36 Free DIY Dog House Plans & Ideas for Your Furry Friend

There is no way you wouldn’t want to create a stunning dog home if you are a dog owner and a DIYer. In addition, you may build a pre-made dog house for practically free if you have spare wood around the home.

You must have an inspiration before you can start construction.

Well, today you’re in luck because we’ve been collecting the best dog house plans from around the net so you don’t have to. Here are 36 of them:

1. Dog House with a Porch

This dog shelter is suitable for any size canines. It has a lot of lounge area and seems to provide your dog with enough protection from the weather.

It also seems to be very well built. If you’re looking for a simple doghouse that’s suitable for your dog, you might want to check out these instructions.

2. The ‘I Didn’t Want A Dog’ House

I thought the prologue of this piece was amusing. “She desired a dog,” it says. I didn’t want a pet at all. As a result, we acquired a dog and compromised. Isn’t it usually the case that I built him a home?

Most small or medium-sized dogs would appreciate this dog house on a serious note. It would keep them dry and protected from the weather. It also has a feature that I think is pretty cool: you can put the dog’s name on the exterior of the dog house.

3. The Modern Dog House

I like the way this dog house looks. It’s like a tiny home that’s incredibly attractive. If you lived in a tiny home yourself, it would be even cuter, but I won’t go into detail about my design ideas.

A small or medium-sized dog may freely move around in this dog house. If you have a bigger dog, you may want to check the measurements very carefully. Ultimately, you want your dog to be happy and not squeezed in its dog house.

4. “We’ll Leave the Light On” Dog House

This dog house is delightful, interesting, and outrageously adorable. It’s too much (in a nice way). It features a front porch and a place to install a porch light, but it is smaller than the other dog houses.

The character who comes with a porch light is one of my favorites. Your dogs will feel a little more secure with the extra light while they wait for you to return if you ever go somewhere that brings you home after dark.

5. Crooked Dog House

To me, this dog house appears cartoonish and I adore it. I suppose the term “abstract” is appropriate, but I’m a fan either way. It’s not the same, yet it seems to be simple enough to construct.

Therefore, you may want to look at these plans if you want your dog to have a one-of-a-kind kennel but do not wish to go overboard with it.

6. Tropical Dog House

Do you own a dog that loves the beach? So, if you live near the sea or have a dog who loves accompanying you on excursions, this dog house is probably for you.

The dog house, on the other hand, stands out to me because it has a bigger dog in it, which should accommodate dogs of all sizes. Let us not forget the cutenesses, though. In my opinion, this dog house is a keeper.

7. Geometric Dog House

You’ve probably heard of a geometric greenhouse, but have you ever seen a geometric dog house? Maybe not.

However, tomorrow will be impossible to say. This dog house seems to be well-suited for little dogs and aesthetically speaking, it also seems to be appealing.

8. Puppy Camper Dog House

The classic RV’s have taken a shine to me. Lucy and Ethel (from I Love Lucy) traveled in one, too.

So, you’ll probably love this little dog house if you’re like me and adore them as much. It seems to be a smaller dog’s tent, and it looks like a camper. Definitely check it out if this interests you.

9. The Basic Dog House

The stigma of a basic dog house design is matched by this dog house. It’s smaller and resembles an A-frame home.

The advantages of constructing a traditional dog house are clear, however. The instructions are simple to follow, according to the website. For a beginner, this could be an excellent project.

10. The DIY House

These dogs’ houses are all clearly built by hand. This one, on the other hand, appears to be a rather basic dog house to construct in the classic style.

This suggests that if you’re new to carpentry, you should take a look at these instructions. This home might be quite distinctive and charming with the proper paint.

11. The Mobile Dog House

Do you need a dog house that can relocate as needed? So, if this is the case, this dog house could be exactly what you need.

In addition, it features a sleek, contemporary aesthetic that will go great with your home decor. This dog house might be a suitable choice if you want to take your dog outside of your home or move him about frequently.

12. The Cottage Style Dog House

Is your home a cottage-style cottage? Or do you have a special fondness for cottages? So, if you like dogs, you’ll adore this dog house.

This dog house, like the cottage house, is a cottage-style dog house. It seems to be a simple structure to construct. You might want to ask a more knowledgeable buddy to accompany you on this journey simply in case you’re a beginner.

13. Pallet Kennel with Sun Deck

Is your dog bigger than the rest? This dog house, if suitable for them, would be ideal. It stands out from the common dog house in terms of size.

In addition, it features a sun deck that I’m sure my dogs would appreciate. The fact that it is constructed from pallets, which are sometimes free in some instances, adds to the dog house’s desirability.

14. A Simple Dog House

Another classic design is this dog house. It’s based on the A-frame concept of a typical house. You may customise the dimensions if you want to provide your dog a little extra space, and it is suitable for virtually any size pooch.

However, since the design is so basic, this dog house construction should be easier. too. The steps seem to be very detailed. You might want to take a look at these plans if you’re a novice builder.

15. Dog House With Roof Top Deck

Your dog is officially spoiled rotten if it has this dog house. There is no verdict in this case. It’s fantastic!

So you should definitely look at these plans if you believe your dog would like to have a huge dog house and the ability to sunbathe on top of it (similar to Snoopy!).

16. Country Dog House with Porch

I’m a big fan of this doghouse. That would fit in with your décor if you live in the country, as I do. The fact that the dog can stay out of the weather no matter what is another reason I adore it.

Your dog may choose to remain inside and stay warm. It could, however, hang out on the porch and take in the scenery while staying protected from the weather.

17. The Simple A-frame Dog House

Everyone’s seen Charlie Brown, right? This Snoopy-themed A-frame dog house would remind you of that.

This is a basic dog house that you can construct based on that. You get a detailed materials list to assist you with the construction, and the instructions appear to be quite thorough.

18. The Dog Mansion

Don’t be tricked by the name. The name makes it sound as if it’s a big dog house, but it’s perfect for any size dog.

The structure of this dog house is actually quite simple if you examine the photos and follow the instructions. It seems to be far from difficult to construct, despite the fact that it isn’t the simplest dog house.

19. The Mini-Ranch House

Another dog house that will definitely enhance your home is this one. In my opinion, it’s absolutely adorable.

Yet, the fact that your dog may have a pergola on the front of his or her home really stands out to me with this dog house. It provides great sun protection and also gives their home a boost in visual appeal.

20. The East Fork Free Dog House

This dog kennel is really lovely. The author did a fantastic job of adding rustic charm to it, and it appears to accommodate virtually any size dog.

But it was the fact that she was able to make this one-of-a-kind masterpiece out of nothing but old materials that really stood out to me. In her description of the dog house, she provides some additional information.

21. The $75 Insulated A-Frame Dog House

Are you from a colder region? I used to feel this way, and I still do. We also have to let our dogs out at some point. Whether it be for any reason, whether while we’re out running errands.

So, your lovely pups would undoubtedly benefit from an insulated dog house during a cold winter in a colder environment. This is a fantastic possibility since the creator claims it costs under $75 to do.

22. The Basic Dog House

Another easy dog house to create is this one. It’s a tiny dog house that looks to be appropriate for beginners.

The drawings also include a lot of useful information. Notes on materials, as well as notes on paintings, are included.

23. The Step-by-Step Dog House

This dog bed appears to be extremely comfortable. The dog’s house is covered, and it also has a nice-sized covered home.

In addition, they have small air holes on top to keep air flowing. There are several great tips and information on the job. That’s a nice bonus in addition to the others.

24. 1,000 Year Dog House

This dog kennel is one of a kind. It’s designed to last for a long time. They created an igloo form out of wire and erected the framework.

The coating of Ferro cement on this dog house, however, makes it exceptional. This protects your dog from almost any natural disaster. When constructing your dog a home, keep safety in mind.

25. The Dog Tree House

Large dogs may find being high off the ground uncomfortable. They might appreciate a higher lookout standpoint, however, since this tree house has a ramp.

They do, however, appreciate being as high up as possible, even if your smaller dogs are like mine. In the way they sleep on the back of couches and any other high area they can get to, my little dogs are practically cats. In that scenario, they might appreciate the treehouse as well.

26. Simple Dog House with a Porch

This dog house design might be for you if you appreciate the fundamental A-frame concept of a dog house for its appearance or ease of construction but would also want a front porch.

Personally, I enjoy the idea of having a front porch attached to a dog house so that your dog can have shade when necessary or protection from rain without having to spend time cooped up inside the actual house.

27. Double Dog House

That’s great, isn’t it? This allows each dog to have their own space if you have more than one. Your dogs, on the other hand, may sleep practically atop each other if they are anything like mine.

However, everyone needs their own space every now and then. So I believe this would be a fantastic addition to your yard if you’re prepared to put up with the construction.

28. Dog House Under the Stairs

Imagine you want your dog to have its own area, but not necessarily outside. So, if you’re looking for a good option, this is it.

I know what you’re going through, believe me. Because then my dogs would finally stay off my furniture and have a place to play with their toys, I wish I could provide them with a space like this. This would be a fantastic option in my opinion if you have the stair space.

29. ‘In The Dog House’ Project

The fuzzy occupants of this dog house clearly adore it. I also like the design, therefore I can see why others might.

You should definitely look at these plans if you want to construct your dogs a warm little home that resembles a home (and has a front porch).

30. The Rounded Modern Dog House

That dog kennel looks a lot like a mushroom to me. It appears, however, to be budget-friendly due to its rounded shape and the materials used.

But, first check out the building designs to make sure it’s what you want. There’s also a detailed materials list and plenty of instructions.

31. The Custom Insulated Dog House

This dog house seems to offer some great qualities without being super difficult to build. The instructions are very thorough and detailed.

In addition, the website offers you a video that can assist you with your project. If you want to build a big dog house with insulation, check out this design for inspiration.

32. Pagoda Style Dog House

This is one of a kind dog kennel. I adore pagoda architecture, and I’m certain that many individuals design their residences around this architectural style.

This dog house would fit in perfectly if that was the case. These plans might be a good option if you want your dog to have their own decorative space.

33. The Air Conditioned Dog House

Your dog is most likely a pampered dog if it has one of these pooch houses. However, that’s OK because I’m used to it. It’s wonderful to watch after our four-legged animals.

You’ll want to investigate these options if you want your puppy to have a climate-controlled area of their own.

34. The House Under The Stairs

If you have a set of stairs that you’d want to provide the area below them to your four-legged family member, this is another design option for you.

If you like, take a look at this attractive concept. A secret place for a dog bed and toys would be a wonderful present for them. They won’t take up a lot of space in your house.

35. The Pallet Dog House

To put it mildly, this pallet dog house is stylish. It may either accommodate numerous dogs or offer several rooms for a bigger dog to roam.

As a result, if you have a tight budget and multiple dogs, this may be the way to go for you. It’s a one-of-a-kind dog house that’s both inexpensive and unique.

36. The Log Cabin Dog House

Log cabins are one of my favorite things. So why wouldn’t your dog do the same if you do? And if you happen to live in a log home, this dog house would definitely fit.

So, this might be a good option if you want a attractive dog house that can also give your pet enough room and coverage.

So there you have it, everyone. Build your dog the perfect doghouse with over 30 do-it-yourself options. In your construction, I hope you discovered something that inspired you.

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