17 Rustic Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Rustic design has become a global trend in modern interior décor, thanks to its individual approach on traditional furniture. The ability to take ordinary items and make them into stunning, stylish declaration items is what makes rustic décor so outstanding.

Rustic elements, such as chalk paint and vintage-style fabric flowers, are popular among property owners who want to revamp their old furniture. This process isn’t good for folks in a hurry, despite how much fun it may be.

Don’t worry if you love rustic decor but don’t have the time or patience for DIY projects. As rustic wall décor for the living room, here are a few excellent options:

Tell the time with an Oversized Windmill Metal Clock

A gigantic, rustic-style clock made to resemble a metal windmill is the perfect way to tell time.

Farmhouse-themed design and rustic décor go hand in hand. This clock is a great match for your rustic-themed living room because it features windmills as a common sight in farmhouse culture.

Regardless of whether or not other wall décor items surround it, the clock’s enormous design allows it to make a strong statement. In addition, since it has a neutral color scheme, it won’t clash with other décor items or rustic furniture in the area.

Opt for a Large, Wooden Wall Clock

The solid wood frame of this vintage clock allows it to blend in with rustic decorating style guidelines. Remember, this clock is ideal for your new living room because it uses rustic design’s open arms to embrace wooden features.

This clock has a stunning blue and brown color scheme and a faded, chalky backdrop. Blue, in particular, stands out as a welcome change from more traditional rustic hues (such as black or dark brown).

Light It Up with a Wood-Armed Sconce

Excellent indoor lighting is required in every interior space. As a result, if you want rustic sconces for your living room, consider these bronze wood-armored lights.

A bare tungsten bulb and a unique aged bronze finish are found in these lights. The bulb is fully exposed to passers-by since there is no outer covering. This setup is unconventional, but it adds to the sconce’s appeal and is a ideal match for country settings.

Opt for a Barnyard, Flush-Mounted Sconce

This boxed sconce is a good option if you prefer mostly naked lights. The light bulb is completely visible, despite being encased in a decorative, barndoor-style box. This pays homage to vintage sconces that are typically missing an opaque outer cover and adds to its rustic appeal.

This sconce is also re-wired with a special light-dimming feature. This feature is lacking in most sconces and allows homeowners to adjust the light settings of their indoor space to their liking.

Combine Vintage and Rustic Design with this Bronze Hanging Light

This sconce has an attractive lampshade-style design with a partially-visible tungsten bulb, and it’s a third lighting option for your rustic living room. This unusual design pays respect to vintage 20th century lights. In addition, the sconce has a undeniable rustic appeal due to the use of bronze and a bare bulb.

Because of its lampshade construction, this sconce may produce a spotlight effect and deliver bright light to objects set immediately beneath it. This makes it suited for wall art that needs constant electrical light, which is ideal.

Decorate with a Wooden Art Piece

Cork and wood are featured in rustic design. Fortunately, the frame shown above is ideal for rustic living rooms since it is constructed entirely of solid wood.

This piece is also available in three sizes. As a result, based on your aesthetic objectives, you may pick a frame size. When attempting to make a strong, rustic-style statement in your living room, bigger frame sizes are preferable. However, if you want to use this frame as a tiny backdrop element, the smallest option is for you.

Display Your Love for Animals with a Wood-Framed Deer Canvas Print

This print has a beautiful bohemian quality due to its rustic, chalky finish. As a result, if you’re looking for pieces with a blend of bohemian and rustic design, this one is worth considering!

Additionally, the print is mounted on a solid wood frame and is made of high-quality cotton canvas. Remember that the world of rustic design favors natural materials like cotton and wood.

Therefore, if you want to boost the rustic appeal of your living room, choose décor made of similar materials.

Expand Your Storage Space with a Decorative Wooden Cupboard

A stunning rustic aesthetic with a ornamental iron door and a smooth wooden cubby is featured in this sleek cabinet. It also comes with three large shelves, making it a fantastic place to store additional rural décor.

This item may give your living area additional storage capability because of its large interior. This cabinet is an excellent place to store regular things like TV remotes because of its ergonomic door, which allows for simple access to stored items.

Improve Living Room Functionality with an Attractive Rustic Chalkboard

While chalkboards are more often seen in cooking and playrooms, you may install one in your home as well!

A sliding barnyard door is reminiscent of the board shown above. Rustic décor items often include farmhouse-style aesthetics (barn doors are common). As a result, if you want to enhance the rustic look of your living room, consider installing this board.

Installation tip: Install this chalkboard as a place to doodle when you’re bored (or if you live with kids [or are an artist at heart yourself]).

Mount a Pair of Galvanized Iron Wall Planters

With an industrial twist, these charming planters have a rustic appeal. They’re fashioned of solid galvanized iron and are distinguished by their dazzling golden paint streaks.

Remember that using natural elements inside your home space is what rustic decorating is all about. What better way to foster a sense of nature in your home than by placing little potted plants?

These planters can be used to mount plants on your living room wall in a variety of ways. Below is a popular plant example…

Add an Organic Edge with Pretty Plants

The indoor plant English Ivy is ideal. It’s a versatile, low-maintenance option for your living room because it can handle both indirect bright light and low light situations.

English Ivy, unlike most indoor plants, is a creeper, meaning it may spread out of its container and develop into lovely, dangling vines. As a consequence, it is the best fit for wall-mounted plant fittings.

Therefore, don’t miss out on the English Ivy if you’re a lover of plant cascades. It’ll help add to the area’s rustic appeal, not just by improving your living room’s overall aesthetic.

Mount a Motivational Wooden Poster

Mounting some rustic motivational posters in your living room might help you create a more positive atmosphere. An excellent example can be seen in the one depicted above. What a better way to encourage yourself to live life to the fullest than by regularly reading such inspirational quotes? It reads, “Today happens only once…make it remarkable.”

The fading edges and wooden board background of this frame make it instantly recognizable as a rustic design. As a result, don’t be afraid to employ it to give your home room a rustic feel.

Go All-Out with a Rustic Ladder Bookcase

In rooms with existing dark wood furniture, this particular bookcase is ideal. This rustic ladder shelf set will blend in with your other rustic décor and dark-colored walls due to its chocolatey color scheme.

Furthermore, it has several shelves for rustic-themed décor that you may put. You may simply put tiny plants on these shelves, for example, if you want to include them in your interior design.

Plants are a must-have for your rustic living room because they can help create a tranquil environment and improve overall air quality inside closed spaces.

Decorate Your Walls with Wall-Mounted Flowers

Don’t worry if you don’t like real plants. Instead, you may use these beautiful metal flowers to decorate with!

Faded robin’s blue, whitewash white, and haystack yellow are among the popular rustic-inspired colors in this trio of 3 wall-mountable flowers. As a result, they are ideal for rustic living rooms. Every bouquet is hand-made and flawlessly painted.

These flowers are the best option for those seeking top-notch decoration items with skilled craftsmanship.

Introduce a Rustic Barnhouse Door Mirror Set

The set of two complementary rustic mirrors shown above features a chalky whitewash that improves the visual appeal. To pay homage to the rustic farmhouse style, these mirrors are shaped like barn house doors.

These barndoor borders, on the other hand, make it tough to view huge pictures in one go from within the mirror. Despite their lovely appearance. As a result, bedroom and bathroom vanity mirrors aren’t appropriate for this collection. It can, nevertheless, be used as a wonderful wall décor for your new rustic indoor environment!

Invest in a Rounded Wooden Mirror

To create the perception of wider space, interior designers commonly place mirrors in tight areas. Therefore, if your home has a tiny living area, a significant wall mirror may enhance the look of the room.

The wood used to make this mirror is natural, with a light brown color that gives it a homey, rustic appearance. The wood has a beautiful whitewash finish that adds depth to the piece. The frame has a casual, bohemian-like appearance because to the wooden beads lining it. For living rooms seeking a calm, rustic atmosphere, this is the ultimate solution.

Give Your Walls a Rustic Makeover with Weathered Wood Wallpaper!

Why not start by redoing the walls in your living room if you’re looking to completely renovate it?

Any tired-looking old walls are instantly uplifted by wallpaper. Of course, paint is an option. On the other hand, if you’re going for a rustic look, choose wood-like wallpaper instead of textured wallpaper.

Replicating the inside of a barn, which is a common source of rustic design inspiration for many people, will enable you to do so.

Final Thoughts

The rustic décor has a distinct style that is impossible to deny! The visual of vibrant plants and beautiful whitewashed wooden surfaces is difficult to compete with!

Hopefully, this article will help you with your future rustic wall décor project. Pay close attention to the color and dimensions of the rustic wall art you choose for your living room. For a living area that is modest, for example, avoid huge rustic wall decor. Instead, use smaller statement pieces to create a appealing visual.

For example, if you’re into contemporary rustic wall décor. In that scenario, a modern sconce may be used to add an air of modernism to the area. Remember that the degree to which you pay attention to decorating your wall determines how successful you will be!

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