12 Small Bathroom Lighting Ideas

If your bathroom doesn’t have enough windows or is tiny, setting up lighting may be challenging. Additionally, installing the incorrect sort of lights will merely make your bathroom look smaller and more compact.

But don’t worry, we’re here to assist you. You can brighten up your tiny bathroom by installing one of these little bathroom lighting ideas, which will make it seem bigger while also adding some stylish eye candy.

Choose Sconces Over Recessed Light

Recessed lights are often used in bathrooms, producing a vast amount of generic “hospital” light that fills the space. Cabinets, sinks, and other bathroom fixtures will also obstruct the light and cloak your space with shadows because of their position high on the ceiling.

As a result, installing light fixtures for tiny bathrooms, such as sconces, is a fantastic strategy. They may be mounted on any wall at any height and provide enough illumination to illuminate every corner and corner of your bathroom.

Make A Statement With Light Fixtures

Light fixtures may be used as a form of décor in addition to lighting your modest bathroom. You may utilize these light sources to create a statement and add some excitement to your bathroom, whether it’s a hanging pendant light or sconces.

This mounted sconce, with its geometric design, will bring minimalist and industrial vibes to your bathroom. You may, alternatively, select shaded sconces with various patterns or stained glass sconces if you prefer other designs.

Bring Focus To Bathroom Vanity

The most essential component of your bathroom is, of course, vanity. It is critical to properly illuminate your hairstyle, applying makeup, or brushing your teeth at all times.

Setting up light fixtures above it, to properly illuminate the person, is the most common type of vanity light for small bathrooms. Since you want to minimize shadows to the maximum, employing more than one light source, such as this trio of three lights, is a fantastic option.

Set The Mood With Bar Lights

Using sets of bar lights is another great way to install tiny bathroom lighting. Recessed light not only eliminates dullness and inefficiency, but it also adds a soul to your little bathroom and provides some laid-back sentiments.

You may install two to three light bars or more if there is enough space, depending on the size of your bathroom. They might be used as tiny bathroom ceiling lights, hung vertically above the mirror, horizontally beside the mirror, or even hung over the mirror.

Linear Sconces Are a Trendy Addition

It’s no surprise that linear sconces are becoming increasingly popular. They are a excellent option for light fixtures because the wide region of the sconce will deliver a bright and spacious, but not too hot, light. Apart from adding futuristic and current elements to your bathroom, they are also a fantastic option for sconces.

These sconces have made their way into living rooms and bedrooms because of their stylish appearance and popularity. Nonetheless, these linear sconces will make it much simpler to light a small bathroom.

A Single Pendant Goes a Long Way

When you have a tiny bathroom, placing numerous sconces or bar lights may make the room seem tight and disrupt the equilibrium. Lights that hang from the ceiling are called pendant lights. The old ceiling lights will be replaced, but the fixtures will provide adequate illumination while remaining lovely.

There are several kinds and styles of pendant lights. The change in height is another benefit of bathroom illumination of this nature. You can adjust their brightness to whatever degree you want. Above the bath is a wonderful location to install a pendant light, however it may also be installed near the vanity.

Highlight The Mirror

Of course, your bathroom must be adequately lit, however your mirror receives more care than other fixtures in the room, similar to the vanity. You are also effectively presenting yourself as the principal focus of attention by shining adequate light on the mirror.

Apart from placing a light directly above, you may mount light fixtures such as sconces to the mirror’s left and right sides to emphasise your mirror. For an adequate level of light, set them at your height level. These sconces will illuminate the mirror, directing attention to it and putting the center piece of your bathroom in a proper perspective.

Lighted Mirrors Are a Solution to Limited Space

With these contemporary light sources, add a dash of futuristic style. Lighted mirrors, which are ideal for tiny bathrooms, provide a lovely illumination. If there is no space to mount sconces or install a pendant light, they can perform miracles on their own or with one more light source.

You may install LED lights on the rim of the mirror (particularly nice with round mirrors), or you may pick a mirror with light installed on top, or on each side, depending on the shape and form of the mirror. Lighted mirrors, whether you choose the acorn or the oak, will adequately illuminate your vanity and your whole bathroom.

Crystals Give a Dash of Glamour

These gorgeous crystal glass sconces will transform your tiny bathroom into a destination of beauty and luxury. Moreover, the crystals will provide your bathroom with a dazzling and lovely atmosphere, as well as neatly radiating sufficient light.

Always choose dimmable ones if you decide to use them to refresh your tiny bathroom, since nothing sets the mood for a calming bath like faint, yet gorgeous light. These sconces might also be the ideal lighting for your tiny bathroom if you’re looking for something that will dazzle your guests.

Add an Industrial Vibe With Metal Sconces

Metal industrial elements are a must-have in any bathroom. These styles of décor are not just ideal for a bathroom aesthetic, they are also able to withstand high levels of humidity. Therefore, selecting these sorts of sconces is a better way to address the issue of restricted space and decorate your tiny bathroom.

The bulbs are covered just enough to provide adequate illumination in your bathroom without interrupting the ambiance of the room. These metal sconces may be placed near the roof, where they will give a excellent tiny bathroom ceiling light, or you may choose to mount them above your mirror.

Flush Mount – An Alternative to Pendant Lighting

Flush mount ceiling lights are another option for lighting your little bathroom. These light sources will give your bathroom a familiar yet modern and unique appearance simply on their own. Flush mounts provide a lot of light, but it is recommended to install one with a sconce in order to illuminate every region of your bathroom.

These lights also come in a variety of colors, which is another advantage. You’ll find a flush mount that matches whatever style you choose to decorate your bathroom in. Flush mounts are a excellent and safe option for tiny bathroom lighting, if you’re having trouble deciding.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix ‘N’ Match

Even if you believe that your chosen light fixture will be “too much” or “too diverse,” there is no need to have second thoughts about it. Yes, you can pick a lighting source based on one style, but alternatively, you can go bold and design your little piece of heaven however you want.

Light sources, whether they be sconces, hanging lights, or bar lights, are all versatile pieces of bathroom décor. They can also be a valuable part of your décor. Either contrast your metal sconces with a mirror frame or pick calming hues that blend in with the surroundings.


Choosing the right lighting for a little bathroom might prove difficult, especially when sharp edges of sinks and cabinets create numerous shadows, making your tiny bathroom seem even smaller.

However, it is possible to do things differently. With this collection of concepts, we aim to assist you in picking the right bathroom lighting and maybe make the whole process enjoyable. Enjoy your shopping!

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