14 Healthiest & Best Fish to Eat (and 7 to Absolutely Steer Clear of)

I’m so fortunate to live in a location that is very near to the original ‘Mayberry.’ Do you remember Mayberry?

Do you recall how Andy Griffith’s young son, Opie, would go fishing with his father in the little town where they lived out their days eating delectable southern cuisine?

So, whenever I pass through that town, I get this mental picture of Andy and Opie walking down the dirt road with fishing poles in hand. I can’t help but think of all of the delicious fish they must have caught in the magic of TV, aside from the fact that it is a happy scene in my mind.

As a result, if you enjoy fishing and want to build your own happy experiences, keep these fish in mind because there are certain fish that are healthier for you to consume than others.

However, if you’re not a fisherman or lady, keep these fish in mind as you choose which ones to rear or buy from your local fish market.

14 Healthy Fish Types to Eat

Here are the healthiest and the best fish for you to eat:

1. Wild Salmon

Wild salmon comes first on the list, of course. The fact is, it’s a fantastic fish for both fresh and saltwater. It’s good for your heart and high in omega-3 fatty acids.

The wild variety, on the other hand, should be avoided. Farmed salmon is worse since it is often reared in crowded, filthy conditions, resulting in diseases and bacteria. Calories and fat levels are also higher. Any sort of salmon, whether farmed or wild, is fine if you don’t have access to wild salmon.

When shopping for wild salmon, keep this in mind. You might grow them yourself if you want to ensure ideal conditions, or you may buy them fresh, frozen, or canned.

2. Arctic Char

Arctic Char is also known as Iwana. This kind of fish is allowed to eat if it’s farmed. As is customary, I encourage you to grow your own food.

Of course, raising the fish yourself is ideal because you know how it was raised. Additionally, the more natural method of doing things is to catch it in its natural habitat.

However, if you must buy this fish, keep in mind that farm-raised fish of this sort are acceptable since they are often raised using more organic methods.

3. Atlantic Mackerel

Mackerel should be purchased only if it’s Atlantic Mackerel. King Mackerel and Spanish Mackerel have a considerably higher mercury level, so you should stay away from them.

Yet, since Atlantic Mackerel does not have the same concern about high mercury levels, it would be ideal for a regular part of your diet.

4. Black Cod

Cod is one of my favorite foods. One of my favorite fish is most likely this one. Because not only does it taste good, but it is also good for you, that gives me a little extra boost in my step that I can include it on this list.

As a result, black cod has a rich buttery flavor to it if you’re not familiar with it. Which I like is that it isn’t overly fishy to me.

It does, however, have a higher mercury concentration than other fish. As a result, you should avoid eating it on a regular basis. In addition, youngsters aged 12 and younger should eat it no more than twice per month.

5. Sardines

Sardines used to be a very common fish, and can be found in most any market today. Until recently, that was the case.

Because the fishing of this type of fish has been closed due to their rapid decline in numbers, locating them is now quite difficult.

However, due to their lower levels of mercury than fish farther up on the food chain, if you can locate them they are a good option for a snack or as part of a meal.

6. Oysters

Oysters are a favorite of many people. They like them hot and raw, and they are quite popular. Every year, on our vacation to a small beach, we buy our seafood from a local fresh fish market. It’s amazing how many individuals visit the shop just to buy oysters.

As a result, if you like oysters, you’re in luck; they’re actually beneficial to eat. Unless you go to a place like the fish market I mentioned, most oysters you buy are farmed.

Either way, because to overcrowding or other sanitation concerns, both of the strategies (farmed or caught wild) are well maintained and should not expose you to any bacteria.

7. Rainbow Trout

Another of my favorite fish is the Rainbow Trout. It’s worth noting that if you catch this fish fresh, then it’s OK to eat it.

You should, however, inquire about the method by which Rainbow Trout was raised if you must purchase it farmed. You may proceed if they were raised in a pond or a recirculating system.

The fact is that these procedures aren’t suited for allowing the fish to survive in unclean situations. Instead, if you’re eating any animal, these processes maintain the fish free of disease and parasites.

8. Anchovies

My first experience with anchovies will stay with me forever. I was pregnant and worked in an office, despite the fact that I still lived in the city. I was almost nine months pregnant, and Italian food was one of my cravings that day, so we ordered pizza to work.

So, I walk over to my office after seeing this new pepperoni pizza and grabbing a couple of slices. This pizza has a lot of salt, which I notice. I went out to the car and asked one of the guys if he had noticed anything unusual about the pizza.

Naturally, everyone laughed at me because I had picked up a slice of pizza with pepperoni and anchovies on it. That day will undoubtedly stay with me forever.

Yet, since anchovies have less mercury and more omega-3 fatty acids, if you like them, stick with them.

9. Rockfish

I appreciate the look of Rockfish. They are a one-of-a-kind fish that provides you with a lot of essential nutrients. Sadly, the population of this fish has decreased drastically due to overfishing.

Rockfish, on the other hand, has a total of over 70 species and is making a comeback. So, whether you like it or not, Rockfish is healthy for you.

10. Pacific Halibut

In my opinion, halibut is another delicious fish. However, because of the mercury levels in this kind of fish, you should limit how much you eat. If you eat a lot of fish, this isn’t a great staple for you.

If you have younger children, remember to keep your mercury levels in mind. This kind of fish should not be eaten more than twice per month by children under the age of five.

11. Catfish

Catfish has a reputation for being difficult to swallow. Catfish Nuggets are something that I adore. In order to ensure that you are eating fish that is safe for you, this fish has special requirements as well.

So, if you’re purchasing catfish that has been raised in the United States, make sure you either catch it yourself or get it from someone who does. The fact is that certain nations have no fish farming regulations.

As a result, since the contaminated water they were reared in is causing you to eat polluted fish, So make sure to double-check that, but catfish are a excellent fish to consume since they have low levels of mercury. If you can get them, try it!

12. Mussels

Mussels remind me of our beach excursions because they’re as popular as oysters at the fish market, and people do the same thing with mussels.

Mussels, on the other hand, are farmed in large quantities. Because they are raised responsibly, don’t let that turn you off of them. A rope is lowered into the sea with mussels raised on it.

Moreover, this approach to growing mussels has the potential to boost the ecosystem where they are grown as well as being a healthy way to grow mussels.

13. Albacore Tuna

After seeing some of the programs on TV, I have a whole new respect for commercial fishermen. I tune in to a program about King Crab fishermen on a regular basis, as well as one about fisherman who attempt to capture Albacore Tuna.

Let me put it this way: it’s a tremendous accomplishment. It is fantastic news that these fish are actually suitable for your consumption after they go through all the trouble of catching them.

These fish do, however, have higher levels of mercury. As a result, it is suggested that youngsters aged 5 and younger limit the amount of this fish they eat to twice per month.

14. Herring

The stronger flavor of herring is well-known. So if you don’t want your fish to be too powerful, then maybe try another kind. It comes down to a matter of personal preference.

I was relieved that this species made the list. Omega-3s are plentiful, mercury is low, and it is also very environmentally friendly.

Yet, Herring manages to brighten my day. I have wonderful recollections of sitting through episodes of The Golden Girls with my elder sister when I was younger. Rose (played by Betty White) often discussed some spicy Herring meals she enjoyed because of her Scandinavian origins on the show, so if you are a fan of the programme, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Therefore, if you appreciate The Golden Girls and want to experience what the program was all about, try Herring for both your heart health and a true sense of what it was all about.

Why Should I Eat Fish?

You may be wondering why you would eat fish now that you are aware of all of the species that you may consume? Not everyone enjoys fish, to be honest.

I get it. Before I was a teenager, I didn’t like seafood much, and it wasn’t until we went to the beach that I started to crave it. Seeing the fish captured and sold fascinates me, causing me to want to devour it.

The omega-3 fatty acids that fish provides are the primary reason you should eat it. Omega-3 fatty acids are fantastic for your heart and help to maintain it.

Others are concerned that since mercury may be found in some fish, they should limit their intake.

The advantages of seafood, on the other hand, have been shown to substantially outweigh the hazards of mercury ingestion. Nonetheless, eating fish with lower levels of mercury is a good idea.

Which Fish Should I Avoid?

There are certain types of fish that are really high in mercury. As much as they may be good for your heart, it is not a good idea to consume this fish because of how much mercury they contain.

So for your safety, I want you to know which types of fish to avoid. They are:

  • King Mackerel
  • Marlin
  • Orange Roughy
  • Shark
  • Swordfish
  • File Fish
  • Ahi Tuna

Although I know how much some people love to eat exotic kinds of fish, it really isn’t a good idea because of the high levels of mercury they contain, which might seem rather depressing.

You’re now ready to explore fish in a whole new way, having learned what sorts of fish are best for you to eat (and which aren’t).

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