15 of the Absolute Best Tomato Varieties You Should Plant in Your Garden

The weather is hot, the garden is blooming, and the temperature are rising. It’s back to being summer. It’s a magical time of year right now.

Despite the fact that most people begin canning and preserving in the summer.

For me, it’s because of all of the unprepared tomatoes that clung to the vine, waiting to be preserved, consumed, or turned into the finest tomato sandwich (which is a favorite of mine.)

Yet, you need to be knowledgeable of the greatest tomato varieties to cultivate enough tomatoes to complete everything you want with them.

So, this is where I’ll start my post. I’m going to give you some tips for growing a bigger tomato harvest this year, based on some of the greatest tomato types available.

The Best Tomato Varieties

1. Celebrities

Celebrities were first planted a few years ago. Because my husband works as a technician, he has the opportunity to meet a wide range of people.

So, they started discussing his garden at a gentleman’s house. We were having a little trouble with our tomatoes that year, and the guy kept telling him how well they were doing.

The guy informed him that Celebrities were the only kind of plant he grew. My spouse remarked that from that point forward, that will be the primary variety we cultivate after examining them.

That is what we have done. Celebrity tomatoes are a red tomato that is spherical and full. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re worth a try. They average around a half-pound apiece.

They, of course, make some fantastic tomato sandwiches.

2. Black Cherry Tomato

If I’ve ever seen a tomato like this, I don’t think I’ll ever see one again. It’s a black cherry tomato that looks like this.

Now, before I continue, I want to make it clear that cherry tomatoes have always been good to me. These guys don’t appear to be easy to defeat.

In fact, since I’ll have a slew of volunteers return to my garden each year and produce a lot, I have to be cautious when I plant them.

Which means I end up with a lot of tomatoes!

So if you’re trying for a smaller tomato that’s ideal for canning whole or adding to your salad, this variety might be worth a try.

3. Brandywine

Another of my favorite varieties is Brandywine tomatoes. You’ve most likely tasted a Brandywine if you’ve eaten a tomato.

They are, however, a gigantic tomato if they aren’t. They develop into massive, spherical tomatoes that are a little bit meaty. They have a distinct pink hue to them, as well.

Yet, in popular judgment, they are regarded as some of the nicest tomatoes around.

They are another tomato that pairs well with any sandwich, from a BLT to a fresh cheeseburger, due to their huge size.

4. Chocolate Stripes

One of the most conversation-generating plants is a Chocolate Stripes Tomato. It’s a brown striped tomato with a reddish complexion.

However, each one yields a lot of tomatoes due to its enormous size.

This tomato, despite its giant size, is well-known for its pleasant flavor.

As a result, if you’re hunting for a tomato that has a nice flavor, is huge enough, and is fascinating to look at, then consider growing the Chocolate Stripes Tomato.

5. Beef Steak

The most prevalent type of tomato is probably Beef Steak. The crimson variety, which grows to be over a pound in weight, is the largest.

So, from salads to sandwiches to canning, this tomato can be used for anything. It’s definitely a forgiving plant.

But, a beef steak tomato is usually one of the biggest tomatoes you can find, even if you aren’t familiar with it. It just appears to be a big red tomato.

Because of their enormous size, they do occasionally split at the top.

6. Blondkopfchen

This tomato cultivar is a difficult one to say, but it’s a good one to consider.

The name is German, as you may have noticed. It refers to a little blonde girl. This tomato is a cherry tomato cultivar, which explains why.

This cherry tomato, on the other hand, is yellow rather than red. Yellow tomatoes, in my opinion, have a more pleasant flavor than red tomatoes and are therefore more enjoyable.

As a result, if you prefer yellow tomatoes, try this smaller variety.

7. Black Krim

Because of how interesting they are to look at, a lot of people really like these tomatoes. When we picture a tomato, we usually picture a spherical red fruit, according to most tales.

So, in a sense, this version will blow the archetype out of the water.

As a result, this is a standard-sized heirloom tomato variety. The tomatoes are blackish purple in color, and the fruit grows to be about a half pound each.

That would not only taste good but add a unique twist to whatever you served it with.

8. Azoychka

This is another yellow tomato variety. It is very bright in color.

The Azoychka tomato is a tomato that looks like a lemon (from the outside).

They typically weigh around a half pound and have a citrus flavor to them.

As a result, this could be a good choice for you if you want a brilliant, lovely, and delicious yellow tomato variety to add to your garden.

9. Amana Orange

A tomato with a more vibrant color. It’s also rather huge, if you haven’t noticed.

As a result, if you prefer a tomato with a different type of beef steak, then this one is for you. They grow to be around two pounds and are an heirloom variety. There’s a lot of tomato in there!

They have a wonderful taste as well, and they are a gorgeous orange color. It has a sweetness and a fruity flavor.

Those who prefer vibrant tomatoes, a larger tomato, or a milder flavor would appreciate this variety of tomato.

10. Delicious

The tomato variety you see a lot of when you go to the grocery store is probably this one. Red and spherical tomatoes are delectable.

In addition, they can grow up to two pounds in weight.

They are, however, excellent slicing tomatoes that provide a lot of flavor. Their name comes from the fact that they have a delicious flavor.

11. Dixie Golden Giant

This is one of the most fantastic tomatoes I’ve ever seen. My research indicates that it is a heirloom variety that originated among the Amish.

The tomatoes, on the other hand, are very tasty and fragrant.

They grow to be a pound or more in size because they are a beefsteak variety.

Plus, they have a very meaty texture as well.

12. Cherokee Purple

In my own garden, I’ve grown Cherokee Purple tomatoes for a few years. They grew to be the size of a typical tomato, according to my tests.

So you should expect them to be around a half pound or maybe a little less.

Yet, Cherokee Purple tomatoes are just purple, which is what makes them so appealing. These are a darker variety that makes canning and cooking a lot of fun. Seeing a purple tomato or eating a salad with one is surreal.

That’s one of the reasons I like colored tomatoes so much; they provide a little variety to the typical tomato.

13. Better Boy

This year, in our garden, we’re growing some Better Boy tomatoes. It’s a well-liked tomato that’s been tried and tested.

For nearly 50 years, this sort of tomato has been available. It has also been recognized as a Guinness World Record winner.

The most fruit ever known to any other tomato plant was produced by this sort of tomato, which was thus won.

If you’re trying for a conventional, stunning crimson tomato that produces a lot of tomatoes, then this one is worth considering.

14. Green Zebra

Another highly enjoyable tomato is the Green Zebra. It’s a bigger green tomato with yellow stripes that run down the sides, just like a Zebra.

The more sour flavor of this tomato is well-known.

This could be a great tomato variety to grow if you’re someone (like me) who enjoys cooking several dishes with fried green tomatoes.

These tomatoes, on the other hand, aren’t particularly huge. They weigh around a half pound when they’re fully ripe. In my opinion, this is a fantastic size for the kitchen to work with.

15. Early Girl

One of my favorite tomato varieties is Early Girl tomatoes. For those of us who enjoy having a garden in the back yard, it’s a common variety.

The truth is that because the fruit develops to be around a half pound each, it becomes a good-sized tomato for use in the kitchen.

For canning, cooking with, or even eating on sandwiches or salads, these tomatoes are a great selection.

They are, however, so popular because they mature earlier in the season than most other tomatoes and are a spherical crimson tomato.

As a result, you might want to plant a range of tomatoes, but definitely include Early Girl tomatoes in there so that you can harvest your tomato crop much sooner than the rest of the year.

So, you can choose from 15 different tomato types now. Hopefully, you’ll discover the ideal combination for your garden.

In my experience, discovering what you truly like requires growing a range of distinct varieties. There is a need to find a equilibrium. You want to enjoy the tomato’s taste as well as the process of growing it.

So I’d like to hear your thoughts. Which tomato cultivar do you enjoy growing? How do you grow such a excellent variety? Why do you choose that particular variety?

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