50 Free DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans & Ideas to Get You Started Keeping Rabbits

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Rabbits are one of the greatest meat producing animals, despite their status as pets. Meat production is similar to that of chickens, despite the fact that they aren’t quite as well-liked.

In reality, a pair of rabbits might produce almost 300 pounds of meat each year!

That’s astonishing considering they require very little food and don’t need a lot of space, making them a viable meat source for everyone. You may still raise meat rabbits in the suburbs.

To start raising rabbits, first, you need a hutch.

You’ve come to the right place if you want to construct a rabbit hutch or cage by yourself. From all across the internet, we’ve gathered 50 rabbit hutch plans.

Now, let’s begin to the first free rabbit hutch plans:

1. Basic DIY Hutch

This is a very basic, do-it-yourself hutch. It’s a box with legs, to be exact. To deter predators or make it more difficult for them to get to the rabbits, this keeps the rabbits off of the ground.

The rabbit can see out while the wire sides let you view in. The feeder and waterer can also sit comfortably in these locations. A rabbit hole is also built into the litter to allow the rabbit to give birth and feel secure.

If you’re looking for functionality over aesthetics, this hutch would be a good option for you if you’re handy with the hammer and nails.

2. The Multi-Cage Hutch

We’re actually constructing a hutch identical to this one for our home. Let me tell you why.

When you have many rabbits, having separate single hutches begins to take up a lot of space. Since you have to walk around to all of the different cages, feeding and watering become more of a chore.

Feeding and cleaning the huts is much easier when these cages, which hold all of your bunnies together, are used. Since they are closer together, you simply must pay greater attention to your illness. Rabbits may also breed through the fence, which is possible.

3. The Multi-Cage Hutch Tutorial Video

How to construct a rabbit duplex is shown in this video in great detail. Since it is a video, it provides you with obvious visuals during the tutorial.

This video may help you gain the confidence to construct your own hutch if you’re someone who isn’t confident in the subject of carpentry.

This hutch, like the others, is divided into separate sections that can hold numerous rabbits. This is a fantastic hutch choice for saving space and time.

4. The Multi-Rabbit Hutch

This is a three-room wooden hutch that may house up to three different rabbits. Having all of your rabbits together makes things a lot easier for the rabbit keeper.

I’d also like to mention the exquisite woodwork on this hutch, which is currently underway. Doesn’t mean that you don’t want your land to look nice even after you’re raising animals. This hutch would enhance the attractiveness of your home without harming it in any way.

5. The All Wire Rabbit Cage

This is a fantastic video that teaches you how to construct a rabbit cage out of solid wire using great detail.

Now, this isn’t necessarily the most attractive hutch you could imagine. However, this cage is exactly what you want if you are more interested in functionality.

An all-wire cage is much simpler to keep clean and provides your rabbits with more security, which is a big advantage. Wire-eating predators find it difficult to do. Because your rabbit is threatened by several predators, his or her safety is always a top priority.

6. Pallet Rabbit Hutch

You adore pallets, just like me. They’re so adaptable that you can use them to construct practically anything, including a rabbit hutch.

As a result, this is a good option for you if you’re strapped for cash or simply want to convert something into a rabbit hutch.

Pallets’ strength is another benefit of using them. The hutch should be predator-proof since pallets are extremely sturdy.

7. PVC Hutch

This hutch seems to be rather inexpensive. It’s also convenient that you can store all of your wire cages in one place.

The only thing I’m concerned about with this hutch is its security. It will be critical to place your bunnies in the shade since there do not seem to be any rabbit holes.

Rabbits will need to be kept in a cooler area or given an area where they can rest when the sun becomes too much for them. Rabbits get very hot rather quickly.

8. DIY Rabbit Hutch

You may also build this hutch if you have the tools. It’s a really nice option. Being a single hutch plan, I really enjoy it.

The rabbit is protected from the sun and rain by a tin roof, which has a lovely wood finish. The hutch gives your furry additions a country feel, making it seem like they’re right at home.

9. The A-Frame Hutch

I’m afraid I had never seen a kitchen like this before. But now that I have them, I appreciate them. I’m still of the opinion that a multi-housing solution is preferable, but this design is very distinct if you have just a few rabbits or want to keep them apart.

I adore how it protects the rabbits by remaining on legs. It has an a-frame configuration with a wire. And then there’s a rabbit hole.

The huge entrances, which make reaching your rabbit when you need it simple, are what I appreciate the most. The cleaning and maintenance of this hutch seem to be very simple.

10. The Indoor Rabbit Cage

So, if you don’t want to eat your cat or dog, for example, then… You want to raise them as a pet, not as livestock. Rabbits are wonderful pets, and I adore ours despite the fact that they aren’t quite “pet status.”

However, if you intend to purchase this indoor hutch, then you should. It’s made of wood and is stunning. I appreciate how it opens to make dishwashing the hutch and removing the rabbit much simpler.

That isn’t an eyesore, so it’ll work for whatever you want to put in your home. It’s also designed to accommodate numerous rabbits. Do you not want a plethora of indoor rabbits? That’s fine, keep it for bunny supply storage.

11. The 2-Story Bunny Hutch

Another pet hutch for rabbits is available. Yet, just to put it another way, if your bunny has one of these huts, they are living the dream!

Their potty and sleeping quarters are located on the bottom floor, whereas their living quarters and food are on the top floor. It also features a large ramp that permits them to exit the hutch when it’s open and enter when it’s closed.

12. The PVC Single Hutch

I think the project’s materials are really innovative and useful. The legs, frame, and bunny hole for this hutch are all made of wood.

Yet, the frame on top is finished with PVC pipe. Next, add wire to the open areas. This hutch provides everything a rabbit would need outdoors. Because of the materials used, it should be budget friendly.

13. The Indoor/Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

For a rabbit cage, this is an excellent idea. This hutch is perfect for storing your bunnies if you’re constructing a garage.

In reality, they excavated a niche in the garage’s side and constructed a wire cage that links both inside and out. They can also house multiple rabbits by dividing it into sections.

The rabbits are then protected from the weather by having a roof over the cage’s exterior. When the weather gets chilly, they can use this to keep cool while also staying warm.

14. The Dresser Hutch

Therefore, for whatever reason, you want to raise rabbits inside. You don’t have a lot of money to put into this project, but you do have an antique dresser.

So, with this hutch, you’re on the right track. She turns this dresser into a multi-housing hutch that can house up to four rabbits by removing the doors and converting it.

There are also drawers at the bottom for storing rabbit supplies.

15. The Bunny Condo

This hutch was designed by someone who wanted it to match with their IKEA furnishings. As a result, if you’re an IKEA lover, the hutch may have you sold from the get-go.

They purchased an Expedit, which is a piece of furniture they name. It makes me think of a big bookshelf. If you have two rabbits to separate, they claim you may save the shelving and transform it into a multi-housing hutch.

16. Super Rabbit Condo

This is another IKEA hack that aims to provide the optimum amount of living space for a bunny. As a result, they bought a massive shelving system to start with.

The bunny can run on multiple levels and stretch her legs as much as she desires after they converted it into a big hutch with ramps.

17. The Bunny Do Hutch

This IKEA piece of furniture was once again transformed. It was supposed to blend in with the current décor of the owners.

The fact that this hutch is two levels adds to the appeal. Pulling the drawers downward, however, may open the hutch entirely. In terms of cleaning and caring for the rabbit, this is a big plus.

18. A Large Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

This rabbit Hutch is rather roomy, to say the least. For the rabbit’s safety, it has been elevated. The huge doors are my favorite feature.

Since it makes catching your bunny simpler, having huge doors in your rabbit hutches is crucial. It’s also much easier to clean the hutch now that I’ve got it, which is critical for healthy bunny care.

19. Hanging Wire Cages

This is a one-of-a-kind rabbit hutch design. Put it to use if you have a pergola with nothing underneath it.

The wire rabbit cages will simply hang from a modest roof erected beneath the pergola.

Since the roof protects the rabbits from the weather, this is fantastic. Because they are off the ground, they are safe from predators. Because of the large pergola, they are shielded from the sun.

20. The Kid-Friendly Rabbit Hotel

Do you have young children who would like to raise rabbits with you? That’s fantastic!

Little children are thought to be in mind when constructing these hutches. Large lids that must be lifted if you wish to operate with the rabbits are common in commercially purchased rabbit cages.

Because they may crash down onto your kid’s hands, this becomes a danger. Take a look at this gorgeous hutch, which appears to be wonderful and makes it considerably easier for your youngsters to participate in raising rabbits if this is a worry for you.

21. The Small Rabbit Hutch

This rabbit hutch has very few frills yet is extremely functional. It’s a box that’s made out of wood pieces put together. The box is then split into two halves.

The rabbit hole is situated on one side of the box that has been completed. The rabbit can view out of the other side, which also makes cleaning up a breeze. For safety reasons, the rabbit hutch must be elevated off the ground.

Yet, for easy care of your rabbit friend, this rabbit hutch should be quite inexpensive and simple to construct.

22. The Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Another fundamental idea is a rabbit hutch. It features a rabbit hole as well as a huge living area for your pet.

The rabbit hole, which is where rabbits typically give birth, is accessible from a door that provides direct access.

To keep a close eye on them and make sure things are progressing as they should, you’ll need easy access to them in their early days.

23. The Mobile Rabbit Hutch

This is a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. Because it is lightweight and wheels, it is simple to shift about indoors and outdoors.

The fact that it has two sections is really convenient. The first is for the rabbit hole, while the second is for regular living quarters.

The rabbit can be accessed from either compartment at the moment, thanks to two doors.

24. The Rabbit Tractor

This design makes me think of a little henhouse. Since it is so simple to move around, it may also be handled as a tractor.

The rabbits can therefore remain in the bottom and feast on the grass beneath their feet. They may alternatively utilize the ramp to go up to the second level, where they may play, relax, or eat.

This may be the perfect size for you if you’re looking for a smaller hutch option.

25. The 2-Story Outdoor Hutch

Another two-story outdoor hutch is available. It allows the bunnies to hop about and eat whatever vegetation they can find in the bottom.

After that, they may ascend to the top using the ramp, where they may take in the vista. If they need food, they can get it; alternatively, if they need to be safer, they may find a better spot.

26. Basic Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

An outdoor rabbit hutch is another option. The rabbit can enjoy a breeze or stretch out in its wired section.

However, there is a covered area where the rabbit may have some seclusion, as well as a door. This permits them to rest or give birth in secret.

27. Single Or Double Decker Hutch

This is a terrific project for anyone who is certain in their carpentry abilities. Since the blueprints are so thorough, this undertaking might be easier for those who haven’t yet completed a project like this.

It demonstrates how to construct a multi-level hutch for rabbits. For the rabbit keeper, this is extremely beneficial.

You can, however, always have a double-deck, which will make keeping that many rabbits that much more efficient if you want to take it up a notch and add a few more rabbits.

28. The A-Frame Rabbit Tractor

This is a rabbit tractor that can be moved. The rabbits have plenty of room to hop about in the open because of its A-frame design.

However, if they want a respite from the heat or are frightened, it also provides them a private area to escape to. If you can move them around on the ground, this is also a fantastic option since you don’t have to feed them much.

Beware of predators is my only advice. A dog could easily toss over this hutch since it contains so many items that like rabbits.

29. 5 Rabbit Housing Plans

There are five distinct designs for housing your rabbit available on this website. They’ve got a great set-up for if you’re interested in raising your rabbits for meat.

There are other strategies that may assist you keep your rabbits safe and comfortable if you don’t like the set-up or have no desire to consume your rabbits.

30. PVC Portable Rabbit Hutch

These designs feature a six-wire rabbit cage that is held by a PVC frame. This may be a good choice for you if you’re breeding rabbits for exhibition or to sell.

This set-up would be simple to move around indoors since it is on wheels. Because of the materials used, it also appears to be budget-friendly.

31. The 3-Tier Rabbit Cage

For the indoor rabbit, this concept is both creative and comfortable. They provide the rabbit with two sleeping areas that double as landing pads, yet they place their litter box in the bottom.

Because rabbits are inquisitive animals who want to understand what is going on, they remind me of cats. They’re a bit apprehensive, too. This arrangement would encourage them to explore and invent. And I’m sure you’ll be entertained by them.

32. The PVC Frame

PVC pipe was used to construct this frame. It’s intended to hold a rabbit cage in the home. The main goal of this concept is to make cleaning easier for you.

Since they frequently fall bedding everywhere when you try to dump them, a lot of indoor cages include slide-out trays.

You may easily clean the whole cage with this frame, so you don’t have to drag trash all over your house.

33. The 3-Tier Wire Cage

The rabbits are also lovely, and this is a really clever concept (and the rabbits are lovely too!). They’ve combined three wire cages to create ramps for the little guys to reach each level.

They can keep their eating and toilet area at the bottom this way. Following that, there are two levels for sleeping and playing.

34. The Upcycled Rabbit Hutch

Therefore, if you’re simply constructing what you’ve got on hand, this hutch may be suitable for you. Using a pallet crate and center blocks, they were able to construct everything.

But, if you construct this hutch, I’d advise a few ideas to these blueprints in order for you to consider them and accommodate them.

There should be more space between the elements. The top rabbit is using the bathroom all over the bottom one. New Zealand rabbits are big bunnies, so I believe I would make it a little bit bigger.

35. The A-frame Rabbit Tractor

This one is a little smaller than the previous rabbit tractor. Nevertheless, since your rabbit would constantly devour the grass beneath its feet, it is still a excellent concept.

While rabbit tractors are simple to tip over and dogs have no mercy when it comes to rabbits, you should use extreme caution when operating them.

36. The Double Door Rabbit Hutch

I like the look of this rabbit hutch. The rabbit has a nest, enough living area, and a window to view out of while eating. What else could a bunny want?

The convenience of using this hutch is, however, what I adore the most. You can access your rabbit from anywhere with the double doors. If kits are in the picture, you can simply check on her nesting box.

Since both doors open, cleaning would be much simpler. A user-friendly hutch, it seems to be.

37. The Bunny Hole Tractor

This is another tractor idea. But this one is a rectangle shape instead of an A-frame shape.

So, the fact that this tractor has a massive rabbit hole is what I like most about it. That rabbit hole is the rabbit’s only source of sun and predators protection. I like the size and accessibility of this one because it is so large.

38. The Double Door Rabbit Hutch #2

The rabbit hutch is more predator-proof thanks to its legs. There are, however, two sets of doors.

This provides the bunny with a huge living area, which is convenient for the owner to access and clean.

Since the design is so basic, it looks like construction would be simpler, which is a definite plus.

39. The Bunny Hutch On Wheels

This bunny cage is one-of-a-kind and charming. It has a handle and everything, so it appears to be a small pushcart.

The bunny to see out and the various designed windows are two things I adore. A rabbit hole and a ramp are also features of this hutch, which I appreciate because it allows the rabbit to get out easily.

40. The Extra Ventilation Rabbit Hutch

It’s a breeze to follow this pattern. I appreciate how clearly the instructions are written and how simply they are to comprehend.

I also appreciate the combination of a classic design with a little twist in this hutch. Screwing down the sideboards isn’t required. Instead, on days you believe it is needed, they may be hung from hinges to provide your rabbit additional ventilation.

41. The Urban Rabbit Tractor

This is a compact design that would be ideal for suburban or urban rabbit owners. Your rabbits may have a new salad bar every day thanks to the tractor design, yet it is simple to transport so they don’t damage your lawn.

It’s also a rabbit home that sits on the ground, though. On particularly bright days or rainy days, this is done to allow the rabbits to seek cover beneath the home.

42. The 3-Tier Rabbit Race Course

This is a wire cage that gives your rabbit three levels of racing excitement. Ramps can be used by your rabbit to race up and down the levels.

This is an fantastic way for your indoor rabbit to exercise. This hutch design has enough room to accommodate a few indoor rabbits.

43. Double And Single Decker Multi-Housing Plans

These are the real proposals. They seem to be simple enough to understand, although they aren’t structured like a blog article, making home repairs simpler for those who are less skilled.

But I digress, if you want to keep a large number of rabbits, this is an excellent approach.

44. Rabbit House Plans

These are more literal plans. This is not written out like a blog entry, and those who are not familiar with carpentry may find it difficult to follow.

This, on the other hand, might be an exciting project if you’re up to the task or have experience with construction. Rabbit houses provide a safe environment for your rabbits, making caring for them much simpler.

45. Basic Rabbit Hutch Plans

There are more plans in the works. They are fairly easy to understand once more. These are basic single rabbit bunny hutch plans.

It should offer your rabbit enough space while also providing strong protection from predators and the weather, which are key considerations for an outdoor rabbit.

46. 2 Bay Rabbit Hutch Design

These plans cover a wide range of possibilities. That would be completely accurate to describe the construction of a huge rabbit keeping enterprise with this hutch.

This rabbit Hutch was created to make caring for and maintaining a rabbit Hutch as simple as feasible. It can accommodate numerous bunnies.

47. The ‘Everything You Need’ Hutch

This hutch has everything you need if you want to raise a big number of meat producing rabbits. These designs are extensive, and they provide a plethora of solutions for items that would be very beneficial.

You may begin with a large number of double-decker cages. A huge roof is also included to keep your rabbits safe from various elements.

The inclusion of a storage compartment is one of the greatest aspects. That way, you’ll always have feed, bedding, and whatever else you might need right at hand.

48. The Rabbit Tractor

These designs provide insight into how to construct a rabbit tractor. You may build it using a rectangular tractor, which is the traditional style.

In a non-traditional approach, you may also construct the tractor, which will be rounded in shape. Ultimately, it is your decision. Yet, because of the amount of space and fresh food on hand, rabbit tractors are a fantastic option.

49. A Traditional Hutch

Another traditional-style hutch can be found in this collection. As a result, it is elevated off the ground for protection. It features a slanted roof that will keep the rabbits protected from the elements and is rectangular in shape.

This hutch, therefore, would most likely meet your requirements if you’re merely looking for a basic hutch that will suffice for one bunny.

50. The Indoor Hutch Transformation

This hutch was once a basic piece of furniture. They took the front doors off and left the inside shelf.

They then built a new entrance for the bunny to see out of by adding mesh wire and frame. It was a fully operational rabbit hutch at the time.

Rabbit cages don’t have to be ostentatious or difficult to construct. These animals are simple and content with a sunny spot, nesting box, food, and drink.

Opportunities to stretch their legs and a clean hutch are all that any rabbit really requires. Rabbits are wonderful animals that provide hours of fun and enjoyment whether you’re considering them for meat or as a pet.

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