27 DIY Chicken Tractor Plans That Anyone Can Build

Do you wish to increase both your agricultural productivity and the health of your cock-a-doodle-doos? The chicken tractor is a must-have for any homesteader, farmer, or other title you choose to go by.

Always give your birds access to food, while controlling pests and fertilizing their soil! At the same time, they were protected from predators. There’s no denying that it’s a good thing. So, let me lay it out for you…it practically seems too good to be true.

Your chicken tractor is supposed to be moved across the field every day (or every few days), which would change the location of your scratching pecking birds constantly. This technique allows you to be certain to get rid of any slug or pest issues since your birds will always have new vegetation to pick at. The pests’ annoying friends are a favorite snack for chickens! There’s also a nice bonus to consider. The flock is leaving behind nutrient-rich manure as it moves around, ensuring that your field stays healthy and content!

Thanks to the internet, we can use previously tried and tested designs for our own chicken tractor. You may cluck a bit while you browse through these 27 chicken tractor ideas!

1. Little Egg Factory

With the help of this little egg factory on wheels, you can transport your feathery friends from place to place.

2. Artistic

When creating your chicken tractor, such as this amazing design with the inventive door, have fun and get creative!

3. Hoop Coop

To construct the frame of your chicken tractor, use PVC hoops. That’s all it takes to make a laying barn out of chicken wire.

4. Chicken Wire

Wrap everything up securely with chicken wire to make sure no one gets out and no unwelcome predators get in!

5. Stress-Free

Easy peasy, no stress! A basic mobile chicken tractor will make your life a lot easier!

6. Tractor

From laying eggs and scratching mulch, this is a great design with huge wheels!

7. Stylish

Your chicken tractor can be as attractive as you want it to be! Have fun with the design and make it look great by painting it a lovely color!

8. Simple and Short

Something easy to understand, something simple! You’ll love this simple chicken tractor design.

9. Pallet

Transform used pallets into a mobile chicken coop for your egg-laying hens, or use them to build something new!

10. Chicksaw

The mobile chicken coop has a really nice design. Grab it and manipulate it as you see fit!

11. Chicken Menagerie

Now, this is a design that I could really fall in love with! It’s appealing to the eye because of its basic minimalistic design and beautiful white color.

12. Add Shade

To keep your hens happy and comfortable, cover them with a tarp or roof.

13. Large and In Charge

It appears that just a few chickens can fit on most chicken tractors. So, up to 14 people can be accommodated here.

14. PVC

PVC pipes are a great material to use when constructing your new chicken tractor because they are simple to operate, lightweight, and reasonably priced.

15. A-Frame

The charming appearance of a classic old red barn is reflected in this A-Frame chicken tractor. This is a fantastic addition to the farm!

16. Lightweight

To make it simple to pick up and transport, this initiative has a weight restriction. You can also make it for less than $100! What’s not to like about it?

17. Barn Tractor

Bring their whole barn if you want to move the chicken fence! You won’t be disappointed with this portable chicken coop!

18. Open Roof

To make grabbing your morning eggs for breakfast simple, this design features a high laying room with a hinged door.

19. Colorful

Pick a cheerful green or multi-colored paint scheme for your chicken tractor! Make it unique to you by customizing it!

20. Brooder Tractor

Down below, there’s plenty of space for scratching and fertilizing thanks to the laying barn up top! This is a good design that you should consider.

21. Under $200

You don’t have to break your budget with this DIY chicken tractor made of recycled materials and found items.

22. Bantam House

Are you looking for a charming and quaint item that takes up little space? There is a project here for you!

23. Plywood

To get the job done, all you need is some simple materials. You may simply need plywood and chicken wire!

24. Broiler Home

Build a lightweight and movable home for pastured broilers to provide them with a secure environment! See the chicken tractor wheels transformed from old bicycles.

25. Hen Hideout

This cool chicken tractor has four wheels, making it easier to shift around.

26. Tractor Chicken Tractor

A larger tractor may be needed to tow a chicken tractor big enough to fit 12 chickens!

27. Reclaimed

The reclaimed wood used to construct this chicken tractor gives it a vintage, rustic look that is ideal for your tiny farm.

Do you have a thing for something? I’m sure I did!

For a small flock or a big flock, there are chicken tractor plans. Recycled materials or brand new boards are used to build chicken tractor plans. Some chicken tractor designs are given a rustic makeover!

There are several options available, so choose whichever one you like. Depending on the size of your flock and property, as well as your own personal preferences, take a close look at each chicken tractor plan and design. Now, then, and then It’s time to get started!

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