15 Orange Primary Bedroom Ideas that Make a Statement with Vibrant Hues

Welcome to our website, where you’ll discover creatively crafted primary bedrooms in vibrant orange hues. Orange is a color often associated with optimism and vitality. Whether you prefer a daring approach or a more subtle touch of orange, we have various options for your consideration. If you’re seeking an energizing and exciting design, the color orange might be just what you need.

Feel free to browse through our carefully selected interior photos, where you can delve into the intricate details of each design. Our aim is to inspire and ignite your creativity throughout your design journey.

1. Tangerine Dream Bedroom

This primary bedroom showcases a plethora of orange shades. The walls boast a vibrant tangerine paint, while the flooring and moulding exude a pristine white. The upholstered beige bed is adorned with a peach-toned comforter and layered with orange throw pillows. Organic wooden elements, such as the carved piece above the bed and the bamboo desk and chair, complement the overall color scheme of this beautiful bedroom.

2. Bold Orange Bedroom

In this relaxed and laid-back bedroom, a striking bold orange hue takes center stage. A tube-like fireplace graces one corner, contrasting with the intense wall color. The bed features a minimalist design, and a muted maroon area rug lies beneath it. Wall shelves and art embellish the walls, while neutral drapes and flooring balance the vibrant ambiance.

3. Muted Orange Accented Bedroom

This bedroom blends muted orange tones with natural woods and colors to achieve a light bohemian-style design. White picture-frame moulding adorns the walls, harmonizing with the light wood floors, which serve as a perfect backdrop for the multi-print bedding and throw pillows. Semi-sheer drapes grace the windows, allowing soft light to permeate the space and create a bright and tranquil atmosphere.

4. Modern Monochromatic Orange Bedroom

In this monochromatic modern primary bedroom, abstract art and orange accents set the tone. The bed features a platform design flanked by matching white nightstands and small table lamps, all complemented by orange pillows and blankets. A bold abstract print hangs above the bed, while windows on both sides allow natural light to stream in, enhancing the brightness of the room.

5. Maximalist Muted Orange Bedroom

Textured patterns dominate this maximalist primary bedroom design. A muted orange and white stripe ceiling makes a bold statement against the pale peach walls. The traditional bed frame, adorned with green and white toile, matches the custom drapes made from the same fabric. Muted orange accents on the bed and yellow upholstered stools placed at the foot of the bed add further character. A small writing desk and chair maximize the functional use of space, and a stunning green chandelier hangs in the center, contrasting with the stripe ceiling.

6. Modern Tangerine Influenced Bedroom

This modern bedroom seamlessly blends cool shades of tangerine and orange with a pale pink platform bed and matching nightstands. Above the bed, a unique black, white, and taupe painting is framed by bamboo, extending over the bed to create a canopy-like effect. Custom white and tangerine-colored drapes grace the window, while the white flooring harmonizes with the overall modern design.

7. Soft Orange Transitional Bedroom

This transitional primary bedroom features a white bed and a black chair with an ottoman, creating a cozy seating area in the corner. Striped Roman shades adorn the two windows across from the white platform bed, while custom drapes matching the walls enhance the sliding door. Matching white nightstands and chrome lamps flank the bed, with nature-themed art hanging above.

8. Orange Accent Wall Bedroom

In this minimalistic modern bedroom, a vibrant orange accent wall makes a bold statement. Lucite nightstands accompany the pale gray upholstered bed, while striped orange bedding adds texture and pattern. A small decorative mirror hangs above the white wall shelf, and gray wall-to-wall carpeting creates a warm atmosphere.

9. Cozy Peach Children’s Bedroom

Featuring lovely orange walls and fine carpet flooring, this cozy peach-toned children’s bedroom offers a comfortable bed and a white chair on the side.

The pale peach walls of this cozy children’s bedroom are adorned with beautiful pink floral drapes on the windows. Light neutral carpeting and white furniture create a peaceful and inviting space for your child to play and sleep.

10. Gray & Orange Contemporary Bedroom

Floral wallpaper and striking orange accents define this contemporary, semi-glam bedroom style. A decorative arched brown and white trim bed stands against the floral accent wallpaper. The remaining walls are painted in a medium gray tone, with framed prints of shells arranged gallery-style. Matching wood nightstands and silver-black lamps flank the bed, creating a cozy and contemporary design.

11. Bohemian Pink & Orange Bedroom

This charming bohemian bedroom combines pink hues with rich orange tones. A neutral print area rug is layered under a white wicker bed adorned with a deep orange/rust comforter. A large woven pendant light hangs centrally over the bed, and coastal art is framed and displayed on the muted pink walls.

12. Relaxed Orange Textured Bedroom

Featuring an orange ceiling and wall, along with hardwood flooring, this primary bedroom showcases a large white bed set and a widescreen TV mounted on the wall.

Textured orange elements dominate this primary bedroom, accompanied by retro-modern style wallpaper. The room boasts hardwood floors, a large white bed set, and a widescreen TV adorning the wall.

13. Rustic Orange Bedroom

In this spacious primary bedroom, orange walls and brown tile flooring set a rustic tone. Exposed beams on the ceiling add character, and the room is furnished with a large cozy bed and a classy desk and chair set.

Rustic exposed beams, textured pale orange walls, and Mexican tile flooring blend together to create an eclectic primary bedroom. The room features a large cozy bed with matching small wood nightstands, and a round accent rug adds warmth to the floor. A wood desk faces the wall, creating a simple office space.

14. Two-Tone Orange Bedroom

Spacious and inviting, this primary bedroom features a shed ceiling with exposed beams, complemented by orange walls and carpeted flooring.

This relaxed and spacious primary bedroom exhibits two-tone orange walls with a shed ceiling and exposed beams. Two accent walls display a deep orange and tangerine color, contrasting beautifully with the natural wood beams and neutral carpet. White shag area rugs enhance the cozy ambiance, while custom semi-sheer Roman shades let in ample light through the windows.

15. Bold Luxe Orange Bedroom

Luxury and bold colors define this modern primary bedroom. Saturated in vibrant orange hues and muted gray tones, this bedroom showcases a two-tone rug layered beneath a custom lacquered bed. Orange lacquered nightstands flank the bed, accompanied by large chrome table lamps for task lighting. A bold orange accent wall serves as the focal point for the bed, while gray textured walls on the opposite sides provide a contrasting touch.

Why Choose Orange for Your Bedroom?

Orange is a vibrant and uplifting color choice for a primary bedroom design. Its versatility allows for a wide range of hues and the incorporation of other colors, making orange a delightful option to work with.

Orange blends well with various design styles, thanks to its adaptability. Bright and bold oranges attract attention, while softer shades provide comfort and a soothing ambiance. Regardless of how you decide to utilize orange, you’ll be pleased with the available options to harmonize the room.

For more ideas on how to incorporate orange into your bedroom, we invite you to explore our photo gallery of orange primary bedroom designs.

Incorporating Orange in Your Design

Using orange as a wall color can be challenging. Painting the entire room in a bold orange shade may make it feel smaller and more confined. To create a more spacious atmosphere, consider utilizing an accent wall.

By using white as the primary color and adding an orange accent wall, you can open up numerous possibilities when selecting accent pieces. Horizontal stripes can also add a touch of wow factor to the orange element.

Choosing the right shade of orange is relatively simple. All shades of orange work well together as long as you blend the color palette and avoid extreme contrasts. Mid-tones are particularly effective for accent pieces like curtains and throw pillows.

Accentuating with Orange

After analyzing 332,061 primary bedrooms, we discovered that 1.21% of them incorporated orange in their design. Experimentation can yield great results. Opting for earthy tones will create a fall color palette that pairs beautifully with orange.

Orange throw pillows and bed coverings can bring the room together, adding an aesthetically pleasing touch. Bedside tables, nightstands, and lamps with orange tones will beautifully complement an accent wall.

Design Styles that Work with Orange

While orange might not suit every style or theme, it effortlessly blends with country and contemporary styles. Traditional and beach themes tend to favor blues and greens, which contrast with orange.

Country and contemporary styles, on the other hand, embrace orange without hesitation. Their bold statements and daring design features naturally lend themselves to accentuating the orange spectrum. These themes can accommodate orange as both an accent color and a primary color. With a little planning, you can fully unleash the potential of orange in your design.

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