23 Beach Themed Bathroom Ideas

Beaches offer a multitude of enjoyable experiences, from basking in the sun to swimming and engaging in various water sports.

For those who possess a deep affinity for beaches, it’s only natural to desire a bathroom that reflects this passion. After all, a bathtub can be likened to a personal oasis reminiscent of the ocean. That’s why an ocean-themed bathroom presents an ideal design for beach enthusiasts.

Fortunately, transforming your bathroom into a beach-inspired retreat is not a daunting task. With a few simple modifications, you can create the bathroom you’ve always dreamt of. Let’s explore how to achieve this delightful transformation.

A Funny Sign for a Coastal Themed Bathroom

Regardless of the theme you choose, humor can always find its place. The beach-themed bathroom is no exception. It offers numerous opportunities to showcase your funny side while maintaining the coastal ambiance. Consider incorporating humorous signs that embrace the beach theme.

For instance, a clever sign that reads “Wash your palms” combines wordplay and wit, perfectly capturing the beachy vibe. Another amusing idea could be replacing the traditional man and woman signs on the toilet door with a pirate and a mermaid. The possibilities to create a beach-themed bathroom infused with humor are plentiful and delightful.

A Ship Wheel Bathroom Mirror

To enhance the aesthetics of your beach-themed bathroom, consider adding a houseplant that resembles “seaweed.” This simple addition can elevate the overall look and atmosphere. Embrace your inner child and indulge in imaginative play by envisioning yourself as a daring pirate in this nautical setting.

In addition to the seaweed accent, there are numerous other beach-inspired decorations that can further enhance the ambiance of your bathroom. In the following discussion, we will explore various ideas to adorn your bathroom with delightful coastal elements.

Add Blue to Your Bathroom

It’s almost instinctive to imagine a beach-themed bathroom adorned in shades of blue. The color blue instantly evokes a sense of tranquility and echoes the vastness of the ocean. When it comes to selecting the perfect hue, there is an abundance of options to explore. Personally, I have a fondness for lighter shades of teal, as they exude a serene and refreshing vibe. However, feel free to choose any shade of blue that resonates with your preferences.

Whether you have a plain or brick wall, it is essential to incorporate light blue tones into your bathroom. Consider painting the walls a soft blue or even opting for a combination of blue and white, reminiscent of clouds floating in the sky. This will create a soothing and airy atmosphere, enhancing the beach-inspired aesthetic of your bathroom.

Fairy Lights with Seashells in a Mason Jar

There’s an undeniable charm that comes with placing items in a mason jar. It’s as if they instantly become even more appealing. Macaroons, for instance, are already delightful, but when presented in a mason jar, they become even more visually captivating. The same can be said for fairy lights – they possess a natural beauty, but when arranged within a mason jar, their allure intensifies. By adding seashells to the mix, you not only enhance their aesthetics but also infuse a beachy vibe into the overall ambiance.

Creating the perfect accessory for your beach-inspired bathroom, with fairy lights and seashells arranged in a mason jar, is a simple and cost-effective endeavor. It can be swiftly assembled, requiring minimal effort. Once in place, these elements will emit a soft and enchanting glow, elevating the beauty of your bathroom to a new level.

Take It to the Next Level with a Beach Toilet Seat

When it comes to decorating a space with a beloved theme, the question arises: where do you draw the line? But what if you pondered, “Why stop?” If that’s the case, then this extraordinary toilet seat is tailored just for you. Adorned with an assortment of seashells and other precious oceanic treasures, this seat cover is designed for individuals who take their thematic choices to heart.

Now, you might wonder, how many seashells does this seat cover possess? Well, imagine if someone were selling seashells on the seashore – this seat cover would rival the quantity they could sell. It truly is a remarkable and visually captivating addition. However, it’s crucial to ensure that the color of the seat cover matches either the wall color or, at the very least, coordinates with the color of the rug. This attention to detail will ensure a harmonious and cohesive aesthetic in your beach-themed bathroom.

A Beach Themed Bathroom Rug

Nestled behind the seat, you’ll find a delightful array of artificial flowers that inject a burst of vibrant hues into the predominantly blue bathroom. By introducing additional colors into the space, we prevent the excessive use of a single color from becoming monotonous. This infusion of different colors helps to maintain a sense of freshness and keeps the bathroom visually intriguing.

Starfish Ceiling Light in the Bathroom

When it comes to decorating a beach-themed bathroom, sea creatures play a crucial role. Incorporating elements such as starfish, octopuses, jellyfish, and crabs adds a distinctive touch to the space, creating a truly unique atmosphere. If you believe that changing the bathroom mirror and rugs is sufficient, you’re mistaken. There are still plenty of other changes you can make to enhance the overall design.

Take, for example, these remarkable glass ceiling lights resembling starfish. They offer a delightful twist on traditional lighting fixtures. Rather than being shaped in the usual circular form, these lights embrace the beachy aesthetic by taking on the whimsical shape of a starfish. Adding such charming and unconventional lighting to your beach-themed bathroom can truly elevate its ambiance.

Beach wallpaper with Sea Life on It

Immerse yourself in a truly enchanting underwater experience with this captivating wallpaper that redefines the concept of swimming with fishes. If you’ve always yearned for an up-close encounter with the mesmerizing marine life of the ocean, why not bring that dream to life through your wallpaper? Delight in the presence of pufferfish, redfish, and an array of other captivating sea creatures.

Naturally, this ocean-themed wallpaper is not the only option available. You can also opt for a picturesque design that showcases the beach in all its glory. However, if your heart longs for the captivating world of aquatic life, this particular wallpaper is the perfect choice. Its vibrant imagery not only adds a stunning visual element to your bathroom but also provides an engaging focal point to enjoy while brushing your teeth or carrying out your daily routine.

A Beach Themed Blue Bathtub

The bathtub is a significant focal point in your bathroom, and when you embrace a themed design, it’s essential to incorporate it seamlessly. While going for a bathtub with bold prints and patterns might be overwhelming, opting for a tub that subtly aligns with the theme is a wise choice.

Consider selecting a bathtub that complements the color scheme of your beach-themed bathroom, particularly the shower curtain. If you plan to have a shower curtain adorned with a beach print, ensure that the tub shares the same color as the dominant hue used in the curtain. This synchronization creates a cohesive and pleasing aesthetic, tying the elements of the bathroom together harmoniously. By paying attention to this detail, your bathtub will effortlessly blend with the overall theme, contributing to a visually appealing look.

A Beach Arrow Sign (Or a Lot of Them)

Beach arrow signs are iconic markers that indicate the proximity of a beach. By incorporating them into your bathroom decor, you can create a delightful beach-like atmosphere. Whether you long for sunbathing, strolling along the seaside or the boardwalk, or simply immersing yourself in the refreshing waters, these signs evoke a sense of beachy bliss. You can opt for a single beach sign or a cluster of signs, like the ones showcased here, grouped together.

The combination of blue and white colors on these signs is visually appealing and they harmoniously complement each other. Strung together by a burlap rope, reminiscent of the ropes used on ships and ferries, they exude an authentic beach vibe. This creative arrangement adds an element of nostalgia and charm to your beach-themed bathroom, further enhancing the coastal aesthetic.

Have a Mermaid in Your Bathroom

A beach-themed bathroom would not be complete without the enchanting presence of a mermaid. While mermaids may be mythical creatures, their allure and magic make them a delightful addition to your bathroom decor. You can incorporate mermaid elements in various forms, such as art pieces, photo frames, mermaid decals, mermaid rugs, or any other imaginative options.

Take, for instance, this ingenious creation—a mermaid adorning a toilet brush holder. It showcases remarkable creativity and adds a touch of whimsy to an otherwise mundane item. Who would have imagined that a toilet brush holder could be glorified in such a unique way? If you’ve ever considered toilet brushes to be unsightly, this innovative concept provides a refreshing twist, transforming an everyday necessity into an eye-catching and conversation-starting element in your beach-themed bathroom.

An Attractive Seahorse Towel Set

Indulge in the elegance of a seahorse-inspired towel set, featuring white towels adorned with delicate blue seahorse outlines. This set includes a bath towel, a hand towel, and a face towel, each exuding coastal charm. Seahorses are not only visually captivating but also enigmatic creatures. Did you know that male seahorses are the ones who give birth to their babies? The sea world never fails to surprise us.

The beauty of this seahorse towel set lies in its affordability. If you’re someone who enjoys periodically changing the themes of your rooms, making small adjustments like updating your towel set can be a fantastic option. Instead of going through the hassle of repainting walls, this simple change offers an easy, quick, and beautiful way to refresh the ambiance of your beach-themed bathroom.

A Playing Dolphin Toilet Paper Holder

Dolphins are universally adored creatures, known for their joyful nature. Not only are they a symbol of merriment, but they are also hailed as the most intelligent marine mammals. Their playful demeanor often leads them to venture near beaches, where they engage in delightful antics with their friends and family. The endearing qualities of dolphins have even been depicted in movies, highlighting their playful and helpful nature.

Now, imagine infusing that magical dolphin spirit into your beach-themed bathroom with this charming toilet paper holder. This holder is designed to accommodate one roll of toilet paper for immediate use, with three additional rolls serving as backups. We all keep a couple of toilet paper rolls in our bathrooms, so why not enhance the beach ambiance by incorporating this delightful dolphin holder? It adds a touch of whimsy and captures the essence of the ocean, making your bathroom a truly enchanting space.

A Scary Octopus Wall Hanging

Octopi have a certain allure that captivates our imagination. Often portrayed as sinister creatures in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and even Spiderman, they are perceived in a negative light. However, the truth is that octopi are highly intelligent beings capable of solving complex puzzles, showcasing their remarkable cognitive abilities.

This striking octopus wall hanging may appear slightly intimidating, but it holds a captivating charm, especially with the addition of gears that exude a subtle steampunk aesthetic. Notably, it features pegs at the end where you can conveniently hang your clothes as you prepare to step into the bathtub. Embracing this unique and creatively designed piece in your beach-themed bathroom adds a touch of intrigue and personality, blending the allure of the ocean with a hint of captivating artistry.

Get the Pirate Touch

Enhance the maritime ambiance of your bathroom by tastefully incorporating a ship wheel, an anchor, and a fishing net. With these nautical elements adorning your walls, you can instantly transform your space into a pirate ship, and you become the captain of your own seafaring adventure. However, fear not, for these pirates are not of the scary kind found in tales of old, but rather the cute and endearing characters of cartoons and fantasy movies.

To add an authentic touch, consider hanging a pirate hat or an eye patch. For an even more immersive experience, place a small treasure chest, creating the illusion of recently acquired loot. When selecting colors for your bathroom, it is important to ensure they complement your chosen theme. If a complete pirate theme is your desire, embrace the rich tones of black. However, since you aspire for a beachy bathroom, opt for a color palette centered around whites and blues, which harmoniously evoke the essence of the ocean and shores.

Cabinets That are Shaped like Boats

For those who prefer indulging in a good book rather than playing mobile games while in the bathroom, these shelves provide a perfect solution. With ample space to accommodate your favorite reads, as well as art pieces, house plants, extra toilet rolls, and more, they offer versatility and functionality in equal measure. Whether you wish to create a mini-library within your bathroom or display decorative items that bring a personal touch, these shelves serve as a convenient and stylish storage solution. Embrace the joy of reading while surrounded by the comforts of your beach-themed bathroom, and let these shelves enhance both your literary escape and the overall ambiance of the space.

A Beach Themed Bathroom Lantern

Lanterns exude a timeless appeal that effortlessly blends vintage aesthetics with an inherent allure. When incorporated into a beach-themed bathroom, they bring forth a rustic charm that enhances the overall ambiance. To infuse a touch of coastal magic, simply adorn the lanterns with a few carefully placed seashells. Adding a blue candle to the lantern creates a beautiful synergy, reminiscent of the ocean’s hues. For an even more immersive experience, consider using an ocean breeze scented candle, allowing the refreshing aroma to transport you to the seaside.

Notably, the burlap rope adorning the top of the lantern mirrors the ropes used to secure boats as they arrive at the shore, further accentuating the coastal vibe. As guests enter, illuminate the candle and let the warm glow fill your bathroom while the invigorating scent of the ocean breeze envelops the space. The combination of visual charm, coastal accents, and delightful scents creates a captivating experience, transforming your beach-themed bathroom into a haven of relaxation and tranquility.

Raw Wooden Shelves like an Old Boat

The corrosive effects of saltwater on wooden boats are well-known, leading ship captains to diligently clean their decks. However, you can capture the rustic charm of weathered and aged wood within your bathroom by incorporating old planks skillfully arranged as a backdrop for your shelves.

Imbue these planks with color, allowing your imagination to run free with various shades of blue or any other hue that resonates with your beach theme. Then, place an assortment of bathroom essentials on the shelves, such as extra toilet paper rolls, loofahs, or shampoo bottles. To truly bring the beach theme to life, consider adorning one of the shelves with a faux starfish, instantly evoking the spirit of the ocean.

This creative use of aged planks not only adds a touch of rustic elegance to your bathroom but also captures the essence of seaside charm. By transforming ordinary shelves into a visually captivating display, you infuse your space with a coastal ambiance that transports you to the tranquil shores of a beachside retreat.

Wall Hooks that Look Like Fishing Hooks

Whether you’re angling for compliments or simply in need of a place to hang your towel or clothes, these hooks will fulfill the task with ease. Practical and versatile, they can be effortlessly installed on your bathroom door or wall, providing convenient storage options as you prepare for a shower or go about your daily routine.

Consider incorporating an assortment of these hooks in various colors to not only maximize hanging space but also add a delightful visual flair to your bathroom. However, it’s worth noting that their lifelike design may deceive guests into mistaking them for actual fishing hooks. While they offer a unique and eye-catching look, it’s advisable to ensure that their functionality as bathroom hooks is clearly communicated to prevent any unintended fishing mishaps. With these hooks in place, you’ll have both a practical storage solution and a charming conversation starter in your beach-themed bathroom.

Place a Lifebuoy and a Lighthouse

Imagine yourself standing on a picturesque seashore, guided by the comforting beam of a lighthouse cutting through the darkness. Now, bring that essence of the ocean’s allure into your bathroom by adorning it with a lighthouse figurine. This addition not only enhances the genuine appeal of your beach-themed sanctuary but also serves as a charming nod to the maritime world.

To further accentuate the nautical ambiance, consider placing a lifebuoy nearby. A staple safety device found on ships, the lifebuoy not only adds a touch of authenticity but also serves as a reminder of the importance of safety and protection. You can seamlessly integrate this maritime ensemble with the beach sign mentioned earlier, providing your guests with a clear understanding of the nature of your captivating theme.

Opting for a beautiful black and white lighthouse figurine complemented by a red and white lifebuoy creates an eye-catching contrast. However, if you prefer, you can substitute the lifebuoy with an anchor, symbolizing strength and stability. Whichever combination you choose, this addition will undoubtedly elevate the oceanic charm and elegance of your beach-themed bathroom.

Beach Themed Metal Toilet Handles

Elevate your beach-inspired fantasy to new heights with the perfect toilet handles. Let your imagination run wild as you choose from an array of delightful options, such as a mermaid, a starfish, a conch shell, or even a ship. These unique handles add a whimsical touch to your bathroom, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your beach-themed oasis. And when nature calls, a simple twist is all it takes to complete the task at hand.

If you’ve already incorporated the various beach-themed elements mentioned in this article but find yourself yearning for even more coastal charm, consider exploring metallic toilet handles. These handles not only exude a beachy vibe but are also incredibly easy to install. In just a matter of minutes, you can replace your existing handle with a shiny new counterpart, further enhancing the overall aesthetic of your beach-inspired bathroom.

Boat Oar Bathroom Décor

Immerse yourself in the coastal ambiance with a unique twist by incorporating a boat oar adorned with hooks. When mounted on the wall, it effortlessly complements the beach theme, evoking a sense of nautical adventure. This functional decor piece allows you to conveniently hang towels and clothes, keeping your bathroom organized and on-theme. And let’s not forget the adorable addition of the baby shark mitten, adding a touch of playfulness to the space.

Above the single oar, you have the perfect opportunity to showcase additional ocean-inspired art pieces. Consider displaying a compass, symbolizing the guiding direction for ship captains on their seafaring journeys. Alternatively, you can personalize this space with artwork that resonates with your own beach experiences, such as depictions of captivating sea creatures or cherished snapshots from your past beach vacations. Let your creativity flow as you curate a captivating display that reflects your love for the ocean and its wonders.

A Seahorse Made of Wood

Unleash your artistic prowess and captivate your guests with a stunning display of beachy nautical art in your bathroom. This particular piece features a seahorse crafted from collected twigs meticulously arranged to form its enchanting shape on the wall. Although it may appear intricate, creating this masterpiece is surprisingly simple: just start with a chalk outline and then carefully position and secure the twigs within it.

This DIY project is not only effortlessly achievable but also promises to be a showstopper, effortlessly drawing the attention of anyone who enters your bathroom. Embracing the beach aesthetic while showcasing your artistic flair, this seahorse artwork will undoubtedly add a distinctive touch to your space. So, if you’re seeking a beach-inspired look and possess a creative spirit, this is an endeavor that should be high on your list. Prepare to amaze and inspire with your unique artistic vision.

Drop on the Deck and Flop Like a Fish

If the mere mention of the phrase “Aye Aye, Captain” prompts you to break into song, then you are undeniably a devoted fan of SpongeBob SquarePants. And if you find yourself immersed in the whimsical world of SpongeBob, then a beach theme for your bathroom is an absolute must. So, why not take a break from flipping Krabby Patties with your trusty spatula and embark on a delightful weekend project that is both simple and entertaining?

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