31 Delicious and Easy Rabbit Recipes You Need to Try

Have you ever tasted rabbit? So, a funny tale, I never had rabbits until I started raising them.

We needed a small meat source on our property, so they take up very little space. So when my husband returned home with our first meat rabbits, I was a little apprehensive. I then prepared our first set and butchered it.

It was not good at all.

But I have learned a few tricks since then.

To that end, I’ve invited a few rabbit recipes from all throughout the internet to put together for you as a guide on how to best prepare and consume your rabbit meat supply.

1. Pot Roasted Rabbit Recipes

Mushrooms, bacon, and rabbit are all included in this recipe. Are your lips watering yet? I was born with it, so it’s not surprising.

So, if you want to cook your rabbit meat and combine it with some other delectable ingredients, then this recipe is definitely for you.

2. Rabbit Stew with Red Wine

If you are a fan of meat in a wine sauce, then you’ll probably want to give this recipe a chance. It has a lot of different ingredients, but they are all natural so they should be pretty easy to locate.

You could, however, substitute ordinary grape juice and see if you prefer the flavor any better if you aren’t a lover of red wine.

3. Stuffed Rabbit Recipes

I’m a big fan of stuffing! It’s really embarrassing how much I enjoy stuffing. You’ll probably want to try this recipe if you’re in the same boat.

As a result, you stuff a pair of rabbits in the same way you wouldstuff a turkey at Thanksgiving. After that, you cook it until it is ready.

4. Rabbit in Mustard Sauce

I’m a simple country lady who, honestly, doesn’t make many “sauces.” The nicest sauce I have is gravy around my house. When we have brown gravy instead of white, my children think I’m being snazzy.

Yet, since it sounds so good, I’ll have to experiment with this recipe. So maybe you don’t consider yourself a snazzy cooker, but this rabbit recipe is worth a shot.

5. Grilled and Marinated Rabbit

We grilled rabbit for the first time. We didn’t do it properly, so it wasn’t very appealing, according to reports.

We’ve had a lot better luck grilling rabbit meat since we started following rabbit recipes like this one. So before diving right in, make sure to prepare a recipe like this one before trying grilled rabbit.

6. Rabbit and Dumplings

This recipe seems to be very appealing. You should try it with rabbit if you’re a lover of chicken and dumplings.

Nobody knows for sure. This traditional remake might be your favorite option over the original dish. You’ll never know unless you try it.

7. Braised Rabbit Pie

I love chicken pot pie and have eaten it many times. You may want to try this braised rabbit pie recipe if you enjoy chicken pot pie.

As a result, this recipe seems to be rather simple. The items are all common, and if you don’t cultivate them, you should be able to find them at any local grocery shop.

8. Kentucky Fried Rabbit

I have a secret to tell you. I don’t enjoy eating out. I don’t believe I can improve my situation at home, therefore there isn’t much food available for the money.

Outside of the home, however, I prefer KFC when it comes to fried chicken. As a result, when I saw this recipe, my ears perked up. I can now make a meal my palate enjoys out of my own rabbit.

9. Rabbit Sausage

Have you recently purchased sausage? For a long time, I didn’t buy any. So imagine my amazement when I noticed how much it had grown during the time I didn’t buy it.

Naturally, I got a little giddy as soon as I realized that I could make my own rabbit from scratch. It makes me feel good when I can make things we enjoy eating as a family at home that aren’t outrageously priced.

10. Farm Fresh Fried Rabbit Recipes

This recipe is perfect if you like fried chicken. It’s a clever play on traditional favorite rabbit dishes.

They, however, change the meat by substituting rabbit for chicken in the recipe. This may of course be a cost-effective way to enjoy a favorite fried snack.

11. Rabbit Braised in Belgian Ale

Are you a beer lover? So, if you like it, then you’ll probably love this recipe. Even if you don’t like Belgian beer, the liquid you used in the recipe may be substituted with something else that you do like.

Second, the components are straightforward to find. As a result, they’re most likely already in your pantry.

12. Slow Roasted Rabbit in the Sun Oven

Have you ever utilized a sun oven? This recipe will be right up your alley if you have one that you use on a regular basis.

Don’t stress if you don’t have a sun oven; there are other options. In a conventional oven, you may also prepare this delicious marinated rabbit.

13. Crispy Fried Wild Rabbit Recipes

Maybe you think hunting rabbit is more appealing than raising them yourself, but maybe you’d rather raise them. That’s not a concern. That approach was also preferred by my grandpa.

As a result, this recipe would most likely fail based on your situation. In fact, it complements wild animals rather than farmed birds.

14. Rabbit Stew

People appear to think of rabbit stew when I tell them we raise meat rabbits.

After studying the process, I can see how it functions. This hearty and creamy dish would make a wonderful comfort food on a chilly or rainy day.

15. Grilled Rabbit in Spicy Marinade

Do you like spicy food? We do a lot of different things around my house. If it isn’t spicy enough, my guys aren’t satisfied.

As a result, if your pallet is similar to the one shown above, you should try this recipe because the rabbit is seasoned in a spicy blend.

16. Delicious BBQ Grilled Rabbit Recipes

This recipe’s title says a lot about it. As I previously said, my first attempt at cooking rabbit was a flop.

It’s a big accomplishment to say

that you cooked wonderful grilled rabbit. It is definitely worth trying because they feel so sure in their recipe.

17. Rabbit Sausage

Another rabbit sausage recipe is shown here. Instead of being made into links, the rabbit is left in patties this time.

Therefore, if you enjoy a delicious sausage burger, give this recipe a try. Particularly if it costs less money to raise a pig than to raise the meat.

18. Grilled Marinated Rabbit with Lemon and Rosemary

This appears to be a recipe that will dance across your taste buds. The rabbit is first marinated. Next, the grill will give you a superb smoky flavor.

Lastly, the dish will have a very aromatic taste thanks to the lemon and rosemary. So if this dish sounds like a pallet wonderland to you, give it a try.

19. German Rabbit Stew

Rabbit stew is traditionally made with multiple veggies and yields a darker soup than the rabbit stew you’re used to.

German rabbit soup, on the other hand, is a little different. They use a sour cream base, as well as a few other extra ingredients that aren’t often found in the American variation of rabbit stew, and this stew is a little more creamy.

20. Rabbit Gumbo

My mouth began to water as soon as I saw this recipe. Around our home, we like to eat gumbo. Rabbit meat is comparable to chicken in terms of flavor.

As a result, the vegetables, spices, and sausage really bring this dish to life and give it a kick. This dish is spicy, so if you like it hotter, go ahead and try it.

21. Rabbit Curry

As soon as you glance at this recipe, your mouth will be watering. This recipe is worth a look if you like curry.

As a result, it seems to be fairly simple to prepare and requires only standard pantry items that the majority of people would have.

22. Rabbit Side Bacon or Jerky

Bacon and jerky are a favorite of my children and husband. Deer is a big source of protein for us. I got very enthusiastic when I discovered I might take our rabbit and offer a variety of bacon or jerky.

As a result, the technique is really easy and thrifty (which is unusual for home-made jerky), and it includes a lot of images to help you along the way.

23. Braised Rabbit Recipes

I think this is a fantastic recipe. It also seems simple, fresh, and devoid of off-the-wall ingredients (in my opinion).

However, it also shows you how to make delectable rabbit stock. I used to cook rabbit stock and I adore it. As a result, I’m a lover of any recipe that teaches me how to make multiple things at once!

24. Orange Rabbit Recipes

Do you enjoy orange chicken? We eat a wide range of foods in our house. Our table is regularly covered in orange chicken.

So when I discovered this orange rabbit recipe, I was overjoyed since rabbit is simply a quicker meat source than chickens, thus I frequently have more of it on hand.

25. Wild Rabbit and Dumplings Southern Style

Using wild rabbit is said to be beneficial in this recipe. The only distinction between domestic rabbit and wild rabbit is the gamier flavor of wild rabbit, which is uncommon.

In addition, since they aren’t as big as the rest of us, it typically takes more of them per recipe. If you’re trying for an fantastic recipe to use any sort of rabbit, take a look at this one.

26. Rabbit Cacciatore

Are you a stranger in the kitchen? So, if you don’t want to continue cooking your rabbit, here’s a good place to stop. The truth is that this recipe has only three steps and requires just a few basic ingredients to cook the whole meal.

Therefore, don’t be intimidated by rabbit cooking. To gain confidence in your cooking skills, start with a simple recipe (like this one).

27. Southern Fried Rabbit Nuggets

Do you have friends or family who are hesitant about eating rabbit? Or maybe picky eaters in general?

You might want to try this recipe if either of these is true for you. It teaches you how to cook rabbit nuggets, which is a technique that is very identical to chicken.

28. Rabbit Ligurian Style

This is a particular Italian dish that is usually served at weddings and other significant events. It is difficult to prepare, according to the recipe, and it costs a lot of money, which I agree with.

I believe it’s helpful to have delectable foods like this in your arsenal for special occasions and celebrations.

29. Grandma Braised Rabbit Recipes

This recipe differs from the ones I’ve previously discussed in that it is braised rather than stewed. They believe it has a New Orleans vibe to it, therefore they named it that way.

As a result, if you prefer Cajun food, your rabbit recipe would benefit from having that Cajun spice.

30. Braised Rabbit Ravioli

Ravioli is a dish that my family enjoys. So when I saw this recipe for homemade ravioli topped with braised rabbit, I knew you guys would want to know about it. I assumed that anybody else who enjoys pasta or has children who enjoy it would probably want to try it.

By adding a jus and caramelized shallots, they contribute to the ravioli’s flavor. It sounds wonderful!

31. Rabbit Stifado

A stifado is a Greek stew that you’re unfamiliar with. Rabbit stew is a dish that originated in the United States. The next dish was German rabbit stew, which we covered.

The Greek version of rabbit stew is next on the menu. The recipe seems to be quite basic, yet it appears to be quite tasty.

So I hope that these 31 rabbit recipes have now inspired you in your culinary efforts if you’re considering raising meat rabbits but weren’t really sure what to do with them.

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