements

Nature should be incorporated into the bathroom, as well as other rooms. Placing a few plants and flowers on your countertop space is a fantastic way to inject some life and color.

Artificial or genuine flowers and plants can have a positive or negative influence on your bathroom style, regardless. While having a few happy succulents or cacti around may seem like a safe and simple way to freshen up your environment, they will also add a dose of freshness.

Artworks Make Great Self-Expression

Having a few artworks or images is a excellent approach to make a statement or add character to your bathroom area. They can be mounted on the countertop’s wall or directly on the surface.

Artworks and paintings may have a family-friendly message or they might inspire serious and creative ideas. Additionally, having photographs of your loved ones and friends in the bathroom can make it feel more welcoming.


A bathroom allows you to decompress and de-stress. In a way, it’s a private sanctuary. Naturally, you’d want to make your home, which you spend a lot of time in, more attractive.

Yet, we know what it’s like to pick ornaments and decorations that are perfect for your bathroom. We believe our list of bathroom countertop decor ideas has helped and encouraged you. Happy shopping!

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