16 Boho Kitchen Decor Ideas

Other styles have become more popular recently than Boho. While some trends last for decades, boho style emerged in the early 2000s as a trend. Yet, boho décor may be found all around, from tables to wallpaper – it isn’t just a fad.

Of course, decorating a bohemian kitchen is difficult with any of those options. In addition, because it’s often referred to as “the heart of the house,” decorating a space is nerve-wracking enough. That’s why we’re here to give you some ideas for boho kitchen design.

Add Woven Wall Decor To Fill Empty Space

Wall decorating is an investment that pays off in every room of the home, and your kitchen is no exception. If you don’t have a view above your kitchen sink or if you currently have a lot of empty wall space, this is especially true. Your kitchen will seem more complete by adding some boho décor to the empty area.

Woven items are a terrific option if you aren’t sure where to begin with boho decor. Several of them use a neutral color scheme to maintain that natural feel, and they’re made of natural materials.

Use Macrame for Some Added Texture

Boho has several core aspects, as do many other styles. Texture is one of the most important among them. There are several out there. The boho style has a distinct personality thanks to its blending of rough wood, woven designs, and other elements. Few others can match it.

Baskets and lumber are just two of the many textures available. This macrame piece is what brings it all together. Whether you hang it above a window or as a standalone item, the combination of knotting and geometric designs offers several features to admire.

Mix Modern and Boho Style With a Contrasting Backsplash

Several boho designs may appear to be a little rustic when made out of wicker and wood. However, it is not necessary. Boho style is extremely adaptable, allowing you toestyle it to your liking.

This backsplash is an excellent example. It has an aesthetic that combines boho with modernity via contrast and recurring geometric designs, as one would anticipate from boho. Go for a modern boho kitchen to bring your vision to life, instead of settling for either contemporary or bohemian design.

Surround Nature With Nature Using a Wicker Vase

Of course, there is no boho without nature, so surrounding nature with nature is the ultimate expression of boho. That’s correct, as a matter of fact. Boho vases, such as wicker, allow you to enhance the natural environment around your plants.

Just a little bit of wicker instantly makes it look boho and meshes with your other décor, whereas typical glass vases tend to blend better with other styles like glitz. It illustrates that sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.

Combine Multiple Natural Elements Together for a Unique Look

You shouldn’t feel obligated to use just one natural element when you’re adding them. You may add a special touch to your décor by combining several natural components.

Distressed wood and a flowery scrollwork pattern, for example, are featured in this piece. Scrollwork designs tend to convey elegance, while distressed wood alone tends to convey rusticity. These parts are combined to create a cohesive, one-of-a-kind whole out of two different styles.

Go For Boho Chic With Some Artsy Floral Wall Decor

You don’t have to have actual nature for the boho aesthetic, but you can get a boho look with an indoor garden. Instead, you might try a more creative approach by utilizing creative portrayals of common flora throughout nature.

If you adore mixing styles, these flowers, for example, would match well with a contemporary kitchen while adding a bohemian tone. In other words, it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t have to go full-boho or all-boho when decorating a boho space; instead, you can incorporate boho elements into a variety of styles. It’s all about finding a style that suits you.

Create a Stylish and Space-saving Indoor Garden With Hanging Pots

You may take a more literal approach by designing your own indoor garden, since most of boho is about bringing the indoors in. From having enormous pots on the floor to small pots on a table, there are numerous methods to achieve it.

While you may only have pots that sit on something, that isn’t a requirement. Hangin pots like these are an option. If you don’t have a lot of kitchen space, it’s handy to store things in there. In addition, you may use these to create a more colorful bohemian kitchen if you have a lot of neutrals.

Add a Handwoven Fruit Basket for a Subtle Touch

Oh, this is delicious. You’re familiar with it, and you like it. Fruit baskets, on the other hand, may sometimes appear unbalanced or out of place in your décor. Thankfully, there are still alternatives for your boho-style kitchen.

This basket is made entirely of seagrass and is beautifully woven. Even if your kitchen is a minimalist boho kitchen, it has a simple design with a neutral color palette that will fit in. It also adds visual interest with the woven texture at the same time. For a modest touch, keep one or two of these on your counters.

Add a Bromeliad Pineapple for a Unique Decor Piece

Did you know that fruit, in and of itself, can also be used to create beautiful boho décor? This is more accurate: a plant that produces fruit. With this little bromeliad pineapple plant, you can bring the outdoors in while growing huge fruiting plants intended for the outdoors.

This little plant can be a show-stopper in any boho kitchen because of its distinctive texture and the sprouting leaves from the heart. Repotting this one into a woven-texture planter, like the one shown here, will bring the boho trend even farther.

Mix Function and Fashion With an Herb Drying Rack

Decorating can be useful, after all. Of course, not this herb drying rack. You may want to grow some herbs and hang them if you already have your mini hanging garden or other gardening gadget in position. Dry herbs are excellent for preserving food, and they cost a lot less than what you’d pay in shops.

This adds a bit of nature to your earthy boho kitchen, which is ideal for aesthetics. In addition, whether you’re drying herbs or not, the metal hooks and macrame give this piece a stunning appearance.

Use Rattan Scribble Art for an Abstract Flair

A drawing on a page is often how we define a masterpiece as children. Sure, it’s appealing for children, but what if you truly made it a masterpiece of art?

Many abstract art works, including this one, are based on this logic. Rattan is woven into beautiful spirals in this piece. While the core is very rose-like, contributing to the boho look, it is what you make of it that matters.

Use Wicker Counter Stools for a Coastal Flair

Wicker is a recurring element in this list, which is evidence that it’s a good idea. The stylistic element of wicker is alive and well thanks to a variety of options available out there.

Wicker, on the other hand, is a popular feature of boho chic fashion that you may not have known about. Traditional bohemian features are mixed with more contemporary and stylish décor in the boho style. As a result, you may have contemporary-looking furniture like these stools to go for a boho chic kitchen, rather than having to go with vintage furniture designs.

Add a Candle Holder for an Extra Boho Touch

These candle holders are proof that nothing is immune to boho style. You may finish your design with some lovely candles, in addition to styling your counters, walls, and other elements in your kitchen.

Candles aren’t exactly uncommon in the kitchen, despite the fact that they’re not really common. They’re excellent focal points for kitchen tables or whatever you want to do with your counter area. They can also brighten up a dull white boho kitchen with their ambient lighting, or if you have a white boho kitchen that needs brightening.

Turn Baskets and Bowls Into Decor With Woven Rattan Balls

You can simply fill empty bowls and baskets with something, such as these woven rattan balls, and they will instantly become stylish boho décor. Each one has a distinct natural-looking look, which provides visual variety.

What container you use to fill bowls with is more important than the aesthetic value of bowl fillers. As an illustration, you might select a more rustic boho kitchen with an aged wood bowl.

Go For Elegance With a Wooden Bead Chandelier

With a simple material change, you can transform an ordinary beaded design into a glamorous one. Using wooden beads instead of crystal beads instantly returns everything to its natural state.

This mango wood lamp fixture is an example of this. It has a distinctive natural flair and is reminiscent of a chandelier in terms of elegance and charm.

Stand Out With a Nest Pendant Light

From stunning flowers to rough wood to complex woven designs, there are a variety of natural elements that you may use in your bohem kitchen. All you have to do is look in the trees — yes, bird nest decor — if you want something a little more unusual.

Rattan weaving is used in this one, with a tangle of threads. It also transcends its link to being a highly textured piece of art by looking like a bird’s nest.

Final Thoughts…

Once you explore the vast realm of boho décor, you’ll discover that it’s made up of a few fundamental principles. You’ll be well on your way to designing a functional and stylish kitchen if you figure out the one (or ones) you like most: whether it’s woven patterns, textiles, or wood.

After that, you can simply choose the elements that go with your current décor. You can also mix and match the ideas that work best for you if you don’t have any for your new kitchen yet. So, in summary, we desire that these ideas compel you to create your perfect kitchen.

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